How To Easily Overcome One of the Biggest Job Finding Obstacles For Immigrants

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Feb 26,2017

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You are going to face a brick wall –  it will be hitting on the the biggest obstacles for immigrants seeking a job in their new destination country – TRUST.

As an immigrant job seeker you are invisible, and in addition, no one in your destination country trusts you.

Even if you are sending your CV to job applications one by one, you are still only reaching one recruiter or potential employer who MAY take a brief look at your CV or you might have a slight chance of getting further to an interview stage. Most of the time your CV will not even make it there…

And this is if you are ALREADY in your destination country.

If you are trying to find a job from a distance, that is while still in your old country, it is even harder – near impossible. You will be facing a whole raft of new obstacles for immigrants – most of which immigrants are totally unaware of.

What you will hear is that you need to be in your destination country ALREADY before anyone will even consider you for a job. This is the standard reply…

You will hear that you need to have a visa before you apply for jobs … the “catch-22′ situation for immigrant job seekers.

…and that is if you are lucky enough to get any replies at all.

The biggest obstacle of all obstacles for immigrants and which stands squarely in your way, is the one of TRUST.

How To Overcome the Trust Issue

You will NEVER find a job sending your CV alone to job ads, because of this trust issue…


You establish trust and build relationships with certain connections which can INFLUENCE your job finding in your destination country. For that, you need to take a closer look at your connections, and see how you can:

1. Bring some of them closer to you, to enhance the influence they may have in helping you find that job.

2. Establishing new connections who can influence your ability to find a job from a distance.

3. Build those relationships closer and be more active in it to enhance the trust with them so that you can tap into the opportunities where they have job available, and which you will be able to apply for, or even be invite to apply for, without already needing to be in your destination country.

Once the trust issue, as one of the biggest obstacles for immigrants, is removed, somehow most of the other issues disappear with it as well.

Your Circles of Influence as an Immigrant

As an immigrant job seeker, there are two circles of influence, invisible to you, but which may have an effect on your ability to find a job in your destination country. They are:

1. The Circle of Trust: Inside this circle are people you have a close relationship with you – you trust them, and some of them may even already be in your destination country, for example, family and friends.  You probably talk to them on Skype and Facebook on a REGULAR basis (Note:  Regular basis). You can ask anything from these people, and they will not flinch to help you – that is because they already trust you.

2. The Circle of Acquaintance: Inside this circle are people, groups and entities you know of, and who know of you, but there may not really be close relationships and surely not relationships of trust.  You just know about each other, for example, connections in LinkedIn, acquaintances, both professional or personal in your destination country who you have had some (minimal) contact with.  You do not regularly connect or talk with them.

3. There is another group – completely OUTSIDE both circles – they are people, groups and companies who you do not know of at all, but may also influence your ability to be able to find a job – you still have to meet them!

You can use all of these circles to get rid of the issue of trust as the biggest of all obstacles for immigrants and which stands in your way to a job in your destination country.


Bring EVERYBODY Inside Your Circle of Trust

The most effective way for you to build relationships and overcome the obstacle of trust which you are facing in your job finding ability, is to get EVERYONE inside your Circle of Trust.


Talk to the people!

Talk to them just as you talk to the ones who already trust you. Build relationships with them, use your unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile for this. It is the #1 tool for building relationships from a distance, with people, companies and groups inside your destination country.

Bring those inside the Circle of Acquaintance, into your Circle of Trust, and bring those that you do not know of (companies in your industry, and groups in your field of interest), inside too.

You must engage with them, talk to them, ask questions and break down the walls and obstacles which prevents them from trusting you but regular interaction.

This will also enable you to bypass the crowd – the back of the long queue where everyone else is waiting to be successful at an immigrant’s job, to the front, where:

– You can find sponsored jobs for immigrants (where companies advertise to recruit immigrants),

– The hidden job market (where 70% of jobs are and which are never advertised), and

– Apply unique strategies to get a job offer without needing a visa first.

This is how successful immigrants do it – instead of throwing CV’s and brick walls, they break those walls down by bringing people closer with relationship building and gaining trust.

Once the trust issue is removed, other obstacles such as not being able to find a job without a visa, fall away too. Employers who trust and know you will want to help you with a job offer before you have to apply for a visa.

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