How To Find an Overseas Job By Skillfully Sidestepping The Typical Pitfalls

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Nov 13,2019

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If finding an overseas job as an immigrant was easy, you would not be watching this video…

If sending CVs to overseas job ads online, you would have had a job already…

But you don’t have a job yet, have you?

Here is the cold, hard truth about the struggle to find an overseas job:

International job finding is very different to finding a local job.

Find an Overseas Job – Welcome To the Olympics of Job Hunting.

You cannot achieve it in a weekend, doing the usual things you do when trying to find a local job.

It requires a very different set of tools, strategies and approach.

I bet your immigration adviser, who took $10-$15k off you, did not tell you this?

Nor did they tell you about the common pitfalls of finding a job as an immigrant?

Or, did they just say, “Go over to (xx) country, and go find an overseas job?”


How about you start with a clever method of identifying the pitfalls, and then sidestepping them, with some proven, winning strategies.

Right where you are?

You don’t need to get on a plane, or even move from your armchair.

In fact, I would recommend you do not move, until you read this…

What I am going to reveal here will not ensure you succeed faster than others who are not even aware of these pitfalls, but it will also equip you with the amazing knowledge and understanding of hidden secrets and strategies of how to find an overseas job, so you can successfully find your job and celebrate your gold medal – a better life in a better country.

Finding a job as an immigrant requires skilful sidestepping of the typical pitfalls to succeeding in this “Olympics of Job Hunting”:

The Typical Pitfalls Of Finding an Overseas Job

Let’s look closer at those pitfalls:

Pitfall 1Paid up to $500 for a “general” CV? No job yet?

People usually think that the more expensive and better looking the CV is, the better the chance at finding a job is.

The truth is very far from this.

I can show you why neglecting to have your CV written in this top secret way will stifle your job finding….and immigration dreams!..

Pitfall 2 – “I already had my LinkedIn Profile professionally done”.

Then why are you still reading this, without having found a job as an immigrant?

If you have a LinkedIn Profile, I will illustrate why it is probably worthless…and why 99% of people think that the 10% of their LinkedIn Profile is the most important part, and how winners of international jobs know better.

Pitfall 3 – “I have sent my CV to over 200 job ads online, and no have only received no replies or “Dear Jonny” letters.”

Yes – you have followed the wrong strategy, and no-body has ever told you of the right strategy:

How to easily build a network that will flood your inbox with job offers …..and put a stop to endlessly chasing your tail, by attracting shoulder taps. Do you know how to implement this strategy TODAY?

Pitfall 4 – Ever been on a date? Finding a job is no different.

It is about relationship building.

Professional relationships. And the dynamics are the same as in intimate relationships. Yet – most people have no idea how genius this strategy could be during an international job finding quest and how eight out of ten jobs are found this way.

So – do you know who to date, how to find your ideal employers, and what to say to them?

Pitfall 5 – “Here’s my CV, marry me!”

Are you “married (have an overseas job) yet?

If not, then sending your CV to employers directly, did not work, did it?

There is the correct way to directly approach employers. BUT – this one takes a bit of bravery.

Are you brave enough to sidestep this one?

Pitfall 6 – The “Scattergun Approach“– it is the way we grew up and learnt to find jobs.

Did you just start your job finding process with the same thing? Endlessly sending CVs to job ads online and hoping that the angels would carry it to an employer who will accept your with open arms?

It does not work…

Still, you keep banging your head against this wall until the blood runs down your face – applying the wrong strategy!There is a myriad of reasons why it does not work, would you like me to tell you why, and what to do about it (sidestep this massive pitfall)?

Pitfall 7 – The Myth “You must go over to your destination country, sit in a hotel room at 10x your daily pay and send CVs to brick walls.”

Did you fall for this one?

If you are reading this, you probably have – but it is not too late to salvage your case!

If you are about to get on a plane “go blindfolded into the wilderness”, STOP!

There is the “Remote Control” Strategy used by successful immigrants job seekers…..and you don’t even need to leave home!

…and more.

Up until here I have told you the “not so good news” about the pitfalls of finding a job as an immigrant.

I have some GOOD news!

I am going to give you the ways, tools, strategies and approach to overcome all of these pitfalls, FREE.


Here it is …-

Look for a link above or below this video, with a FREE 7-day Video series – To overcome the pitfalls of finding a job as an immigrant, and…

It is titled, The SEVEN_Deadly_Job_Hunting_Mistakes.

Avoiding those pitfalls alone can mean that you SUCCEED… FASTER, than anyone else, because you do no get trapped in things that will hold you back and kill your immigration dreams.

More importantly… this FREE VIDEO SERIES shows you how you can have the unfair advantage above the other 99% of people, who still follow the “local” approach.

Do you now understand why they do not succeed?

In the last 14 months, 97 people have joined one of our VIP Immigrant Job Finding Programs.

— 68 families have already successfully found their jobs.

They all started with THESE FREE training videos – the secrets of skilfully sidestepping the typical pitfalls, and succeeding eventually with special tools, strategies and approaches, applied in a brilliant way with a targeted, extraordinary approach.

And they are now celebrating their success – new lives and a better future in a new country.

They found their dream; they found their gold medals and their paradises – all over the world.

Can you imagine what it feels like for these people?

Maybe winning the Lotto, or even better…a dream that became reality, and never goes away?

Their 2nd chance at a wonderful, glorious new life, filled with happiness and a country where they can go about their lives and raise their children, peacefully and prosperously living in a place that they have dreamed about just a few months before.

It has just become reality for 68 families which we worked with recently.

It can be your story too.

You must start somewhere, and I will give that start to you here, free, without any risk:

This FREE VIDEO series which will guide you through 7 DAYS OF FREE training on how to avoid those pitfalls, and succeed faster to reach your success:

You can download it from the link above or below this video, wherever you are watching it.

Like Kevin Trout says, “I watched the first five videos and found them very helpful. I’ve made all of those mistakes in my job search. Hi Zarelsie, I got three interviews lined up since watching your videos. My scattered gun approach was not working for me, so I took your advice on the CV, LinkedIn and building on my network in a New Country and the combination worked for me. Thanks again.”

And Francois Le Marrac says, “I would like to thank you so much. I started to look for work in NZ in May. I started with the scatter gun approach and it led to nothing. Then someone told me about you. I’ve watched most of your videos and applied what you teach. Within a week I had found 2 recruiting agents ready to take me on board. After my 2nd interview, I had a job offer. My visa has been accepted yesterday and I’m starting my new job beginning of September. Thank you for giving us tips that work to make our dream possible!

They all used just the videos in this FREE Video series – and implemented the strategies therein.

You can get your FREE video series, delivered over the next 7 days, to your inbox, for FREE:

You can download it from the link above or below this video, wherever you are watching it.

If anything is this post resonated with you, you’re going to love this free video training series.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

If you want a complete hand-holding service with your immigration journey and to find that elusive job offer that you need so desperately complete the FREE online questionnaire here!


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