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By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Dec 11,2016

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Some of you have been asking about what I do. Which immigration issues I deal with?

Some are a little confused and often confuse me with an immigration agent. I don’t blame you because I don’t think there are many people in the immigration industry doing what I do.

Today this little video is just a little about me and what I do and why I do it.

As you may know, I immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa about 15 years ago, and since then I have worked with other immigrants to help them with their immigration issues.

The 3 categories of immigration issues

Through my work, I have found that there are 3 main categories of immigration issues any immigrant must face.

1. The first category is legal immigration process, for example, following your application process through the authorities, making the move and all the logistical and process steps that goes with it.
2. The 2nd category is about finding a job so that you can secure your visa or permit and make a living in your new country.
3. The 3rd category is about the psychological, emotional, and mental factors which immigrants must deal with, like separation from friends and family, dealing with stress, adaptation, cultural differences, dealing with discrimination, etc.

The immigration issues categories that I deal with….

There are 2 immigration categories which I deal with and one which I do not deal with.

As the Migration Mentor, I focus on the last two categories. Primarily those helping people find jobs as immigrants and dealing with the psychological and emotional factors of immigration.

I do not deal with immigration process. For example, applying for visa/permits and all the legal and regulatory stuff that goes with it, or helping with your physical move.

Why have I chosen to help people with find jobs as immigrants and deal with the psychological and mental factors – instead of the immigration process side?

From the work that I have completed over about past 14 years, I have realised that the legal immigration process can be outsourced. You can hire a reputable, qualified, and registered immigration agent to deal with this immigration issue for you. You can hand them your documentation, and they can request what they need from you, you can gather that up and they will apply for your visa or permit on your behalf and manage that process for you.

On the other hand, finding a job as an immigrant, whether you are still offshore or already in your new country and dealing with the emotional and psychological factors of immigration – those are immigration issues which nobody else can deal with, but you. It does not matter how much you pay someone, they cannot do it for you. Those are the hardest parts of immigration, as immigrants find out when they embark on their immigration journey.

A migration mentor dealing with immigration issues – instead of an agent.

That is why I am a mentor, have been through it, I have helped coached and supported people through it and now, with that knowledge and experience, I am helping others to help themselves. I am teaching them the best and most effective ways of finding jobs as immigrants and I am coaching them through the psychological and emotional factors of immigration, because believe me, those immigration issues can sink your immigration dream and all the money that you would have spent on an expensive immigration agent will be in vain.

That is why I have chosen that path, the path of a migration mentor, instead of an immigration agent.

If you want some free training on how to find a job as an immigrant or you want information on how to deal with the psychological and emotional factors of immigration sign up using the bronze button just below the video at the top of this post.

See you on the inside!


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