Hidden Job Market – The Ultimate Guide

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Dec 4,2016

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You have all heard people talking about the hidden job market and that you must get into it to land a job as a new immigrant.

So, what is this “hidden job market”, where is it and how can you uncover it as an immigrant job seeker? Is it some kind of secret society or a place that only certain qualified people can get into? What are your changes as an immigrant to get into it?

I am going to expose all the secrets of this so called “hidden” job market in this hot little video.

You are going to learn:

1. What the hidden job market is,
2. How you, as a new immigrant, can be exposed to the hidden job market, and
3. What the benefits are for a new immigrant, to be exposed to the hidden job market

What is the hidden job market?

The hidden job market is not a secret society or something inaccessible. It only refers to vacancies that are never actually really advertised by employers. The immigrant job finding strategies that I teach are mostly based on accessing the hidden job market.

You see, if you are an employer and you have this vacancy, especially if that vacancy is for a very key position in your company from where someone has just resigned and it is going to be a risk having it vacant, or it is a position that is hard to fill, or hard to find someone for, that employer will go about trying to find someone to fill that role:

(1) as soon as possible,
(2) with the best candidate that they can find.

To fill it as soon as possible, they won’t have the time to advertise it, because advertising it and waiting for someone to apply and then going through the process of screening and interviewing a candidate wastes time and money. They want someone fast – so they will go to their connections, wherever those connections are, to seek a person, or they will head hunt for a person – usually on something like LinkedIn.

Also, to get the best person for the job, they will need referrals or look at proven profile information which makes that person looks suitable, before they will approach that person directly.

This hidden job market, in which jobs are never advertised and in which employers go about finding talent this way, makes up to 70% of all vacancies.

How do I access this hidden job market?

There is only ONE way for you to be exposed to this hidden job market, ESPECIALLY, if you are an immigrant, and that is to have the connections and relationships with key people who would have contacts with or be the employers who are looking for that talent.

That requires you to have ALREADY built your connections and relationships using a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile.

Now, if you are a prospective immigrant still in your old country hunting for a new job in your new country as the golden ticket to get you your residence or work visa for a better life, you have a problem – distance.

The only solution is to use technology and social media, like LinkedIn to:

(1) build a cracker profile online which will get you found and make you look like the ideal candidate, and
(2) build a network of connections with employers and people IN YOUR NEW country who will approach you when they find you and look at your profile and offer you a job based on that.

This is called a “shoulder tap” – I’ve had many of those and my clients are getting those as well, even if they are still in their old country.

So, social media and technology here, with your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, it’s connections, and your relationships with those connections, is your golden key to unlock that hidden job market.

What are the benefits of being exposed to the hidden job market?

If you are able to build your profile to be found and build that network of connections and you are able to be found and exposed to the hidden job market, you have stepped into the fast lane.

Because most people (new immigrants and locals alike) still follow the old traditional approach of applying for jobs that are advertised in the media, that area is overcrowded with 95% of candidates applying for those jobs.

Only 5% of those who are in the hunt for a new job, will find it through the hidden job market.

It means that the hidden job market is a less crowded place, and that is the benefit – less competition. Most of the time, you will have NO competition. You will be approached directly, in something we call “shoulder taps”, like mentioned earlier, or you can approach employers directly and be the preferred candidate.

No competition, you are the only candidate, means that they are saying “We want you!”.

The employment processes are fast tracked and most often you will also be offered more benefits than a normal candidate, because that employer will want you more, for example they may offer to pay for your physical move or contribute to your relocation costs.

What do you need to do NOW?

Go and make sure that you use social media and technology to build your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile into the best so it comes up first and that it is optimised for an immigrant. Remember and immigrant’s profile is a very different from that of a local job seeker.

Also, you must work extra hard at building connections, networks, and relationships with people in your new country, who will be your connections to those that are dishing out the shoulder taps.

That is your only way into the hidden job market where there will be no competition and you will have great benefits as the preferred candidate.
Remember acting now and persisting with your efforts will triumph over just wishes and dreams about a better life.


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