Webinar Replay 22nd Jan 2017 – The Q Jumper Factor Method

By Anton Nadilo on Jan 23,2017

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This is a recording of the amazing webinar we held on the 22nd January 2017 called The Q Jumper Factor Method – A 7 Step Master PLan To Finding A Job In Your New Country.

NOTE: Please be patient as the webinar may take up to a minute to load as it is a large file (with almost 3 hours of amazing, value packed content)….so it’s well worth the wait.

The exclusive links to access the special webinar deal and to give you access to the free bonuses mentioned are shown during the webinar.

You will see why every new immigrant job seeker is turning to The Q Jumper Factor Method….why don’t you claim the unfair advantage too?

Don’t miss this opportunity…..watch it today!

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21 thoughts on “Webinar Replay 22nd Jan 2017 – The Q Jumper Factor Method”

        1. Hi Fanie,

          Thank you so much for your kind words. We are thrilled you enjoyed the webinar.

          Great news….!

          The free bonuses offered on the webinar are still available (for a limited time) – as we are closing our intake for that programme very soon.

          After you purchase either the Basic or Platinum (the most value packed option) all the free gifts/bonuses will be made available to you inside the membership area. You will be making a very wise decision picking up a copy of Q Jumper Factor….many success stories already. Maybe you will be the next one?

          Zarelsie & I look forward to seeing you on the inside & helping you soon….

  1. Hi Zarelsie & Anton,
    Great webinar! Thanks so much for presenting!
    I was just wondering about the “Skills for Life” free gift and whether it was still available to us please?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Elisabeth,

      I am so delighted you enjoyed the webinar and found the content valuable.

      The FREE gift is normally reserved for webinar attendees but we are happy to provide it to you on this occasion.

      * Get Access Here: http://zarelsie.com/free-cv-course




      P.S. Are you considering joining our Q Jumper Factor? We would love to see you on the inside!

    1. Hi Abdul,

      What part would you like to know more about?

      The webinar explains everything.



  2. Hello mam, I’m a food technologist with 3 years diploma course and very much eager to get a food related job in abroad. Please assist me.
    I have seen your 3 videos. But please mam suggest me exactly what I should do first.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment.
      You should choose the country you want to immigrate to, check their immigration requirements to see which visa you qualify for and then use that to determine what you need to get a job offer. Then you can start a job search in that country.

  3. Hi i am a mechanical engineer with more than 5 years of work experience. I want to live and work in new zealand. I do not have a job offer or work visa.

    1. Hi Vaibhav Tiwari,

      This is what I recommend:

      First: Determine your eligibility to immigrate to New Zealand (if you have not already) – which vsa/PR you qualify for: Look at the New Zealand immigration requirements : (free eligibility assessment at) http://www.immigration.govt.nz or speak to a licensed adviser (some of them charge a fee for an assessment), which you can find at http://www.iaa.govt.nz.

      That will give you an idea of which visa/PR you qualify for.

      2. Get “document ready” – once you know the visa/PR you qualify for – it will indicate which documents, etc you will need for the process – get those ready asap as far as you can.

      N.B. It is very, very important to do the above BEFORE you start job search.

      3. Once you know the visa, etc. contact me via my contact page on the website http://zarelsie.com/contact/ – and I will see how we can create a customised solution for you to help you secure a job offer. (I am not a licensed immigration agent- I specialise in helping with the job search).

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi
    This is Edson Christopher from Tanzania, East Africa.
    I am more than 15 years experience truck driver. I have been looking for job in Australia and Canada but still the strategy is really tough.
    Please can you assist me to secure my new job in a country of my choice.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi, thank you for such an informative webinar. I really enjoyed it. With the free CV giveaway, I tried opening the link a few times but gives an error. Is there any other way that we can receive your CV Link?

    Thank you.

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