How To Get a Job Offer Without a Work Visa – Part 3

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 30,2017

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In the last 2 videos, I reviewed 2 strategies on how to get a job offer without  a work visa first:

They were:

Video #1: Setting up your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile to bring jobs which are uniquely advertised for immigrants, to your inbox, or to the Jobs tab of your LinkedIn profile.  You can watch the video about this strategy

Video #2: Using your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile to build relationships with employers and recruiters in your NEW country, to get shoulder taps and invitations to jobs, which may never be advertised out there (the hidden job market).

The detail of these strategies are also explored in my recent webinar – “The Q-Jumper Factor – 7 Steps To Finding a Job As An Immigrant”.

In this video I will introduce the 3rd strategy – the Direct Approach Strategy.

What Is The Direct Approach Strategy?

The direct approach strategy to find a job offer, without having a work visa, is exactly what it says – approaching employers in your new country – directly.

But, there is a catch…as always, and you need to approach this correctly for it to work like it is intended to – getting you a job offer.

Of all the unique immigrant job finding strategies, this one is by far the most advanced and also the most successful.

Using this strategy, an immigrant will approach an employer, with which they have already built a relationship directly, for one on one interaction or meeting.

Great For a Job Finding Mission

A whole 100% of people who I have helped, and WHO HAVE IMPLEMENTED THIS STRATEGY CORRECTLY, have found jobs this way.

It is a great strategy to find a job offer quickly, especially if you are on a “look, see and decide” visit or job finding mission to your new country.

But, this strategy is not for the faint hearted and you need to have some things in place BEFORE you embark on this brave strategy.

Please do not go asking for a job initially!  That is the WRONG way of applying this strategy.

Requirements Of The Direct Approach Strategy

Before you go to your new country on a job finding mission, make sure that you have the following in place, for this strategy to work:

1. A Strategic Immigrant’s CV.
2. A Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile
3. Relationships, already built, using your Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn profile (you can do this while still offshore).

I specialise in teaching immigrants all three above, and in my recent webinar – “The Q-Jumper Factor – 7 Steps To Finding a Job As An Immigrant”, I teach the detail about these requirements and prospective immigrants can obtain all the packages they need to achieve this – even while still offshore.

Having active relationships in place with potential employers in their new country, having established trust and familiarity, immigrants can now approach them directly on a job finding visit – but do not go asking for a job!

First, be interested in the person, in their business, what they do, how they do it, try and spend time with them.

Spending time with them, even as a volunteer or intern or visitor, will showcase your interest, expertise and build a closer relationship and bond…and this is where job offers without having a work visa, come from.

For more information on how to apply all these unique immigrant’s job finding strategies, and how to obtain all the tools which you will need to make it a reality, watch the recent webinar – “The Q-Jumper Factor – 7 Steps To Finding a Job As An Immigrant”.

Until next time.

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