Visa Sponsored Job – Delivered On a Silver Platter

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 20,2017

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Securing a visa sponsored job is one the fastest and easiest ways for new immigrant job seeker can find a job in their destination country.

Discover how you can easily secure a visa sponsored job in this article.

Immigrants struggle to find jobs – we all know that.

It is evident from the daily emails, private messages and calls I get from desperate people trying to find visa sponsored jobs as immigrants.

What I notice is that people usually go about the “herd mentality” way with job finding – they send their CVs to job ads online – like everyone else does it.

And they fail.

And they keep doing it – I know it is the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing that does not work – but they keep doing it.

And they keep failing…

The Mistakes Immigrant Job Seekers Are Making With Finding Visa Sponsored Jobs

With this approach, they are making a number of mistakes, but it seems most people are hell-bent on still following the “herd mentality”, even if it does not work.

Today, I want to talk to you about the 3 biggest mistakes, people make in trying to find visa sponsored jobs for immigrants…and the surprisingly simple solution for it.

Believe me, it is the commons struggle of immigrant job seekers worldwide, and so the solutions are generic, worldwide too.

Mistake #1 And The Solution

As an immigrant, following the “herd mentality”, or also called the “scattergun approach”, you are applying for jobs where you must compete with the locals – in other words, where that employer has no interest in hiring you as an immigrant, above the locals. It is just too much hassle.  And in some cases, illegal too.

You are always at the back of the queue compared with the locals if you send your CV to job ads in your destination country just using online job boards.

Solution: What you should be doing is NOT go for the jobs where you compete with the locals – you need to go for the visa sponsored jobs where employers want immigrants from overseas – where they are screaming out for immigrants and will go to great lengths to recruit them.

That is the place where you will have NO or little competition – where employers will help you with your visa and even pay for your relocation sometimes.

These are the visa sponsored jobs for immigrants.

BUT, now you have a problem: Do you know how to find them?

Finding Visa Sponsored Jobs for Immigrants

You can sit there for hours, days, weeks trolling through general job banks and you will find, maybe one!  As an immigrant, you do not know nearly enough about the industries, employers, skills shortages, job markets, etc, etc of your destination country to know where to look and what to look out for.

Not unless you have done a ton of research about it don’t.

You see, sometimes these jobs are not even advertised, so chance is you will NEVER find them even if you are good at searching for visa sponsored jobs.

Mistake #2 and The Solution

Let’s just say that you are Batman, Superman and Robin all in one, and you CAN find the visa sponsored jobs for immigrants, then you have another hurdle to cross.

You are now going to throw your general, useless, CV at it….and fail.

An immigrant faces certain obstacles as a job seeker – obstacles which you as an immigrant, are not even aware of yet. These obstacles also exist, even if you go after the visa sponsored jobs.  Even more so then…

Things like trust, validity of your information, no experience and exposure in your new country and a myriad of other things is going to get your CV deleted off the databases of recruiters and employers in that country that you are so desperately trying to find a job in.

The software of some recruiter’s job application systems even delete your CV before it even gets to a real person.

That is why you never hear from anyone when you send an application to a job ad online – it gets instantly deleted because these obstacles stand in front of you like an impenetrable brick wall (show brick wall in video).

Solution: You need a DIFFERENT CV – a strategic immigrant’s CV. One that has been designed and refined with a secret plan. To bypass all these brick walls.

So, even if you have a great CV, which you have paid hundreds of dollars for to be in the “format” of your new country – is it a strategic immigrant’s CV?

Mistake #3 and The Solution

Even if you have a strategic CV, and you can find a visa sponsored job for an immigrant – it is only going to give you a very small chance to compete on an equal playing field with other immigrants from across the globe.

What makes you so special?

What is going to make you stand out?

What else, besides a strategic CV can YOU do that will get you chosen?

What can you do to even, when a job is NOT advertised, to get in front of these employers and shoulder tap you for a position, before they go to advertise it to the wider market?

How are you going to get the EDGE over everyone else?

Do you know how to build relationships and networks with them from a distance, so they approach YOU, instead of you applying for a job, even if it is part of the visa sponsored jobs for immigrants?

Do you know how to get a job offer without even having a visa first, or get a job offer while still offshore?

99% of people do not.

The Solution To These Mistakes…on A Silver Platter

If you want to be successful at finding a job as an immigrant, then you must overcome all three these struggles, which after this, seems quite impossible, doesn’t it?

No wonder one out of about every 25 immigrants fail.

Working with people like that every day, I can offer you a ground breaking, revolutionary service that will address these 3 struggles that immigrants struggle with, anywhere in the world.

So, what if, I can give you a solution that will:

– Get you these visa sponsored jobs – straight to your inbox, every single month. You never have to search again, you never have to find mediocre jobs where you have to compete with the locals again. These jobs are in the all industries and fields of interest in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK and sometimes in other countries as well.

– Give you the strategic immigrant’s CV – FREE – in an online course form, so that you can put it together yourself, and you never have to pay anyone ever again to create a CV for you. This is the CV which we charge $497 USD for when we do it for someone.

– Train you in the unique immigrant’s job finding strategies, in person, one by one, click by click, step by step, so that you become the candidate with the edge; the candidate the goes above and beyond everyone else, the top dog, the one that stands out, gets in front of employers before they even advertise so that they fall over each other to get you shoulder taps and pay top dollar to get someone like you on their team.

This is NOT about qualifications and skills – this is about how you engage and interact with them – BEFORE = you are even hired!

Now, you have a choice:

#1 – You can keep doing what did not work up to now, …and keep failing, never being able to find visa sponsored jobs

#2 – You can go it alone, and try and find visa sponsored jobs in your destination country, by spending hours, days, weeks, searching for them and then applying with your general CV – and get nowhere

#3 – Or you can sign up to this monthly service, which we are going to offer you here.

Your choice.

There are no fixed terms, no contracts nothing.

A straight monthly service – straight to your inbox, every single month, cancel any time.

Just think of the convenience of opening up that email once a month, seeing your country of choice….

– Seeing ONLY the visa sponsored jobs, where employers are already screaming out for you there

– Being able to quickly adjust your strategic CV, which already overcomes the immigrant’s obstacles, not having to pay someone to update your CV and cover letter to match the requirements of the job, and being able to apply quickly.

– OR knowing how to target these employers, getting in front of them and getting shoulder taps before they even advertise job like this with monthly insider training on how to be the top dog and circumvent the gatekeepers?

How about that for everything on a silver platter?

Go here to get yours!

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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    1. Hi Susan,

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  1. Hello am Agnes from Kenya I done sales as a proffesion but am open to any job like farming ,care giver.kindly connect me to any job in Canada. Thank you in advance

  2. Hi guys. Please help me find a visa sponsored job in New Zealand. I would also like to know how it works when I sign up for the lifetime membership,is it a once off payment or a monthly payment?

  3. Hi
    I am sohel. Right now I am working in Singapore last ten years . I want to go New Zealand. I have plumbing skills certified from Singapore. Can you help me to get job in New Zealand please. Thanks

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