How To Deal With Fear As An Immigrant Job Seeker

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Aug 19,2018

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The question of how to deal with fear as an immigrant job seeker, is an emotional issue facing many immigrants.

This fear takes on a lot of forms and manifests at different parts of your immigration journey.

During the job finding process, I always ask immigrants, “What are you afraid of during your job finding mission as an immigrant job seeker?”

Different people come up with different things which they are afraid of, but mostly people are fearful of 3 things:

1. Not being able to find work overseas – and mistakes they are making in the process
2. Not knowing how to connect, engage and interact with people in their destination country
3. Being rejected (when connecting or applying)

These fears are natural, and we will look at how to overcome these fears in 2 ways.

Before we get into the strategies on how to deal with fear as an immigrant job seeker, let’s have a look at what fear really is…

What Is Fear?

To put fear into perspective, let me tell you a little story:

I was born and raised on a farm in the middle of rural Africa, surrounded by wild animals and things that went “bump” in the night.

When the lights went out, things were scary and very, very dark. We did not have electricity and was dependent on candles, paraffin lamps and later a generator.

Some nights, there were things in the dark, in my bedroom that sounded very scary, and I found myself screaming out for my dad in the middle of the darkness.

Dad taught us how to deal with fear, from when we were little. The first way to deal with this, was to shine a light on what is was that scared us.

So, literally, dad would come into the room and shine a torch or light on the scary noise.

It was usually not a lion licking at my toes, but just a bullfrog hopping about along the skirting board.

And not a big cat growling in the distance, just a large insect whirling about the dark room…

Your mind can play tricks on you in the dark and tell you that things are worse than they are.

Until you shine a light on it…

So, this is the first thing that fear is about – A REACTION TO THE UNKNOWN.

Fear also manifests when you are FORCED OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

In other words, when you do not know what to do, which processes and which steps to take as an immigrant job seeker.

You are not trained on how to react or deal with a situation and that inability to deal with it, creates fear of the situation.

How Is This Relevant To Your Job Search As An Immigrant?

By all means, both of these facets of fear will be present while you are searching for a job overseas.

You are:

Not going to know what you are dealing with (the unknown), and…
Be outside your comfort zone

Now, we can look for some strategies or solutions on how to deal with fear as an immigrant job seeker.

How To Deal With Fear As An Immigrant Job Seeker

The first thing to do about this fear, is –

Shine a light on the unknown!

Illuminate the unknown.

Research it.

Ignorance about a topic (not knowing how to find a job), not only creates fear that you will not be able to find a job, but it makes you a whimp.

It paralyzes you and turns you into a victim.

It causes us to sit in a safe corner quivering about the unknown, instead of switching on a computer and researching the hell out of it (shining a light on it).

Go and find what you don’t know.

It is the first step in the solution on how to deal with fear as an immigrant job seeker.

If you are thinking, “I might not be able to find a job over there.”

Is it the economy, the job market, politics, the employers, or are you not good enough?

Which of those things do you think is going to render you unable to find a job? Why don’t you then go and find the facts about those things?

I can tell you this – it is none of those things…

Your chances to find a job as an immigrant job seeker, are influenced by YOU, and your ability to navigate those things. In fact, you can find a job in any market, anywhere in the world…

The same fears about finding a job also paralysed me, when I was looking for a job as an immigrant!

I was also looking for the answer on how to deal with fear as an immigrant job seeker – you are not alone!

This brings us about the next thing to do about fear: Not knowing what to do.

If you don’t know what to do – then ask for help.

You can book a job search strategy call with me here, to help you figure out what to do.

We Are All Different

Every single person has a different path to immigrating and finding a job.

And therefore, every single person has different fears.

Don’t become a victim of the paralysis which your fear creates.

Find out what it is that is really going on (the facts), and then figure out the processes and steps to take to get through it (asking for help if you need to).

Book a job search strategy call here:,

So, I can figure out your path, your process and your steps, and take your hand, to get to your job offer.

Your answer to the question, “How to deal with fear as an immigrant job seeker”, is in 2 strategies:

1. Illuminate the facts, research the topics which makes you fearful, and uncover the truth

2. Ask for help on what to do, and sign up to that assistance, if you cannot do it yourself.

I am here to help…and would love to take the fear out of this process.

Reach out and book a strategy call today, so I can help work through any issues or questions you may have.

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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