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Marnus Jordaan

A "must-have" for any immigrant looking for a job

“I needed help with my CV and cover letter as I was at the end of my studies and Zarelsie told me one day send me your things and I will look at them. She told me to start up a LinkedIn page to gain more interest in my career and...

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Jan Barnard

I strongly recommend serious job seekers to invest in this program!

"As Licensed Immigration Adviser one of the biggest challenges we have is for clients to obtain skilled job offers, which will make them eligible for residence in New Zealand. Without being invited for an interview by employers the candidates have no chance in reaching their dreams. I heard about the...

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Erin Lyon

A great buy and well worth the money!

"I have been working at my present job for 7 years and felt it was time to update my Curriculum Vitae. Even though it had been good enough to get me all the interviews to positions I applied when I first arrived in the country, it really needed a revamp....

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Diane Low

An invaluable resource

"I deal constantly with clients who have immigrated to New Zealand and know first hand the challenges they face. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to my clients and anyone looking to immigrate. Loaded with practical insights in every conceivable aspect of the immigration process. Zaraleie speaks from...

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Elize Buys

We owe her so much

"I met Zarêlsie online through a colleague in 2003 and started following her blog about their life in New Zealand religiously to see whether my family would survive immigration to another country. It felt like we would be going to another planet.  When I decided to go for a “Look,...

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Kevin Trout

Grab this training.....it's so worth it!

"WOW! I got three interviews lined up since watching your videos. The "scatter gun approach" you warn against was not working for me (go figure!) so I took your advice on the CV, LinkedIn and building on my network in a new country and.......the combination worked for me. Thanks again...

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Martin Meyer

Job offer and contract.....all this whilst still in South Africa!!

Hope you all are well !! Got BIG news to share with you guys. I first posted on the Job Seekers International - The Q Jumper Factor Method group page back in October when I got my first Skype interview with an potential employer in New Zealand. With the help...

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meet zarelsie

Zarelsie is known as the Migration Mentor and rather than speaking about immigrants, she speaks to immigrants.

She focuses on providing mentoring & guidance to new immigrants relating to finding jobs, dealing with the challenges and frustration of integrating into their new country.

As an immigrant herself she is fully aware of the stress and emotional turmoil moving to another country can cause and want to share her experience and knowledge with others to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes she did – ensuring their transition is smooth and less of an emotional rollercoaster which many experience.

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Featured Posts From Zarelsie

CV For Immigration – Immigrant Job Tools Part 1

This video will be Part 1 of 3 videos about the absolute vital and crucial tools for immigrant job seekers.  We will discuss your specific CV for immigration, your unique immigrant's LinkedIn profile and your network of connections in your...

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Unique Immigrants LinkedIn Profile – Immigrant Job Tools Part 2

Welcome back to our 3-part video series about the 3 Vital tools for immigrant job seekers.  This is part 2 - the unique immigrant's LinkedIn profile. In the last video, we talked about how you need 3 crucial parts of a...

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Networks and Relationships – Immigrant Job Tools Part 3

Welcome back to our 3-part video series about the 3 Vital tools for immigrant job seekers.  In this video we will focus on networks and relationships. In the last 2 videos we talked about how you need 3 crucial parts...

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Transferable Skills – Your Secret Weapon

We don’t look for jobs every day and this job finding business and adding transferable skills to an immigrant's CV, is maybe something that most of you have done once, twice or MAYBE three times in their lives and some...

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Hidden Job Market – The Ultimate Guide

You have all heard people talking about the hidden job market and that you must get into it to land a job as a new immigrant. So, what is this “hidden job market”, where is it and how can you...

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What I Do & Why I Do It

Some of you have been asking about what I do. Which immigration issues I deal with? Some are a little confused and often confuse me with an immigration agent. I don’t blame you because I don’t think there are many...

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Webinar Replay 20th Dec 2017 – The Q Jumper Factor Method

This is a recording of the amazing webinar we held on the 20th December 2016 called The Q Jumper Factor Method - A 7 Step Master PLan To Finding A Job In Your New Country. NOTE: Please be patient as...

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How Indecision Will Kill Your Immigration Dreams

Hi, Zarélsie here the Migration Mentor. Happy New Year.  Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that 2017 will bring fulfilment of your dreams and achievement of your goals. Achieving your dream of immigration to Canada, Australia, New...

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How To Get a Job Offer Without a Work Visa – Part 1

The most asked question in immigrant job finding One of the most asked questions, and something that immigrants are most confused about, is whether it is how to get a job offer without a work visa. I was there too –...

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How To Get A Job Offer Without a Work Visa – Part 2

Last week we discussed the first of 3 strategies on how to get a job offer without a work visa. That strategy was focused on how to get immigrant jobs, advertised uniquely for immigrants – where employers actively recruit immigrants –...

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Webinar Replay 22nd Jan 2017 – The Q Jumper Factor Method

This is a recording of the amazing webinar we held on the 22nd January 2017 called The Q Jumper Factor Method - A 7 Step Master PLan To Finding A Job In Your New Country. NOTE: Please be patient as...

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How To Get a Job Offer Without a Work Visa – Part 3

In the last 2 videos, I reviewed 2 strategies on how to get a job offer without  a work visa first: They were: Video #1: Setting up your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile to bring jobs which are uniquely advertised for...

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Before You Flush $300 Down The Toilet…..Try This!

Welcome to this video about why you need to, as an immigrant, need to learn to do your own immigrant’s CV. That goes against the norm of having a CV written for you, when you start your job finding process...

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How To Easily Overcome One of the Biggest Job Finding Obstacles For Immigrants

You are going to face a brick wall -  it will be hitting on the the biggest obstacles for immigrants seeking a job in their new destination country – TRUST. As an immigrant job seeker you are invisible, and in addition, no one...

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Visa Sponsored Jobs – The Ultimate Guide For New Immigrant’s

This video is about visa sponsored jobs for immigrants. More specifically how immigrants can find and target jobs where employers, companies and recruiters worldwide are specifically advertising to recruit immigrants, also known as visa sponsored jobs. What Are Visa Sponsored...

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Visa Sponsored Job – Delivered On a Silver Platter

Securing a visa sponsored job is one the fastest and easiest ways for new immigrant job seeker can find a job in their destination country. Discover how you can easily secure a visa sponsored job in this article. Immigrants struggle...

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Immigrate To Australia – By Eating An Elephant?

This video is not just about how to immigrate to Australia, it can also apply to immigrating to anywhere else in the world.  With this information, you can learn how to immigrate to Australia, Canada, immigrate to New Zealand, USA,...

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Immigrate to Canada – Don’t Get Lost!

Whether you want to immigrate to Canada, New Zealand, Australia or anywhere else in the world – you are going to be faced with this enormous process. Last week I spoke about the massive process of immigrating, and its sub-processes,...

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Finding Work Abroad: The #1 Fatal LinkedIn Mistake That You Must Avoid

Link to download the free video series: Free video series: How To Avoid The Seven Deadly Job Hunting Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Immigration Dreams. If you are in the process to finding work abroad this video is a must...

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Finding Overseas Employment: This Shocking CV Secret Will Make You Very Angry

Webinar Link: Click here to register & watch the webinar I am referring to in the video ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Today I am going to reveal something really shocking about finding overseas employment. It is a secret about your CV. That CV...

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Work In New Zealand – 3 Clever Ways To Find Work With LinkedIn

Click here for more information about the unique immigrants’ job finding tools and strategies to find work in New Zealand. Before we even go into this training on how to find work in New Zealand using a LinkedIn profile, let...

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Finding A Job In New Zealand or Australia – The Big Secret Revealed…

Today I want to give away a very big secret about finding a job in New Zealand or Australia as an immigrant. This is especially applicable if you are looking to find a job from a distance. This is going...

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International Job Search – Why You Are Failing & The Secret To Winning!

Most of the questions I get through email or Facebook messages around the immigrant's inability to be successful in an international job search. I usually get these questions – in some shape or form – after prospective immigrants have been...

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How To Find A Job As An Immigrant – The Dart Strategy

I love using analogies and stories to help explain how to find a job as an immigrant. Therefore, today I thought that explaining how a simple game of darts is very like finding a job as an immigrant. How To...

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Jobs Abroad – STOP And Read This Before You Apply!

So, are you ready to start looking for jobs abroad? Have you already started sending your CV to job applications online in your destination country? Just before you send that $350 CV somewhere…read this and see if you can answer...

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Find A Job As An Immigrant – 3 Free & Easy Ways To Success!

The processes to find a job as an immigrant and immigrating to another country is expensive. I hear that every day! For this incredibly complex and minefield-ridden process, immigrants pay an immigration adviser $4,000, $6,500 or even as much as...

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How To Build Relationships With Potential Employers To Find a Job As An Immigrant

How to build relationships with potential employers to find a job as an immigrant is one of the most common questions and request for assistance which I receive from potential immigrants. The Relationship Building Strategy and networking for immigrants is...

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Get An Overseas Job As An Immigrant? How Failure Can Help You….

How can failure help you to get an overseas job as an immigrant? Link referred to in video: http://zarelsie.com/Survey Well, it is the start of a new year and as most of us do at the beginning of a new year...

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Jobs For Immigrants – Why Do Good CVs Fail To Get Job Offers?

I see a lot of job applications and job searches by immigrants every day and most people think that CVs will get jobs for immigrants. Well…it is not entirely true. In fact – CVs will NOT guarantee jobs for immigrants....

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Visa Sponsored Job Offers – The Ultimate A-Z Blueprint

Struggling to find and land visa sponsored job offers offshore? I have something special for you today. A few weeks ago, I started work on a training video that is the blueprint of finding and landing visa sponsored job offers...

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How To Work With Overseas Recruiters – A ‘No-Fail” Approach

Recruiters are going to form a small, but important part of your job search as an immigrant and I have many people asking how to work with overseas recruiters. So, in this article, I will give you a few tips,...

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How To Attract LinkedIn Connections Easily…. Stop Chasing Them!

What would it mean for your LinkedIn Profile, your career or even your job search as an immigrant, if you could attract LinkedIn connections to your network? By the thousands? Would 1000 or 1,500 new LinkedIn connections of highly targeted...

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Find An Overseas Job Easily – How Good Are Your Chances?

Today I want to answer the question: How good are my chances to find an overseas job? I am fortunate enough to be able to visit places like this when I want, stay as long as I want and work...

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Are you an immigrant job seeker struggling to land a job in your new country, or from a distance? Have you sent dozens of job applications to job ads online and failed to hear anything back, or receiving rejection after rejection?

We have years of knowledge and experience in working with immigrant job seekers and landing a job as an immigrant does not happen the same way in which you may be used to applying for a job before.

Our flagship programme, The Q-Jumper Factor is comprehensive, step-by-step training which addresses all the aspects of successfully job finding as an immigrant – including how to overcome the common obstacles immigrant job seekers face.

It is designed to teach you the specific job finding tips & strategies and give you the tools to land that elusive job as an immigrant job seeker and make your immigration dreams a reality.

The Migration Mentor is our acclaimed membership program that helps immigrants with all aspects pf the migration process. Whether it be finding a new job, building networks & relationships, adapting socially and culturally, dealing with financial challenges or understanding the rules & regulations of your new country.

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Did you know that an immigrant job seeker’s CV and LinkedIn profiles differ considerably from local job seekers? Do you know what those differences are and how to change and optimise your CV and LinkedIn profile to fit an immigrant job seeker?

We specialise in creating the ultimate CV with which immigrants can beat everyone else in the job queue to get to the front and land a job in their new country.

We also help immigrants optimise their LinkedIn profiles to fit an immigrant job seeker so that their LinkedIn profile becomes a 24/7 job hunting machine, exposing them to opportunities not available otherwise.

For a more personal service, you can opt for our “ad hoc” coaching sessions were Zarelsie provides a “holding hand” for immigrants. This takes them through various aspects of their immigration process and covers anything from applying specific job search strategies unique to immigrants, one on one guidance on how to overcome the common obstacles immigrants face and helping immigrants through adverse consequences or stress after immigration so they can reach their full potential to become thriving citizens of their new country.

Zarélsie is also available for public speaking events, presentations and live training sessions in topics are relevant to her work as a migration mentor, including helping immigrants overcome the obstacles in finding jobs as migrants in their new country and dealing with the emotional and psychological factors of immigration.

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Books Written By An Immigrant….Specifically For Immigrants

Zarélsie is an immigrant herself and narrated her own personal story of immigration in her first book Running From The Rainbow Nation to start a new life in New Zealand. It is the bittersweet chain of events that eventually brought this family to a new country and a new life. It describes their struggle to find a way out of South Africa while under stress, facing obstacles and meeting a range of “angels” – people appearing on their path to help them on their journey. It is a personal account of huge change in the life of one family and the silent truths that lay on the heart of someone who has to face the heartache and rush of immigration – the most traumatic event in any human being’s life. But is it also a tale of hope and adaptation in a new country, blessed with wonderful people and a clean, safe environment. A great read for anyone who faces the same situation, anywhere in the world.

In her second book, The Q-Jumper Factor – The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job In a New Country In Record Time she has written as a brilliant guide for immigrant job seekers. It provides a full guide with all the tools which immigrant job seekers need to land their job offer. It contains step by step instructions and templates as tools for immigrant job seekers and guide immigrants through the various job search strategies which are effective, showing them how to overcome the common obstacles immigrant job seekers face.

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Free video series: How To Avoid The Seven Deadly Job Hunting Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Immigration Dreams