Visa Sponsored Jobs - The Ultimate Guide For New Immigrants

Visa Sponsored Jobs – The Ultimate Guide For New Immigrant’s

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 6,2017

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This video is about visa sponsored jobs for immigrants.

More specifically how immigrants can find and target jobs where employers, companies and recruiters worldwide are specifically advertising to recruit immigrants, also known as visa sponsored jobs.

What Are Visa Sponsored Jobs

Some countries experience skills shortages in certain industries.  Some of the employers and companies in these industries will advertise to recruit immigrants from abroad, offering aid with work visas and permits, depending on the country, and sometimes, they will, if they want someone bad enough, help the successful candidate with relocation and contribute toward relocation costs.

For example, in Australia, these jobs, in terms of immigration, are sometimes called the 457 visa, in the United States it is called the h1 visas, in other countries it is just known as visa sponsored jobs.

In most countries, there is no specific subclass or name for these visa sponsored jobs, but they still exist in that companies recruit immigrants to fill skills shortages and provide sponsorship for immigrants.  So, although there may not be a specific subclass for these jobs in a certain country, some companies still recruit immigrants and know how to deal with work visas for immigrants.

Sometimes, they are also called accredited companies – accredited by the immigration department of a certain country to fast track the recruitment of immigrants for skills shortages in certain industries.  In some ways, this is also known as visa sponsorship for immigrants – because these companies are directly looking for immigrants to help them progress their business and fill the gaps in the skills shortages which they experience.

How To Find Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Immigrants

In their jobs search for an overseas job, most immigrants would go about finding jobs the usual way, that is, sending CVs to job banks online for any advertised jobs.  Those immigrants might be highly skilled people who would qualify to be sponsored by an employer in their new country, but they do not necessarily target visa sponsored jobs for immigrants in their search, because they don’t know how to do it.

By the way, just sending your CV to job ads online as an immigrant, especially from a distance is the sure way to fail – it is what we call the “scattergun approach”.

Rather than following the “scattergun approach”, you will need some strategic immigrant’s job finding tools and apply unique immigrant’s job finding strategies to be successful.

To find the visa sponsored jobs, you will need t take a more targeted approach, using the number one job finding tool in the arsenal of immigrant job finding – the Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile.

I am going to show you, in the above video, how to go about this, step by step, click by click.

The Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile

Using the Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile, you can now target the visa sponsored jobs for immigrants and follow a more targeted approach than following the scattergun approach.

Although finding visa sponsored jobs this way is less targeted than the best immigrant’s job finding strategies, like the relationship building strategy and direct approach strategy, it is still more targeted than the scattergun approach.

Following this strategy is effective in the following ways –

1. You can target sponsorship jobs for immigrants, and go straight to the companies which are already looking, and are used to deal with immigrants, know their requirements for immigration and would sometimes contribute to the visa process and relocation costs, and

2. Make those visas sponsored jobs come to you, that is, you can set up alerts so that visa sponsored jobs for immigrants, come to your inbox and LinkedIn jobs box, instead of you chasing after them.

How to Search for Visa Sponsored Jobs

Using your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, search for those jobs, using specific keywords, like in the list below.  Watch the video above for step by step instructions.

  • Immigration
  • 457 visa
  • h1 visa
  • visa sponsorship
  • sponsorship visa
  • visa sponsored jobs
  • work visa sponsorship
  • sponsorship for immigrants

Then, set up an alert in your LinkedIn profile to make those jobs come to you in LinkedIn and be sent a notification about them.

Go A Step Further to Be More Effective

If you want to be a smart immigrant, and go straight to the front of the job queue, now also follow up this strategy with relationship building or direct approach.

Now that you know who the companies and employers in your destination country is who offer visa sponsored jobs for immigrants, you can target them directly – you can connect with them on LinkedIn, start interacting and engaging with them and build a relationship with them, their people and ultimately this is where the shoulder taps and invitations will come from.

This is how effective immigrants get visa sponsored jobs, without sending hundreds of CVs to job ads online, wasting valuable time, money and effort.

This is also how immigrant directly access the hidden job market – where 70% of jobs are, which are never advertised.

Using unique immigrant’s job finding strategies, like targeting the visa sponsored jobs for immigrants, the relationship building strategy and the direct approach strategy, are far more effective ways of finding a job as an immigrant and it is also the way to smash the obstacle of the “catch-22” situation for immigrants, where they are told that “you need a visa to apply for a job…but need a job offer to qualify for a visa”.  These are the smart, unique immigrants’ job finding strategies to get a job offer without a work visa.

Be smart, instead of blindly following the scattergun approach, which is sure to fail, rather use on or a combination of these unique immigrant’s job finding strategies which are more effective to land you your new job in your destination country.

To learn about the strategic and unique immigrant’s job finding tools,

  • The strategic immigrant’s CV
  • Unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile
  • Unique immigrant’s Job finding strategies
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