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How To Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views By 500% (+EXAMPLES)

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Feb 24,2021

Job Hunting, LinkedIn Strategies

In this video I will reveal how to increase your LinkedIn profile views by  as much as 500%+ by just implementing 2 simple strategies. I am Zarélsie – The Migration Mentor. I guide and support highly skilled migrant job seekers around the world to land their dream jobs and become...


Immigrate To New Zealand in 6 Easy Steps – [ STEP 6 ] Job Offer Received, What Now?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 24,2021

Immigration Issues & Challenges, Immigration Rules & Regulations, Job Hunting

Welcome back to this 6 part miniseries – this is sTEP 6 where we look what happens after you received your job offer – if this is your pathway, and you are ready to immigrate to New Zealand. We will look at the main aspects which you should be looking...


Immigration To New Zealand In 6 Easy Steps – [ STEP 5 ] How To Find Jobs In New Zealand

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 24,2021

CV & Resumes, Immigration Issues & Challenges, Job Hunting, LinkedIn Strategies

Finding jobs in New Zealand is the hardest part of immigrating to New Zealand. Most people still follow the old, outdated way of creating or paying for a great CV and then sending it on to numerous online job ads. This strategy is known as the Scattergun Approach and it...


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