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CV Secrets For Immigrants – The Ultimate Done For You Solution

Your CV/resume represents the first impression that a recruiter or prospective employer will receive of you.

You only have 6 seconds to impress them with your CV/resume, therefore you require a strategically written CV, specifically crafted with a plan for an immigrant job seeker to create the best impression and secure you an interview and get you to the front of the job queue.

I specialise in crafting CV’s and resumes for new immigrants to land a job in their new country, fast.

Every CV/resume should be accompanied by a well written cover letter to introduce you to a recruiter or prospective employer in such a way that they would WANT to see more in your CV.

“the person who wins that great job will be the one who sows the decision makers, quickly, that he or she can perform incredibly well in the job, is insanely likeable and is really going to fit in. You have an amazing opportunity to begin planting these seeds from the introduction, a la your cover letter” (The Muse, Forbes).
– Do you know how to introduce yourself, standing out and grabbing the hiring manager’s attention, when applying for a job as a new immigrant?
– Do you know how to show on your cover letter how you can deliver on the job, even as a new immigrant, above the locals or other candidates?

I can help.
• Create a cover letter that will show how you can walk through the door of a new employer and deliver,
• Tell the hiring manager, specifically, what they want to hear, to get you to an interview.

Unique LinkedIn Profile – Immigrants Edition

At least 3 out of 4 recruiters and employers are hunting for candidates online, instead of advertising for jobs and they are hunting for talent globally as skills shortages loom in their own countries.

-Do you come up tops in the searches for talent online?
-Do you have a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile – different to a general LinkedIn profile?

It is absolutely essential that your online profile is professionally represented by a well-crafted, unique immigrants’ LinkedIn profile to:

  • ensure you can be FOUND in the first instance, (maximising search engine optimisation)
  • you stand out as the preferred candidate with a well-designed profile,
  • bring jobs, shoulder taps and opportunities to you from your preferred industry and country by creating connections and relationships with employers and recruiters in your destination country.


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