How To Attract LinkedIn Connections Easily…. Stop Chasing Them!

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jun 13,2018

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What would it mean for your LinkedIn Profile, your career or even your job search as an immigrant, if you could attract LinkedIn connections to your network?

By the thousands?

Would 1000 or 1,500 new LinkedIn connections of highly targeted people, hungry for your skills, experience and expertise, be valuable to you?

Shoulder taps would follow.

Invitations would follow.

Job offers (inevitably) would follow…

In short, your LinkedIn profile, career and job search endeavours as an immigrant, would pick up significant speed.

…and you would attract LinkedIn connections even more.

In this article, I will show you how to add potentially thousands of new LinkedIn connections to your LinkedIn profile, …by simply attracting them.

My Story

Let me tell you what happened to me, and how I discovered how to add LinkedIn connections to my profile, without attracting them:

2 Years ago, I walked out of a corporate job, and started my own online business – without a website or any other media to communicate with potential clients.

Years before, I had been working with people one/one, and I had no online presence.

In fact, when I left my corporate job, I had 8 LinkedIn connections…and I had no idea of the power of LinkedIn.

I figured out that my potential clients are immigrants, and that they all probably have LinkedIn profiles. Therefore, I could target them there, without the need for a flash website.

I had one problem – how do I find them on LinkedIn. There is not really a tag in LinkedIn on your profile which says, “Immigrant here! Needs help!”.

How would I find them, and connect with them? Even if I could find them, I would have to send hundreds of connections (cold calling) messages.

And I hate selling…!

How could I get my message to them?

How could I tell people what I knew about finding a job as an immigrant? How could I share my knowledge, experience and expertise with them?


It was like a website!

It already has all the features of SEO, pages and publishing posts and articles, built into it.

All I had to do, was upload the media with which I wanted to communicate.

So, I chose articles – and banged out an article a week. Just writing about what I knew.

I wrote about Strategic Immigrant’s CVs

And Unique Immigrant’s Job Finding Strategies

I wrote mostly about the mistakes immigrant job seekers make, and later produced videos about it too.

How to find connections, how to build relationships and how to approach employers directly.

All about my niche – finding a job as an immigrant.

I shared the articles into relevant LinkedIn groups that I knew.

I also shared the published articles in Facebook and other platforms, such as Quora.


My LinkedIn connections exploded – within days!

In the weeks and months that followed, I ATTRACTED (Not chased), thousands of connections.

Funny thing is – I can count on one hand the ones which I requested connections from…maybe 10 or so.

I have new LinkedIn connections requests every morning when I open my profile.

I have 10 or 15 more connections, and messages…and business is flowing in, without chasing anyone.

I now have over 2,000 connections and almost 2,000 followers in LinkedIn alone.

And tens of thousands more, elsewhere on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere.

I now put out a post or article and get 5,000 or more hits…talk about reach and dominating the market.

How To Attract LinkedIn Connections…Instead of Chasing Them

We are all used to the “cold calling” connecting method in LinkedIn: Sending dozens of “cold” connections requests – that is what we have been taught.

But – that is chasing for connections.

It is like cold calling.

And it is yuk.

You just get rejection after rejection…and eventually give up!

The method I used to attract people, is putting my knowledge, experience and expertise out there – free.

That way, I attract LinkedIn connections, and I don’t have to chase them, or cold call people for business.

I now have over 50 published articles in LinkedIn, and write more every week.

This is free information – for a hungry audience.

People crave information, they need more and more of it, and that is where you come in.

You Are Already The Guru…

You are a guru.

An expert in your industry.

If you have a qualification, and a few years’ experience, you already know a lot.

That is enough to share and enough to attract LinkedIn connections and the right attention.

You also have unique interests and probably read and study more about this specific interest of yours, than the average person.

You are already an expert in your field

All you need to do, is share it.

Go show the world your expertise!

Let the world see your expertise, hear your questions, rave to your answers and abilities.

Expose yourself to your audience, and the people, employers and recruiters who are hungry for your skills and expertise.

Use your very own website … yes … your LinkedIn Profile.

And the result is that you will attract LinkedIn connections, and the chasing will stop…

How To Start Sharing Your Expertise and Attract LinkedIn Connections

There are several ways to start sharing and lift yourself above everyone else.

You will appear to be “guru” – the knowledgeable expert who is more enthusiastic and interested in his/her niche – than the “normal” person.

And that is all you need to attract LinkedIn connections.

Here are some ways to start sharing your work, skills, knowledge, observations, questions and interests so that you can start to attract LinkedIn connections:

1. Videos – produce short videos about your skills, applying a skill, art, production or anything else. Keep it short and interesting.

2. Articles (500 or less words) – writing about your skill, art, knowledge or a specific topic in your niche.

3. Questions – ask questions in LinkedIn groups – you will build your own knowledge and be noticed as the interested, enthusiastic person.

4. Comments – comment on other’s posts, on content on the internet, or updates in LinkedIn, and share it to your newsfeed – for your growing network to see.

5. Answer questions – join some LinkedIn groups and answer their questions. They are usually highly targeted groups in your niche – and asking questions which you, with your knowledge, already know the answer for. Share your answers in other media, e.g. FB, Quora, etc.

Big Brother Is Watching…

We know for a fact that potential employers are now checking the “fit” of a person before they will even approach them, or consider then after receiving a CV.

Guess where they go to check…

LinkedIn and Facebook!

Yes – that is where you “live” your online life, and where people can see you (not just your skills are experience).

Let your character, enthusiasm and interest shine through… and stand out above everyone else… who just have a CV.

If you need my help – go to this link, to book a Skype Immigrant Job Finding Strategy Call, and I will be happy to help you with all of this, and more:
Book your call here:

Go be the guru…

Give the information, and receive the job offer…

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