Finding Work Abroad: The #1 Fatal LinkedIn Mistake That You Must Avoid

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Apr 24,2017

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Job finding and having a proper, optimised LinkedIn profile goes hand in hand. We all know that.

Immigrants also know that they should have a LinkedIn profile for finding work abroad.

Yet, many, or even the majority, know that they need to have a LinkedIn profile, but they do not know how to use that LinkedIn profile optimally to find work abroad.

Hi, I’m Zarélsie, The Migration Mentor, and in this video, I’m going to show you the difference between just having a LinkedIn profile and using a LinkedIn profile to finding work abroad.

In fact, less than 5% of immigrant job seekers have any idea of how to use their LinkedIn profile to find work abroad. It is supposed to be the #1 tool in finding work in another country.  Especially if you want to do it from a distance.

If you know and implement the proper use of a LinkedIn profile to find work abroad, you will increase your chances greatly.

In this illustration, which I’m going to do from my computer screen, I will explain how to fix that fatal mistake of not using your LinkedIn profile correctly to finding work abroad.

The 3 levels of a LinkedIn profile

There are 3 levels of use of a LinkedIn profile in job finding:

1. Level 1: The level which 80% of people use – just having a front end – the bit of LinkedIn that others see of you. To see what this looks like for others, log out of LinkedIn and Google your name plus the word “LinkedIn”, search and click to see what it looks like.

Most people add details and data to their LinkedIn profile to get this to display as nicely as possible. The mistake they make is to think that the better this looks, in other words, the aesthetics, is all that matters to finding work abroad.

Yes, it is important what it looks like, but it is a big mistake to think that this is all that is needed to find you work abroad.

Also, your LinkedIn profile should be set up as a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, to enable you to be found online easily as an immigrant job seeker.

There are 2 more levels needed to be used to make LinkedIn really work for you in finding overseas employment.

2. Level 2: LinkedIn Back End Settings. This is the level of LinkedIn which only about 15% of people use. Back end settings need to be set up properly to jobs and opportunities for work abroad.

These settings include job alerts, location settings, keywords, and connections to grab opportunities from employers in your new country and bring them to you, while you sleep.

3. Level 3: using LinkedIn to build key relationships, business leads, networking, getting exposed to the hidden job market and attracting opportunities is only really used by about 5% of people.

I have written before about who to connect to in LinkedIn.

This level is used by the hyper successful immigrant job seekers who finding work abroad fast.

They know how to interact and engage with companies and groups they have as connections. They never send connection messages, but have connections coming to them instead.

They also know how to find and target visa sponsored jobs for immigrants. This is where overseas employers will recruit immigrants actively.  They will help them to obtain a work visa and sometimes contribute towards their relocation costs.

They are actively involved and engaged, talking to people daily, contributing to groups.  They are engaging with potential employers by talking to people inside these companies already – using their unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile.

All this forms part of their proper plan, loaded with the unique strategies and tools to finding work abroad.

Needless to say – they are the ones who get the shoulder taps, are exposed to the hidden job market and get work abroad quickly and easily. This is also how to get a job offer without a work visa.

If you want to be one of these successful immigrant job seekers who finds work abroad quickly and easily, you need to be using all three levels of your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile very efficiently.

Most importantly level three should be used daily to engage and interact with overseas employers when finding work abroad.

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  1. Please help now I live Uganda ,kampala town I am an Eritrean nationality but to help my mam I migrated to Sudan but in Sudan no freely to migrant person by this reason I am going to Uganda and in this country dont have job so I need free visa & jobs so help me to won my dreams.

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