How To Get A Job Offer Without a Work Visa – Part 2

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 16,2017

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Last week we discussed the first of 3 strategies on how to get a job offer without a work visa.

That strategy was focused on how to get immigrant jobs, advertised uniquely for immigrants – where employers actively recruit immigrants – to come directly TO YOU.  That is, directly to your inbox or into your Jobs tab of your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile.

This week we will discuss the 2nd of the strategies on how to get a job offer without a work visa.

This strategy will be focus on securing that offer through relationship building, using your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, getting potential employers and recruiters to notice you and getting “shoulder taps”, or being invited to apply for jobs before they are even advertised elsewhere.

Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile

In the first video I made it clear that for all three these strategies to work, you need a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, which will:

– Make you visible to employers and recruiters in your NEW country

– Bring jobs to you from your new country – instead of you chasing after them, and

– Enabling you to build relationships with employers and recruiters in your NEW country.

Simply put, without a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile there is no chance that any of this will work.

We teach immigrants how to create a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, in the Q-Jumper Factor Program.

To get the Q-Jumper Factor program – at a huge discount – watch our recent webinar – The Q Jumper Factor Method – A 7-Step Masterplan To Finding a Job As An Immigrant – where we also GAVE AWAY FOR FREE – our LinkedIn Masterclass program.

The Relationship Building Strategy

This strategy rests upon building strong relationships with employers and recruiters in your new country and to illustrate this strategy, we can use the analogy of building a romantic relationship with someone who we want to make our life partner or marry.

I discuss this in depth in our recent webinar – watch the replay here. The Q Jumper Factor Method – A 7-Step Masterplan To Finding a Job As An Immigrant.

Basically, you will not send a letter to someone you fancy romantically, if you have never met them, saying, “I fancy you, now marry me!”

You will connect with that person, and over time, build a relationship of reciprocity and trust – giving and receiving, being interested, engaging and interacting regularly.  Then, after a while asking him/her for marriage, or more commitment.

It is the same with job finding as an immigrant.  Just sending your CV to job ads, without having built a relationship of trust first, is like saying, “You don’t know me, now give me a job!”.

It will never work – and this “scattergun approach” where you send CV’s to job ads as an immigrant, is what most people do, and where most people fail.

Instead of the relationship building strategy, they use the scattergun approach strategy – a sure way to fail.

How To Build Key Relationships Using a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile

Using a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile to find a job offer without having a work visa, and applying the relationship strategy is far more effective and targeted:

– You can target (connect) with potential employers in your destination country who may employ someone like you.

– FROM A DISTANCE – while still in your old country – you can engage and interact with them, daily.  You can share knowledge, share articles, information and insights and ask questions – just as you would in a romantic relationship.

– That puts you ON THEIR RADAR.

– You will KNOW when they advertise jobs for immigrants – their ad will come in your news feed and your Jobs tab in LinkedIn, but

– BEFORE they even advertise, they will go to the pool of people, already on their radar, at the front of their mine; who they already have relationships with,

Those people will be invited to apply for those jobs – first.  Meaning that if you are the one (if you have done a good enough job on this), you will be offered a job offer without having a work visa, and in all likeliness, they will also assist you with getting a visa.

It happens all the time with people we teach these strategies to, like this recent one:

“Hi everyone !!!

Hope you all are well !! Got BIG news to share with you guys. I first posted on this page back in October when I got my first Skype interview with an potential employer in New Zealand. With the help of Zarélsie Van der Merwe , I learned better ways to approach potential employers and how to build a relationship with people on LinkedIn.

After that interview I was asked by the potential employers to do an online assessment which I did and a week after that they requested a second Skype interview which went very well.

And this morning I received an email that I got the job with the job offer and contract !!!? All this whilst still in South Africa.

So people…it is possible !! I just want to thank Zarélsie again for all her assistance through this process and for all the things she has taught me. People…she knows what she is talking about !!

Now it is work permit time !! See you soon Zarélsie…in New Zealand !!”

(Martin Meyer, South Africa)

 Now, it is your turn to get a job offer without having a work visa.

What are you waiting for?

Get a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile now – we will teach you how.

In the next video, we will look at the 3rd strategy of getting a job offer without having a work visa first – the direct approach strategy.

Until next time.

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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