How Indecision Will Kill Your Immigration Dreams

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 2,2017

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Indecision will kill the immigration dreams of 95% of people BEFORE they even start!

Hi, I’m Zarélsie here the Migration Mentor.

Happy New Year.  Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that 2017 will bring fulfilment of your dreams and achievement of your goals.

Achieving your dream of immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, UK or any other country is a massive undertaking, with many facets.

But remember, immigration to another country is not the end goal, it is a means to an end – a better life.

You also cannot just start your immigration processes with whatever comes to mind, for example start searching for a job in any country and wishing your immigration to Canada or immigration to Australia, or somewhere else will be successful.

No, you must follow a proper, well planned process to immigrate to Canada, immigrate to Australia, immigrate to New Zealand or immigrate to any other country of your choice.

That is the best way to be successful at immigrating from one country to another and if you jump all over the steps, you will fail.

Recent Webinar About Immigrating

I recently did a live online webinar about that complete process of immigrating and job finding as an immigrant: The Q Jumper Factor Method – A 7-Step Master Plan To Finding A Job As A New Immigrant.

In that webinar, I gave away some tools on how to successfully find a job as an immigrant – even form a distance.

You can watch a replay of that webinar, or sign up to receive notification of my next webinar on the link below this video.

The very first step in that massive process of immigrating to Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any country, which I taught in a recent webinar, is decision making. And this is the step where 8 out of 10 people who are thinking about immigrating, fail already.

Indecision will kill their immigration dreams before they even start…

2 Types of Immigration Decisions

Decision making is a crucial pivotal point in a successful immigration process and there are 2 types of immigration decisions to make:

Decision #1: To Immigrate Or Not To Immigrate:

It is crucial that prospective immigrants make a firm decision to immigrate – come hell or high water – BEFORE they start any other activities related to immigration.

It’s comparable to someone wanting to learn how to ride a bike.  The first decision they must make is whether they will even get onto that bike!  If you won’t commit to getting on, you cannot be taught or cannot learn and therefore cannot be successful at it.

Why do people fail at making a decision to stay or to go? Why are they constantly going back and forth between staying and going?  Why are they undecided?

The reason is clear:  They are NOT clear on their own reasons – their “why’s”.

Those personal reasons have nothing to do with going to a certain country – it has to do with your own personal reasons for LEAVING your current country.

Some people are thinking about immigrating; they have heard other people talk about it and it is sort of something they want to do, but they don’t know exactly WHY.

Your Why’s

Their why’s should be their OWN reasons they want to go somewhere else.  Not someone else’s reasons.  Not because the Jones’ did or because someone else says it is a good idea.

I discuss in detail on this free webinar how to find your “why’s”.

What are your reasons?  Why do you want to immigrate?  Can you come up with 1 or more reasons the place where you are at is not good enough for you anymore?

This is where you need to start.  Search for your need that is not satisfied by your own country anymore.

You see, if you don’t find your own reasons/need, you will not have a strong enough driving force, and if you do decide to go, you will soon become confused when the going gets tough and would want to turn back to your old comfort zone.  This is where people cannot adapt after a few months or a year or two in their new country and they go back to their old country.  Their own reasons were not strong enough.

You must find your own reasons, whether it be safety, a new career, a new future for you children, philanthropy, new lifestyle, whatever, to immigrate to Canada, immigrate to Australia, immigrate to New Zealand or anywhere else for that matter.

But make sure it is your reasons, that should be strong enough that you say “I want that so much that I will immigrate for it”.

You cannot go back and forth with this all the time, things change, immigration policy changes, the job market in other countries change, politics, which influence immigration policy changes.  You may qualify one day, but not the next – don’t delay this, decide, stick to it and then act on it.

Decision #2: Which Country To Immigrate To

The 2nd immigration decision is the choice of where to go to.  Here is where I find scores of people saying, “I have been to Canada and New Zealand and Australia and Belgium and the United States and I still cannot find where to immigrate to.

There are 3 antidotes to this dilemma:

#1 – Make a firm decision to go (although you cannot decide where to yet, as I just discussed).  This is where you say – I will go, hell of high water, I just must decide where to.

#2 – Know your own reasons.  The “why’s” that creates your desire to leave.  Wherever it may be to.

#3 – When you make a firm decision and you know why you need to go, now you are going to work through those options with proper research, and tick off the ones which satisfy those why’s the best.

Research is the 2nd step in the complete immigration process, and I discuss it in detail in my recent webinar.

Your research now becomes easier, because when you look at all these countries, you will quickly become aware of which ones fit your list of “why’s”, your reasons or needs and which do not.

My Personal Example

Let me give you an example – myself.

We started thinking about immigrating because of the deteriorating safety situation in South Africa.  Then we decided that our family’s safety and future was non-negotiable and we made a firm decision to go – wherever. We did not know where to yet.  We could immigrate to Canada, immigrate to Australia, immigrate to the United States, UK , etc. We made a list of 5 things that were important to us and safety was the top one.

We decided to look at 4 different countries to go to and with my list next to me, I researched every one of those countries and ticked them off for which satisfied the reasons I wanted to immigrate on my list.

And we eventually, based on those reasons of what was important to us, we decided on New Zealand.

You would think that decision making is common knowledge, but it is not common practice.

The Cost Of Indecision

Indecision is costly: People still allow their inability to make a firm decision to kill their immigration dreams and ultimately their hope of a new or better life.

1- Indecision delays important actions – and causes you to miss out on opportunities and available jobs.

2- Indecision delays the rest of your immigration process – which is vast and takes time – it may result in you not qualifying to go to your new country anymore because of policy changes while you make up your mind.

3- Indecision and not being clear on your “why’s” causes people who have migrated, to doubt their move after they migrate, resulting in them “wanting to go back” and being confused about why they did it in the first place.

4- Indecision wastes your time, money and effort.

5- Indecision takes a mental and psychological toll – it creates stress and may cause depression and anxiety.

Don’t let indecision kill your dream of a better life.

Watch this video to see how a dedicated Migration Mentor consultant can hold your hand, all the way through your immigration process, and stick with you, until you have a job offer.

Make a decision on whether to go or not; stick to it, make a decision on where to go to and then start Step 2 of your complete immigration process with ease – Research.

You can learn more about the complete immigration process, tools and strategies for job finding as immigrants by watching the recent webinar here.

You can read more articles about immigration and immigrating to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, or any other country

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