Networks and Relationships – Immigrant Job Tools Part 3

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Oct 28,2016

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Welcome back to our 3-part video series about the 3 Vital tools for immigrant job seekers.  In this video we will focus on networks and relationships.

In the last 2 videos we talked about how you need 3 crucial parts of a package to effectively apply for jobs as an immigrant job seeker, ESPECIALLY if you are offshore and how using only one of those parts will not work.

We discussed the strategic immigrant’s CV in Video #1 and the unique immigrants LinkedIn profile in Video #2

In today’s video, we will look at the third vital tool for immigrant job seekers – Networks and Relationships and 3 ways in which to use networks and relationships to get you a job as an immigrant.

Why is a network of connections and relationships important?

Networks in your destination country and relationships with connections in that country make up an absolutely crucial part of your job finding tools as an immigrant to avoid the obstacles immigrants face in job finding. Without building them and mining them, you are just going to get nowhere, you will fire your CV’s at jobs, and will continually get the cold shoulder, because you are not known and not trusted. That’s about the truth of it – trust.

Before I explain the 3 ways in which to use networks and relationships, let me illustrate something. If an unknown person knocks at your door within the next 5 minutes and ask you to lend them $50 – would you do it? Probably not! You are probably going to slam that door in their face if you even opened it in the first place. But what if it was your next door neighbour whom you have known for the last 20 years, or a friend or relative? What then, – yes, you will probably give them that $50 if you have it.

Why – why the different behaviour towards a stranger and someone you know?

It is about trust.

You trust your neighbour and your friend or relative and you know them already, but you do not know the stranger and you do not trust them.

This is a simplified illustration of trust, but it is exactly what is going on and standing between you finding a job as an immigrant or failing to find one – trust and being known.

So how do you achieve that trust and how do people start to know you even if you live on the other side of the world?

Here are 3 ways to build networks and relationships

1. Firstly – use your social media profiles, like the unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile which we discussed in the 2nd video in this series. LinkedIn is a professional business connection tool, much like Facebook is for socializing and you can use it in the same way to build relationships with connections in your new country and gain trust and they can gain knowledge about you.

You become the visible, knowledgeable, engaged and interesting person in your industry. Before long, you will get shoulder taps, you will be exposed to the hidden job market and you will be sent jobs without applying for them if you get this right – it is like magic. This video is way too short and I cannot explain all the detail of how to do this exactly here, but I do explain all the detail, tips and tricks in my comprehensive Q-Jumper Factor programme.

2. Secondly, as I said, you cannot just put a LinkedIn profile on the internet and forget about it. Imagine putting a Facebook page on the internet and forgetting about it – will you ever make any friends or socialize on it? NO! Same with LinkedIn, you have to find those connections in your destination country, start engaging with them, ask them questions, add massive value by sharing information and knowledge and becoming the known person in your industry. In that you and your profile is amplified and fresh for search engine optimization and you will become visible and be found online.

3. Thirdly, you must apply the other strategies of job finding, other than the scattergun approach of just sending your CV’s to job applications as an immigrant. Why do you think you get no answer when you do that?

That’s right – nobody knows you and nobody trusts you, remember – immigrants have unique obstacles as job finders and this works against you with that scattergun strategy. You must employ other strategies, like the direct approach – approaching employers directly and you can only do that if you already know them and already have a relationship with them, they know you and they trust you. The magic of this strategy is that you will have NO competition! That, right there, is the hidden job market. You can only do that with networks and relationships already in place.

So, there you have 3 ways to build and work those networks and relationships which are crucial for you to find a job as an immigrant – by utilizing your social media profiles to build those networks and relationships, by getting your connections to trust you through your engagement with them and by utilizing those networks to apply the other advanced strategies to find a job as an immigrant.

The magic of networks and relationships is unknown to most immigrants, it is really the magic key to finding a job as an immigrant, or failing at it – 99% of my clients have found their jobs this way. You can too, by following the free advice in these 3 videos.

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