Need To Find A Job As An Immigrant? Here Is The Missing Link…

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Aug 18,2019

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So many people reach out to me saying they need to find a job as an immigrant. They claim to have tried everything , yet have failed miserably in their efforts.

I have lots of people who watch my videos and email me and message me every day saying we’ve watched your videos.

We’ve read your articles.

But we’ve not been able to find a job as an immigrant. And then I have tons of other people who messaged me and say:

Thank you for your videos and your articles and your blogs and the things you put up and your free webinars, we’ve read the articles, we’ve implemented the things you said and now we found a job as an immigrant.

There are tons of them.

The Mammoth Task To Find a Job As An Immigrant

This is this distinct different between these people. Now the first group has knowledge, they have read all my articles and watched all my videos. But knowledge is not power knowledge is only potential power. It’s like an Olympic athlete who wishes to be an Olympic athlete.

But he still sits on the couch eating Cheetos every day. He knows all the participants. He knows all the Olympic events.

He knows everything about it, but he’s not participating.

He didn’t train for it and he’s not there.

Well the other guys they’ve actually gone and taken the stuff that I teach and they’ve actually

implemented it.

Execution is King To Find a Job As An Immigrant

Now something else about execution here.

If you think you can execute a couple of things like you did when you found a job as a local and trying to find a job as an immigrant. You’ve got it all wrong.

This is the Olympics of job hunting. The execution level here is much higher.

This is another level of execution you need to take on here and execute correctly.

Before you will be able to find a job as an immigrant.

For instance. I’ve got people messaging me a couple of months after they’ve started and say well, I’ve created my LinkedIn profile and I’ve started making connections.

But I haven’t been able to find a job yet and then I’ll go into the LinkedIn profile.

If they are connected to me and I look at the connections in the destination country and they’ve got like 11.

You know, you can’t find a job overseas with 11 connections in your destination country if you want to implement the networking relationship and referral strategies.

It just doesn’t work like that. 11 people’s not enough 20 is not enough 25 is not enough, 50s not enough.

It needs to be a hundred or more. A hundred is probably the bottom line.

Now if you trying to get 200 people in your destination country.

That’s going to be where your first Olympic pain is going to happen. It’s hard.

It is really, really tough to get a hundred connections into your LinkedIn profile in your destination country from overseas.

Why Is It Hard To Get Overseas Connections?

Because two out of ten people who you will try to connect to will reply or respond or accept a connection request. Two out of ten that is reality.

There is nothing you can do about it apart from increasing the volume.

Other words increasing your efforts way higher than you ever anticipated.

And then also changing your message to be meaningful towards that person and that requires a massive amount of effort of research which most of these people have no idea about.

So that massive effort would get you to a hundred connections therefore, you need to be at least connecting trying to connect to five hundred people. Have you tried that yet?

I bet you haven’t if you haven’t found a job yet. That’s the Olympics of job hunting.

That’s the ten times more effort that you are going to have to implement and execute.

Before things will start happening.

Now people also say to me, I’ve got this great LinkedIn profile, you know paid $700 for someone who has set it up professionally for me.

But then they get to me they don’t have a job in the destination country yet. Why is that?

Let me tell you this: What you’ve got is something like a red Ferrari.

Okay, but it’s parked somewhere in a dark garage, locked away. Nobody sees it.

It’s not a unique immigrants LinkedIn profile in the first instance and the second instance, it;s flash on the front.

That’s beautiful, but nobody sees it.

99% of the work with that LinkedIn profile is you taking that Ferrari out of that garage and

Utilizing it as a Ferrari.

It needs to be built as a Ferrari going 200 miles an hour on the international job-hunting scene.

That’s a unique immigrant LinkedIn profile and then you need to do certain things with it. That’s

99% of the work requiring a massive effort of execution.

Execution is getting an audience.

To see your beautiful LinkedIn profile to see the consistent activity.

I bet you that that person who’s created your LinkedIn profile for $700 didn’t tell you that that, they didn’t teach you that did they? Otherwise you will have had a job by now.

So if that is you then below or above this video wherever you’re watching it, you’ll see a link to a Strategy Consultation with me.

And this is what we do on the strategy consultation.

We look into the many facets of this Olympics of job-hunting effort that you were going to be implementing and executing.

And tell you which one you need to do how you need to do it,

How often and give you a plan and then kick your ass until you have a job offer. Yes, we do.

Our VIP Plan To Find a Job As An Immigrant

Therefore the VIP plan that comes with this if it is not applicable online. It’s not purchasable online. You can’t find it online.

It’s by invitation only.

For Olympic athletes in the Olympics of Job Hunting.

Those are the people who is committed who’s eligible who has done their homework and you can take the heat and this Olympics of job hunting and therefore I must have a strategy call with them first to determine if they are going to be fit for this journey, for this effort of mammoth proportions which requires them to do 10 times more than ever anticipated and actually execute.

You know people come to me and say ah, but I can’t find anyone to connect you and my destination country.

Well, hello, just go on LinkedIn open up that LinkedIn profile that someone has created for you.

Go on your search button and see how many companies are in your new destination country on LinkedIn is.

See how many people is there in your destination country on LinkedIn?

Try your job title and use your filters and see how many of those people are there.

They why don’t you go and have a look at where those people are working to see the businesses.

Have you contacted one of those businesses yet? Have you sent them a litter of interest and a CV? Have you found them?

Have you connected to them on LinkedIn and created an online dialogue with them?

That is the Olympics of job hunting.

You must put that effort on steroids and do twenty, fifty, a hundred of them.

That will bring you your job as as an immigrant.

Not the local thing of one and two people to send a CV to – this is the Olympics of job hunting and unless you execute that mammoth task, you won’t find a job as an immigrant.

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