Immigrate To Australia – By Eating An Elephant?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 28,2017

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This video is not just about how to immigrate to Australia, it can also apply to immigrating to anywhere else in the world.  With this information, you can learn how to immigrate to Australia, Canada, immigrate to New Zealand, USA, Brazil or anywhere else in the world.

The reason for that is that immigration is a generic process, it applies whether you want to immigrate to Australia, or anywhere else for that matter.

Eating an Elephant

Immigration is a massive process, no matter whether you want to immigrate to Australia or anywhere else.  For that reason, you will not find one operator or one resource anywhere which will take you through the process.

In that sense, it is like the Indian proverb, “How do you eat an elephant?  Well, one small bite at a time!”

Within the big immigration process, there are smaller sub-processes to follow if you want to make a success of it.

This is usually where people go wrong. They fail, falter, give up.

The Big Immigration Processes

The bigger process of how to successfully immigrate to Australia, or anywhere else, has smaller process within it, e.g. planning to immigrate, job finding, setting up support networks and social networks, adaptation and getting back on your feet financially after settling down.

They are applicable processes within immigration, regardless of whether you plan to immigrate to Australia, New Zealand, the USA or any other country and inside these are several steps to follow.

If you get each one of these right, you have a successful immigration process, but many things can go wrong, usually because people start at the wrong point of the process, and fail or give up because things do not work out as they thought they should.

Job Finding as a Sub-process

Take job finding for example, it is just one process within the bigger immigration process.  Even then, job finding, whether you immigrate to Australia or anywhere else, also has smaller processes within it. For example, research, decision making, getting the right tools, like a strategic immigrant’s CV, a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, following unique immigrant’s job finding strategies and then applying ability, attitude and motivation to make it all work.

Usually, when people start to plan a process to immigrate to Australia, or anywhere else, they start at the wrong point, even with job finding. They are thinking of getting to Australia, or wherever, get their CV ready and start sending it to job ads online.

I did that too when I immigrated, but it is a big mistake.

The correct process of job finding starts at research, then comes decision making, then the tools, etcetera.

People fail in this process, thinking they must be in their new country to successfully find a job.  They travel there, and then sit in a motel room…still sending CVs to job ads online.


The Right Way to Immigrate

Whether you want to immigrate to Australia or anywhere else, follow the right processes and the right sub-processes.

We already have several free tools in the job finding process:  We provide free webinars in the 7 steps you must follow to get the job finding process to Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere else, right.

We also give away free resources like a strategic immigrant CV and other services at madly low cost but which provides huge value to successfully nail the job finding process.

Whatever you do, whether you immigrate to Australia, or anywhere else, – make sure that you follow the process and not just blindly do things that you think sounds right to do.

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