The “Magic 100” Of An Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Oct 15,2019

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Every prospective immigrant job seeker must have a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile if they are to have any chance of a successful job search..

It is different from a generic, usual LinkedIn Profile, and this video is way to short to go into the detail of what it needs to look like and how you need to utilise it.

But, today, I want to give away a very big secret of a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile.

It is what we call The Magic 100.

The Magic 100 of an Immigrant Job Seekers LinkedIn Profile

The magic 100 is the first 100 connections which an immigrant needs to build in LinkedIn, of people in their targeted companies, in their destination country.

Note here – not just any connections.

– Inside targeted companies

– Inside your destination country

Furthermore, these connections should be strategic.

What are Strategic LinkedIn Connections

They should be:

– In targeted companies – according to your research – companies which you are targeting for jobs

– People who have something in common with you, and

– (most importantly) – people who are decision-makers (can hire and fire), and

– Are influencers – active on LinkedIn and will see your activity

When you reach a total of 100, targeted, carefully chosen connections in a great network in your destination country, things start humming on LinkedIn…

People notice your activity.

People notice your achievements.

People notice your interaction, engagement, enthusiasm and passion for your work.

(But only if you stay actively engaged).

Why Should You Have a Magic 100 connections?

Well, most people pay big bucks for having their LinkedIn profiles created by some LinkedIn brand specialist.

It is like a Red Ferrari – parked inside a locked garage.

Nobody can see it.

But it is worthless unless you know how to use it.

Then, it becomes the key to a Red Ferrari.

And you can drive it at 100 miles an hour down the highway to your destination country.

What you then should do is being active on LinkedIn.

Showcasing your skills, enthusiasm, portfolio of achievements, your interest and interaction with people in your destination country.

And you are using that 100 as your initial audience.

Only then, can your great work be appreciated, and can you become visible, and potentially become the preferred candidate – even above locals.

How others have used the Magic 100

Scores of our successful Q Jumper Factor VIP clients, who have found their jobs as immigrants, have used this strategy of the Magic 100.

They built an audience, with our assistance, guidance and direction, after we had done the research for them.

Then, with our assistance, they start their interaction, relationship building, showcasing their talents, etc – until they become noticed.

And so, many of them have received shoulder taps – without even setting foot in their destination country.

Here is one of them:

– “I converted my CV to Australian format, redid my LinkedIn profile according to your recommendations and started networking… I received a sponsored offer of employment in Queensland, Australia and will be flying there in 6 days’ time (July 2018) to meet our new employer. I’m saying “our” because my wife was offered a sponsorship job at the same place and we are extremely excited to start our new life in our new home country. We believe this will give our children the opportunity to have the future they deserve. Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge you’ve gained over the years” (JJ Maritz)

Are you our next immigrant job seeker success?

Do you want to know how to create your Magic 100, and attract the attention and shoulder taps?

Do you qualify to become a member of our VIP Program?

Find out by completing our online survey here.


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