Finding Overseas Employment: This Shocking CV Secret Will Make You Very Angry

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on May 2,2017

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Today I am going to reveal something really shocking about finding overseas employment.

It is a secret about your CV.

That CV that you had paid up to $500 for.

That CV that everyone told you to get re-formatted to your destination country.

This secret will leave you shocked and angry.

I have known about this issue for some time now.

In fact, I realized this as an issue when I was still working for an employer in an HR department.

But it was not until I started working with immigrants, that I realized what impact is has on immigrants trying to find overseas employment.

This is the reason the vast majority of immigrants fail in finding overseas employment.

That is why I am in this business as a mentor – trying to help immigrants overcome this obstacle.

This insider secret about finding overseas employment will shock you and stop in in your tracks.  It will stop you from ever sending your CV to job ads abroad.

So, forget everything you know about job finding as an immigrant and listen closely.

The insider secret about finding overseas employment

You might have paid a huge amount of money to have your CV re-written to the so-called format of your destination country.

This is what everyone said you had to do to when is comes to finding overseas employment.

So, you did that.

Then, you sent that CV to dozens of job ads online, to online job banks in your destination country.

That is also what everyone said you had to do.

Then, maybe even you uploaded your CV to those job boards online, in the hope that someone sees it there and contact you on your journey to finding overseas employment.

And you kept on doing this for a while …

…and nothing happened?

No replies, no job offers, silence?

There is a secret enemy which works against you as an immigrant, trying to find overseas employment.

This is something which no-one told you about.

Here is that secret:

Simple software.

Simple software in the systems of recruiters and most employers in your destination country delete your CV before it is even seen by a person.

Yes – it gets deleted automatically.

What happens to your CV once it is sent to job ads overseas

Here is what happens to your CV once it is sent in application for overseas employment:

A set of programmable keywords in the software, called Applicant Tracking systems, or ATS’s of recruiters and employers delete it.

There is usually 2 layers of elimination:

1. Eliminated because your CV comes from an address, ip-address or overseas location or contains overseas contact data;

2. Eliminated because the transferable skills keywords do not match the requirements for the job’s keywords, which are in the job description.

These two rounds of elimination are the cause for your CV to never even be seen by a real person. No matter how good it is and how much it cost you to have re-written for finding overseas employment.

I am sure that just hearing this news leaves you devastated, shocked and angry.

Why does your CV get eliminated?

You see, recruiters and employers in “in demand” countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, more countries in Europe, etc, are inundated from applications for overseas employment.


They advertise a job and get literally hundreds of applications from people in other countries of the world trying to land that job. Because it is their way of trying to immigrate to another country and a better life.

So, they must find ways of reducing the number of applicants that are screened, and it is easy to program their recruitment software to do this for them.

They also cannot accept applications from people who are not entitled to legally work in those countries.

Most recruiters are not there to recruit immigrants either. They just want someone to place in a job as soon as possible so they can get paid. It is very rarely an immigrant.

Only certain specialized recruiters are actively looking for immigrants, when they have been contracted by specific employers to do so.

I have seen this software in action, and I am aware that it is used out there now, and this is the reason you never hear anything from sending CVs to job ads online for overseas employment.

Here is a screen shot of the website of a well-known career advice agency in the United States and what they have to say about this:

What can be done to avoid being eliminated?

Now that I have given you this bad news about what happens to your expensive CV and that your efforts to find overseas employment, thus far is in vain, what can be done about it?

Here are a few tips to avoid being eliminated by automatic recruitment software when you are searching for overseas employment.

1. Use the right CV. Our strategic immigrant’s CV is designed to avoid this elimination. It is NOT guaranteed to get through this software elimination stages, but it will avoid some of the eliminations and get through more often that other “general” CV’s, even if they are re-formatted for your destination country.

You can obtain a free course to create your own strategic immigrant’s CV here.

2. Use unique immigrant’s job finding strategies.

Your CV alone will not find you overseas employment.  This is our core message.  For that reason, we have developed and refined the unique immigrant’s job finding strategies we teach here. This is designed to get around the gatekeepers, straight to the employers.

I have written before about why sending your CV alone to job ads online to find overseas employment – the so called “scattergun approach” – is so bad.

These strategies use the unique immigrant’s job finding tools, such as a strategic immigrant’s CV and a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile.

The unique immigrant’s job finding strategies include:

1. Targeting employers who are actively recruiting immigrants for visa sponsored jobs;

2. Using a relationship building strategy together with a proper plan, involving a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile;

3. Direct approach strategy – perfect for a job finding mission to land overseas employment.


I apologise for being the bearer of bad news about the fact that your expensive, re-formatted CV is being eliminated even before it reaches a person that can help you in the process of finding overseas employment.

It is the hard truth though.

And just ONE of the obstacles immigrants have to overcome during your journey to finding overseas employment.

(You can learn more about the other mistakes immigrants make, – unwittingly –  and how to avoid them, here, free).

1. Do not send your CV to overseas job ads in your search for overseas employment.

2. Rather, use a proper plan, consisting of proper research, the unique immigrant’s job finding tools and unique immigrant’s job finding strategies.

This is how most of our clients are successfully finding overseas employment.

You can too.

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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