Immigrate to Canada – Don’t Get Lost!

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Apr 4,2017

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Whether you want to immigrate to Canada, New Zealand, Australia or anywhere else in the world – you are going to be faced with this enormous process.

Last week I spoke about the massive process of immigrating, and its sub-processes, of which job finding, is part.

One Stop Shop To Immigrate To Canada

Yesterday I received a message from someone asking for help to immigrate to Canada.  From the message, I could tell that his person wanted a “one stop shop” for immigrating to Canada.  They wanted someone to take care of their legal process, job finding process, finding accommodation, shipping their goods and a few other matters.

That is huuuuge!

And I have bad news…there is no one stop shop help you immigrate to Canada – or anywhere else for that matter.

Immigration is just too big

Many Processes

As I said in last week’s video – to immigrate to Canada – or anywhere else, is a massive process, with sub processes, such as planning to migrate, job finding, coping with missing friends and family when you get there, coping with the psychological and emotional factors of immigration, adapting socially and culturally, setting up new social networks and environment and financial setup.

All these, have sub processes, for example the process of job finding has a first step, or sub-process – Research.

Way Too Much Information!

This blog post, and video is way too small to even explain the process of research in just job finding to be able to immigrate to Canada or anywhere else.  It is therefore far too much to try to explain the job finding process either, and then even harder to explain the whole immigration process on how to immigrate to Canada.

People ask one single question in a Facebook group, which pertains to one single issue of the massive immigration process, without having any idea that they have to follow a structured, step by step process, broken down into sub-processes.

They get confused, and fail.

For example, for job finding – they ask how to find a job in Canada.   99% Of the time they will be told to start applying for jobs online.  This is the worst advice ever to finding a job as an immigrant!

But, because they have no idea, and did not get off their backside to do proper research about the processes, they will follow this bad advice…and fail.

Job Finding Process

If you are an immigrant who want to immigrate to Canada, or anywhere else, understand that job finding is just ONE process and research is the first step, and also a process within job finding.

That is why I am here – to educate you on these processes, so you can go about a structured, proper way to immigrate to Canada, or anywhere else.

Here is a webinar that I do – only relating to job finding – and its sub processes and which explains each of the sub-processes and its steps one by one.

You can follow this free webinar, get educated on how to immigrate to Canada, or anywhere else, because this information is designed to be generic.

Or you can fly blind, do whatever comes to mind…and fail.

Your choice…

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


4 thoughts on “Immigrate to Canada – Don’t Get Lost!”

  1. Thanks for a great information
    Actually, I have an question about different way of migration to Canada
    I was wondering to know it is possible to migrate through buying property in Canada like some countries in Europe (for ex: Italy) that have this option.

  2. Hi,
    I am searching for ways & process to migrate to canada. I am 35 years married (1kid) with 11+ years of experience in sales & marketing biotechnology & molecular biology done my MSc in Biotechnology.
    I look forward to hear from you soon on the same.

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