Find An Overseas Job Easily – How Good Are Your Chances?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jul 29,2018

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Today I want to answer the question: How good are my chances to find an overseas job?

I am fortunate enough to be able to visit places like this when I want, stay as long as I want and work from wherever I want.

It was not always like this. I did not always live this blissful lifestyle.

Before I get into what your chances are as an immigrant job seeker, I want to tell you a little story.

A Little Story About Chances

I did not always live this lifestyle.

I once was living a life in another country which I did not like.

I was in the Police force, and work was about murder, mayhem and conflict.

I wanted a different lifestyle – a lifestyle like the one I have now, with safety, security and freedom in a beautiful place.

But – there was this dark force holding me back: The force about what my chances were to make a success of it.

I kept asking the question, “What are my chances to find an overseas job and sustain my family?”

I started reaching out to people to help me, when I realised that I needed help, after I wasted more than 2 years of money, time and effort, looking for the answer to that question.

The process of making progress was so slow, because I kept on asking the question: What are my chances to find an overseas job

What are my chances of making enough money to sustain the lifestyle that I want?

Will overseas employers give me a chance?

Do I have enough skills and qualifications?

What are the job market like over there?

How will I compete with locals, and others from around the world?

What are my chances?

What are my chances?…

I wanted a guarantee. And nobody would give me one.

It was like a dark set of heavy chains holding me back from taking the plunge, and going after the lifestyle I wanted.

Before I tell you how I got rid of the shackles of the dark force of “how good are my chances to find an overseas job”, let’s look at what this has to do with you as an immigrant job seeker.

What Are My Chances To Find An Overseas Job?

That question is one I get in almost every email, every message in Facebook and LinkedIn and every comment on my blog posts.

And I get hundreds of them every day.

How good are my chances to find an overseas job?

It also holds people back from progress. They too, want guarantees – which do not exist.

Even after I answer these messages, people keep sending me follow up emails.

Will employers give me a chance?

Is the market good enough in my industry or niche?

Will I be able to compete with others from around the world?

Am I good enough?

Are there enough jobs?

Will I be able to find a job in an overseas country with my skills, qualifications and experience?

I don’t have any qualifications, what are my chances to find an overseas job?

What are my chances?

What are my chances?

Same old question. Same old chains holding them back.

Now, let me tell you a secret – and most people won’t want to hear this:

Your Chances Has Nothing To Do With Others

Your chances to find an overseas job has nothing to do with someone or something else.

It has nothing to do with the job market in that country.

Nothing to do with the unemployment rate or economy.

Nothing to do with whether employers will give you a chance or not.

Nothing to do with anything other than…


You are the master of your success and your chances of finding a job. It all comes down to YOU.

You can find work, in any country, in any market, in any circumstances, if you really put your effort into it.

And that effort requires an investment.

Let’s go back to my story.

How I Succeeded To Live My Dream Lifestyle

I did not get free from this “how good are my chances to find an overseas job” prison, until I realised something profound.

I had the full power over my chances – not the market, the employers, the economy, etc.


It all came down to me – making a decision, and then committing time, money and effort into it.

And seeing it through until it worked.

That was my guarantee.

I got a mentor, to teach me what I needed to do, and hold me accountable.

I put effort in researching and doing the work that was required, from my part, to be successful and which would lead to the lifestyle I wanted to enjoy.

I INVESTED time, money and effort in becoming a different person, transcending to a chained, powerless individual, into someone who believed in the future that I can create for myself – from my own devices.

I invested it into ME.

I started to see this investment as money going towards me, my future and my lifestyle, not money I paid to someone or something else.

I even borrowed money, to make it possible. Because I knew I was going to be successful.

I did not rely on the market, on the chances other people will or would not give me, or what my “chances” were.

I changed perspective from what I expected and wanted from others – to what I expected and wanted from myself.

And I succeeded.

Yes – it was tough, I had to do research, I had failures, I worked my ass off!

I have ONE regret. That is, not asking someone who knew what to do, earlier.

And not investing the money, which I did, earlier, without wanting a guarantee.

It would have saved me a lot of waste of time, money and effort.

A few years later, I did the same, when I wanted to leave my corporate job, and do this full time, I did the same, and got quick success – because I had to invest in ME to become a different person.

I had to invest into my future, before I got paid dividends for that investment.

Later on I did the same – I invested time and money into a formal coach, to teach my how to leave my corporate job, and make a living like this.

What You Should Do Now

Your chances do not depend on forces outside of you. It comes down to YOUR investment of time, money and effort into yourself.

You see, then you cannot fail!

Because you control and manage it all.

If you want others, like overseas employers to invest in you, and maybe offer you a visa sponsored job, you must invest in yourself, first.

Like I invested in myself, to learn, be coached and be helped, so that others could pay me for my expertise.

You will have to get the skills, if you don’t have them.

You will have to follow the right processes, and maybe pay for them.

You will have to find, and maybe pay someone to help you, if you cannot do it yourself.

You have 3 choices now:

1. Do nothing, and nothing will change. You will still be where you are and wondering about your chances.

2. You can go it alone, not knowing what you are doing, and waste years of time and money. Just like I did.

3. Or, you can ask for my assistance and expertise, and I will do whatever I can, to help you.

I have done this for other people, just like you.

There is JJ – who needed a fully visa sponsored job from a regional Australian employer – which is extremely difficult. He did not qualify for residence points, and this was his only way to his dream – a life in Australia.

He reached out to me, we had a Strategy Call, and he implemented what we gave him to do. Less than a month later, JJ and his wife had their fully sponsored jobs in Australia. He did not ask about his chances, he did not waste time and effort. He invested in asking what to do, got the advice and did it. He controlled his destiny.

There is Penny – who did not qualify to register and work as a counsellor in New Zealand – her dream country. She needed to re-purpose her skills for another industry/niche.

She asked for help, paid for the advice, did what she was advised, and within weeks, landed her job in New Zealand.

There is Kim – she is in a very, very tough niche – HR which is incredibly hard to find a job in as a foreigner.

She asked for advice, paid for the assistance in an immigrant’s job finding program, and persisted, with assistance, for 2 years, doing what she was supposed to do. She started her job in New Zealand this month.

There are many dozens of other examples like this.

These people were not in skills shortage areas.

They did not depend on the job market, the economy, whether employers would “give them a chance” or wondered what their chances were.

They did not let the question, “How good are my chances to find an overseas job?”, hold them back.

They ignored all that and invested in THEMSELVES. They got the advice they needed, implemented it and did not stop until they were successful.

And you can do it too.

Your chances to find an overseas job is not going to be better tomorrow than they are today.

It is probably going to be worse. Because you are wasting your finite time, by not acting now.

I spoke to a couple yesterday, who visited their dream country 3 times, yet, have send 100’s of CVs to unsuccessful job applications.

Their chances are slim, because their age is counting against them for visa purposes. If they acted earlier, to get the right advice, I could have helped them to find a job, on their first visit. A lot of wasted, time and money later, they have no chance of going to that country anymore.

Can you afford to make that kind of mistake, just because you are held back by inaction?

So, stop wondering about your chances to find a job an overseas job. There is no answer for that question!

Your only guarantee is YOU.

I am here to help, if you are wiling to invest in YOU first.

Here is a link to book a one/one Strategy call with me.

I will analyse your situation, look at your preferences and goals, and check what needs to be done.

I will give you a customised plan, and then, we can work on this together – UNTIL you have job, no matter how long it takes.

And remember, you have 3 choices now:

1. Do nothing – and nothing will change
2. Go at it yourself, and waste years of time, money and effort or…
3. Ask for expert help, by booking a Strategy call with me here

The answer to the question of, “How good are my changes are to find an overseas job?” is now in YOUR HANDS.

You can book a Strategy Call with me now, here:


4 thoughts on “Find An Overseas Job Easily – How Good Are Your Chances?”

  1. we can relate to trying to find employment as we have been looking seriously for the last year with no luck. We have even looked at the expensive way of studying, but the financial side to this is that its costly. We have lost so much already in this country and said that by the end of the year we will be out of here. Its August and no light in sight. Even trying to find a college, is like walking into a brick wall. No one wants to help, even ppl we know overseas, turn their backs when asked for assistance. Our cv’s I know are def not up to standards either. Maybe its a sign that its just not in the right format. Very frustrating not getting any further than a year ago.

  2. Hi
    I’m Mohammad faiyaz from India. I’m highly experienced and skilled warehouse supervisor. I’m 51 year old. I want to get a job in abroad. I’m a graduate and I have 22 years of experience. I have got many interview offers from United Kingdom and USA but nobody is ready for sponsorship.Pls help me.
    Warm Regards.

    1. If you would like us to show you the proven strategies and tactics that have seen 75+ families in the past 12 months secure a job offer (often when all else failed) please feel free to complete this “no-obligation” application form to see if you qualify for our help:

  3. Melleny, thanks for your comment.
    Your CV is not enough to find a job as an immigrant – no matter how good it is. A bigger, targeted, structured approach is needed.
    It starts with the completion of proper eligibility and skills assessment processes and then by applying unique tools, strategies and approaches, which are unique in the world of international job hunting.
    If you need personalised, hand holding assistance, you are welcome to complete this survey, so we can see how we can assist –

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