6 Steps To Immigrate To New Zealand – [ Step 3 ] – How To Get Qualifications Recognised In New Zealand

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Dec 28,2020

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Welcome back to this 6-part mini-series “How to Immigrate To New Zealand in 6 Easy Steps, and in this is Step 3 where we look at whether you need a qualification and how to get qualifications recognised in New Zealand.

What I am going to say now, is going to blow the socks of most people.

Most of the successful immigrant job seekers who have found their jobs with our assistance and our programs, had no tertiary qualifications. Only experience.

The difference is that they did not rely on qualifications and listing it on their CV.

They did something different:

They showed what they could do with their experience, what value they could bring to their overseas employers.

And THAT is what we focus on.

We don’t focus on writing better CVs to list more qualifications.

We help skilled migrants showcase their value, and what they can really offer overseas employers – because that is what we know they are looking for.

And that is whey these people were so successful.

Now … if you have qualifications…

This is called the Skills Assessments step.

Let me tell you a sad story – one of many sad stories.

Many times, I speak with clients who started this all wrong.

They start searching for jobs, applying left right and centre.

I spoke to a gentleman last week who has been doing this for 2 years.

He finally booked a Strategy Consultation with me, we took him through all the processes and it was determined that his qualification is not recognised for his occupation in New Zealand.

He had just wasted 2 years.

He already had the option of repurposing his skills for something else that he already qualifies for, and his qualifications recognised in New Zealand, but because he had not followed these proper, crucial processes in order, he wasted 2 years.

In the previous parts of the min-series of 6 videos we looked at your decision to immigrate to New Zealand, and how to determine if you qualify.

This skills assessment video has 3 parts

Let’s look at:

Do You Need A Qualification At All?

If you have completed the previous step of checking your eligibility properly with a licensed immigration adviser, then you will know the answer to this question.

Every person is different from the next person and their eligibility assessment will determine which jobs they qualify for, which visas they qualify for, etc and also, if they need a qualification to pursue the jobs which they qualify to pursue, or if their experience only will suffice.

So, if you have not done your eligibility assessment yet, as per the previous video in this mini-series – the link is below the screen – watch that video now, and complete your eligibility before you more on to this step.

Your eligibility assessment will also clarify whether you need to have any qualifications separately sent to any authority to have your qualifications recognised in New Zealand.

Some qualifications are exempted from assessment and automatically recognised in New Zealand. Your eligibility assessment will give you this information.

How Are Existing Overseas Qualifications Recognised In New Zealand?

Different occupations usually require different assessments by different authorities to have qualifications recognised in New Zealand.

That skills assessment then determines how your overseas qualification compares to New Zealand qualifications.

Remember – if your overseas potential employers want to see a qualification, they want to know how it compares to New Zealand qualifications – and this skills assessment will give them those details.

The most common authority to assess qualifications and to clarify whether your qualifications recognised in New Zealand is the New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Look for the link below the video.

How To Conduct Occupational Registrations

Occupational registrations refer to specific registrations for specific jobs, usually required by law and regulations, before a person can practice that occupation.

For example, nurses, doctors, electricians, financial adviser, psychotherapists, etc.

You must complete the required occupational registrations for your occupation, if needed, before you start a job search.

Your overseas employers cannot employ you without these registrations.

Usually, the process to have qualifications recognised in New Zealand precedes the occupational registration process.

Look for a link below to where the New Zealand Immigration agency publishes some of these occupations that require registration.

I must warn you – there are other occupations where there are different certifications and affiliations needed – which are not included in there.

These are hidden requirements, which are not usually published, not even in job ads.

When we work with VIP clients, we find these requirements and make sure that the clients are registered, certified or affiliated, before their job search starts.

When they completed their process of having qualifications recognised in New Zealand, we can use this information in their job search strategies very strategically.

You must have your qualifications already assessed or be clear about whether they are exempted from assessment, before the next steps in your immigration process to New Zealand can be tackled.

Also, your occupational registrations must be complete as well.

If you are unsure about your certifications of this nature and how to get your qualifications recognised in New Zealand, or you are overwhelmed and confused by this process, then book a Strategy Consultation with me. 

Or fill out our quick online questionnaire, so we can determine where in the process you are and how we can help you secure your overseas job and make your dream of a better life in New Zealand a reality.


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