How To Get a Job Offer Without a Work Visa – Part 1

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 9,2017

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The most asked question in immigrant job finding

One of the most asked questions, and something that immigrants are most confused about, is whether it is how to get a job offer without a work visa.

I was there too – about 16 years ago, I sat in front of an old crappy computer in my old country, sending out CV after CV to job ads in another country, and for 2 years, nothing happened. No answers, no replies, only some replies “come see us when you have a work permit or residence”.

Frustrating and painful.

I thought it was never going to happen.

It is that old “catch-22” situation – you need to have a job offer to qualify to immigrant and be issued a visa of some kind, but then, when you apply to jobs, you also get told by recruiters and some employers that you need to have a visa fist.

What can you do about it and is it possible to get a job offer without having a work visa first?

Yes!  It is absolutely possible.

Remember, it is legal to get offered a job, without having a work visa, but it is illegal to work without the necessary visa in most countries.

That is what we teach in the Q-Jumper Factor Programs to help immigrants find jobs. That is the core of our job finding strategies for immigrants, and therefore immigrants who do not visit their new country to find a job, will be able to find that job from a distance too.

Many scores of people who we have helped has been able to secure job offers without having a work visa.

Good and Bad News

BUT, there is good news and bad news about this:

First, the bad news: You will NOT find a job offer with just sending your CV to job applications as an immigrant – you will get told that you need to have a visa or hold the right to work in your new country, first. Check out my recent webinar where I discuss why this happens in detail.

This is called the scattergun approach, it is what most people do and it is where most people fail.

Now, the good news:  If you use unique immigrant job finding strategies, the ones we teach in the Q-Jumper Factor Program, then you can find a job offer without having a visa first, and heaps of our clients have found success by applying what we teach in the Q-Jumper Factor and related job finding programs for immigrants.

In short, you need:

1- A Strategic Immigrant’s CV (different to a normal, general CV)

2- A Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile (different to a normal, general LinkedIn Profile), and

3- Apply the unique immigrant’s job finding strategies, which we teach in the Q-Jumper Factor and LinkedIn Optimizer (LinkedIn masterclass) programs which you can obtain at huge discounts through the recent webinar.

There are several unique immigrants job finding strategies, and in this video and the next 3 videos, we are going to introduce those strategies to you.

If you want to be taught how to:

1- Create A Strategic Immigrant’s CY – YOURSELF

2- Create a A Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile – YOURSELF, and

3- Be taught how to apply the unique immigrants job finding strategies, then

Watch our recent webinar where you can obtain all the above at huge discounts and special offers when you opt for one of our versions of the Q-Jumper Factor Program using the links at the end of the webinar.

Part 1 – Get Jobs Advertised for Immigrants in LinkedIn Come To You

So, here is part 1 of How To Get a Job Offer As an Immigrant Without Having a Visa.

It is a very simple strategy of using your Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn profile to MAKE JOBS THAT ARE ADVERTISED UNIQUELY FOR IMMIGRANTS – COME DIRECTLY TO YOU.

The catch here is that you already need to have a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile set up.

You can learn how to do that in our Q-Jumper Factor program and/or the LinkedIn Masterclass (LinkedIn optimizer program) and if you do it through our recent webinar, then you may be able to get the LinkedIn Masterclass program for free.

What Are Jobs “Uniquely Advertised For Immigrants”

Some companies actively recruit immigrants where there are skills shortages in certain industries or where they cannot find the right candidates from the local pool.  Then they are willing to get people from abroad, they will pay for their relocation and assist them with getting them a work visa if needed.  In this way, the immigrant therefore does not need to have a visa to obtain the job offer.

Companies who do this internally, in other words, who do not use a recruitment agent, advertise these jobs on their LinkedIn company pages.

If you have a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile set up correctly then you can make these jobs show up in your LinkedIn>Jobs tab, in other words make these jobs come to you – instead of you chasing after them.

You can also search for these jobs individually but that takes far too much time and is too labour intensive and not very effective.

How To Get a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile

This video is too short to teach you how to create a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, but watch this webinar where we teach the 7 Step Master Plan of Finding a Job as an Immigrant, and at where we offer unique plans to obtain the Q-Jumper Factor Program.  You will then receive the LinkedIn Masterclass Program free.

The Q-Jumper Factor program will teach you, in several video instruction programs, step by step, how to:

1- How to Create A Strategic Immigrant’s CV – YOURSELF

2- Create a A Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile – YOURSELF, and

3- how to apply the unique immigrants job finding strategies,

4- and more

Otherwise, you can buy only the LinkedIn Masterclass (LinkedIn optimiser for immigrants) program alone here , which teaches ONLY the LinkedIn part of how to set up a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile.

Getting uniquely advertised immigrant’s jobs to come into your inbox and where you can then apply to them, is just one strategy of getting a job offer without having a work visa, because these companies will then assist you with getting a visa if you are the successful applicant.

This is also a great strategy for people who are shy of networking and a little shy about creating close relationships with people in their new country.

If I knew then what I know now, and I had these strategies presented to me, even if I had to pay for them – I would have JUMPED at the chance!

And if you follow the right way of creating a unique immigrant’s strategic CV – which we teach in the Q-Jumper Factor as well, you will beat the other applicants to the finish line.

In the next video, we will introduce another strategy to get a job offer without having a work visa first, – that is, how to get a “shoulder tap”, in other words, getting invited to apply for a job with an employer in your new country, instead of just applying for jobs yourself.

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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  1. Hi, I would like to watch the free session videos regarding job offer without a valid permit.

    Fanie Ackerman

  2. Hello, Actually, I am a Graphic Designer, I would like to migrate to New Zealand, also looking for a new job as a Graphic Designer. Right now I am in KUWAIT (Middle East). Am Origin from India, Kerala. So I am expecting your advice on the same…

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