What A Great Strategic Immigrant’s CV Looks Like

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Sep 30,2019

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If you are an immigrant job seeker, one of the first things you want to get sorted, is your CV.

I have spoken extensively about that CV – specifically a Strategic Immigrant’s CV.

A Strategic Immigrant’s CV is different to a usual, generic CV, but it also has some overlaps with a well-written CV.

Many prospective immigrants make the mistake of utilising a generic CV to find a job as an immigrant.

Let’s look at what a great Strategic Immigrant’s CV should look like.

1. Design

– CVs with graphics and too many columns won’t actually get through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), so a poorly designed CV may not ever be seen by potential recruiters.

– Fancy or hard-to-read fonts are distracting—busy recruiters and employers won’t view them favourably.

– An aesthetically appealing, functional resume reflects who you are as a potential employee—it shows your professionalism.

2. Ideal Length

Your CV should be no more than 3 pages long.

3. Content

Page one is prime real estate.

– You should add your contact details and also your eligibility details, coming from a proper eligibility assessment from a licensed immigration adviser, or, if you did it yourself, indicate clearly what you are eligible for in terms of visas in your destination country.

– Without it, an employer and recruiter cannot determine whether you are eligible to apply for these jobs and work in that country.

– Add your career summary and dates in the format mm/yyyy so that an ATS can read it.

– Now the most important part – your skillset:

1. It should address the skills in demand from the employers you are targeting in your destination country, in terms of your research. For this, you will need to research at least 80 – 100 similar jobs, according to your eligibility also.

2. Your skillset should not just be a list of skills, but address the skills in demand, show how you can fulfil them, and then also be underpinned by quantifiable information, such as achievements, projects, profiles, accolades, etc – to showcase your ability.

– Also, add your qualifications to your first page, and add the skills assessment outcomes of your qualifications, otherwise a potential employer will have no idea if your qualifications are valid and what they mean.

Page 2 should have your extended work history, with tasks and responsibilities in bulleted lists.

This is the basics of a great Strategic Immigrant’s CV.

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Go there download it and follow the advice there and you cannot go wrong with your job search as an immigrant.

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