Permanent Residence In Australia: Do THIS To Find A Job

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jul 10,2023


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If you’ve been granted permanent residence in Australia, it’s essential to start your job search process early. Many individuals make the mistake of waiting too long or relying solely on online applications once they are in Australia. However, by taking proactive steps, you can increase your chances of securing a job offer even before you enter the country. In this blog post, we will discuss three valuable tips to expedite your job search process and maximize your opportunities for employment with permanent residence in Australia.

Start Early

To optimize your chances of success, it is crucial to begin your job search as soon as you become aware of your eligibility for an Australian visa. Starting early allows you to familiarize yourself with the job market, research potential employers, and tailor your applications to meet their requirements.

Rather than rushing to find a job upon arrival, give yourself ample time to explore various opportunities and engage with potential employers. By extending your exposure to the Australian job market, you increase the likelihood of connecting with more employers and finding a suitable position that aligns with your qualifications and aspirations.

Targeted Approach

Applying for jobs solely through online platforms while offshore can be challenging due to obstacles such as applicant tracking systems and a lack of employer familiarity with offshore candidates. Instead of relying solely on online job ads, adopt a targeted approach.

Conduct thorough research on potential employers in your desired location within Australia. Create a targeted list of these employers and identify their preferred methods of talent acquisition. Explore avenues beyond online job ads, such as candidate pools and recruitment agencies, to increase your chances of connecting directly with employers.

Tailor your application materials, including your CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile, to match the specific requirements and preferences of the employers on your list. By demonstrating a genuine understanding of their needs, you enhance your chances of standing out from the competition.

Communicate Your Eligibility For Permanent Residence In Australia

When applying for jobs, it is crucial to communicate your eligibility clearly to potential employers. As an offshore candidate with permanent residence in Australia, make it known that you have gone through the immigration process and possess the right to work in the country.

Highlight your eligibility at the top of your CV, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters. By doing so, you alleviate any concerns employers may have regarding your ability to work in Australia. This upfront communication increases your chances of being considered for job opportunities, as employers will recognize that you are already eligible to work in the country.


Finding a job with permanent residence in Australia requires a proactive and targeted approach. By starting your job search early, targeting specific employers, and effectively communicating your eligibility, you enhance your chances of securing a job offer before or soon after your arrival. Remember, online job ads are just one avenue for job searching, and exploring alternative methods can significantly increase your visibility and opportunities.

Take charge of your job search process, and with persistence and strategic planning, you can find meaningful employment in Australia.


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