Get Hired As An Immigrant – The Surprising Factor That You Cannot Ignore….Or Fail!

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Feb 26,2019

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I have already spoken before about how big trust is, as a factor in the hiring process and decision and how to get hired as an immigrant.

You can find that article, here.

How To Get Hired As an Immigrant

In fact, apart from economic factors, such as wanting to make sure that companies get the right person for the job, before they hire you, there is also a very big psychological factor.


Humans have evolved to like people who look and act the way they do. At one point in human history, the safest bet was to only trust people in your small social group.

Some employers and recruiters have gone so far that they have developed algorithms and AI to help them determine if someone is fit for a specific job, before a real person even speaks to them and before you will get hired as an immigrant.

For instance, some companies have invested in voice recognition software, which analyses a candidate’s voice and pronunciation, to determine their fit for a position, for example in nursing and hospitality jobs.

How is this trust established otherwise, without such devices?

Well. Humans have the final say in hiring. And personal contact, or personal connection is the best way to establish that trust.

What Are The Most Important Factors In Getting Hired?

In fact, the factors that make up the bulk of the hiring decision, are things which cannot be put on a piece of paper, or a CV.

Whereas factual info like your skills, qualifications and experience belong on a CV, these are things like enthusiasm, interest, communication, interpersonal skills, ability or willingness to learn, to be engaging, etc, which is what employers are actually looking for, to establish that trust.

This makes up more than 85% of a hiring decision.

As an immigrant job seeker, you MUST establish trust, because it is such a huge part of a hiring decision and it is essential before you will get hired as an immigrant.

Why Are Employers Risk Averse To Hiring Immigrants?

Employers are very risk averse to employ immigrants, for the following reasons:

– Legal immigration reasons – you must be legally eligible to work in your destination country – therefore you must provide proof of this eligibility. (This does not mean you need to have a visa).

– Most employers are not allowed to employ immigrants, or they have to go through a very rigorous, expensive accreditation process to be allowed to hire immigrants.

– You must have done your skills assessments and accreditations of qualifications to the comparable levels in your country and communicate this information to employers, before they will even take you seriously and consider your credentials to get hired as an immigrant.

– Employers loose up to 60% of their jobs offers to immigrants, because these people are either not turning up or cannot get through the visa requirements or cannot make it over if they cannot afford it.

– Employers cannot easily verify any of your qualifications or work history, because you come form such a different country which they know nothing of, and 75% of the CVs and info they see, are false.

It is a major risk to an employer, and therefore they avoid working with immigrants.

Too much money, too much paperwork, too much hassle!

Your Responsibility To Make It Easier to Get Hired As An Immigrant

It is your responsibility to overcome these obstacles FOR them, as far as you can – and remove these obstacles for your potential, targeted employers.

Now, here are the wrong ways in which to try and establish trust:

1. Begging or vague Facebook messages about finding a job or spraying your availability on the net Like this:

I mean – really?…

You must have gone through eligibility and skills assessments processes as an immigrant, and this does not indicate to a potential employer if you are even eligible to be employed in that country.

Let alone thinking that busy employers are really sitting on Facebook groups all day, just waiting for your post and will now employ/engage you on ground of such a vague, nonsense approach.

That might keep you busy, but get you nowhere. 

2. Throwing your CV at job ads online:

Here are some scary statistics why that does not work to create the trust that is needed:

1. Less than 20% of jobs are ever advertised online.

2. Eight out of 10 jobs are filled by direct approaches (the right way by building trust first), and recommendations or referrals.

3. In fact, you have between a 1 and 5% chance of getting a job if you apply for jobs online.

Here is another scary article on the subject: Why You Can’t Get A Job … Recruiting Explained By the Numbers

By applying for jobs – you are hiding behind the 15% of factors that make up the hiring decision – Skills, qualifications and experience – and we know now that the other factors, which makes up 85% of it, cannot be on a CV.

So then, how do you create this trust, and make it easier to hired as an immigrant?

You must speak to a real person and build a trusting relationship over time.

This is a relationship building process:

– Identifying the right employer(s) – who can and will work with immigrants. 

– Connecting with them – the right way (not asking for a job!) 

– Engaging – being interested in their business, role, service, industry 

– Interacting – consistent, trustworthy, adding value to them

– even before you get employed. – Creating trust – throughout this whole process.

Think about dating – which is also just relationship building.

Would you send a CV to someone and say, “Marry me!”.

You will not get very far.

You need to create a trusting relationship first, before you will be able to ask that question.

So, why are you doing it with overseas employers then?

So, stop applying for jobs online.

Stop flirting in Facebook groups.

Stop wildly sending CVs and messages to people who you do not even know how to approach or if they can work with immigrants.

Find targeted employers, who can employ immigrants, research them, and directly approach them, build real relationships and get face to face with them, as soon as possible.

This is the least negative, and most effective way to build trust, and get hired as an immigrant.

Here Is How I Can Help

If you would like to know the full eligibility and skills assessments, and job search processes = here is a handy flyer which will give you a full starting plan.

But I want to offer you a helping, holding hand – I will help you through all these processes, until you have a job offer.

You can schedule a Job Search Strategy Consultation here:

We then assess your situation, and customise a plan you to move forward, and I will be able to help you not only identify those employers, but hold your hand as you work through all these processes.

You can also watch this video, to learn more about that call:

I have already helped hundreds of people find their jobs as immigrants, now, it is your turn.

Take a stand for building trust, instead of wildly wasting time, money and effort, today.

I hope to see you on that call.

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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