The Best Employers In The World – How To Build Relationships With Them

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Dec 15,2019

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Let me ask you a question- how many overseas connections do you have with the best employers in the world?

These are your potential dream employers as an immigrant.

I have spoken elsewhere about the importance of the “Magic 100”.

That is 100 connections with targeted potential employers and people inside their organisations, in your destination country.

Without that, you are pretty invisible and will have to compete with locals, and other candidates on a CV basis.

We all know that that mistaken approach – sending CVs to job ads online, is pretty futile as an immigrant.

So, back to your connections with the best employers in the world.

Getting those 100 connections is not easy.

In fact, our experience shows that only 2 out of 10 connection requests with your wishlist of people inside the best employers in the world will be accepted.

Before I am going to show you the process of creating and increasing those connections with the best employers in the world and increasing your odds of getting potential employers to accept your connection requests, let me as you another question:

See if you recognise one of these profiles in job seekers on LinkedIn.

There are basically 3 types of job seekers on LinkedIn:

These people think that they can find, connect and build relationships with the best employers in the world, but their efforts usually do not pay off.

1. The “Beggar”

This person will create a LinkedIn Profile, identify potential people to connect to in the companies of the best employers in the world and instantly after getting the connection, send them a CV and ask for a job from a connection.

They are begging for a job from the outset. You know, it is like a bad marriage proposal, “Here is my CV, now marry me.”

This approach will never work, and it will never lead to relationships with your connections.

This person can accrue many connections, but no job or opportunities will ever lead to anything.

2. The “Stalker”

This person creates a connection with a targeted employer, which they have found to be on their wishlist of the best employers in the world, and then just leave the connection request there. They never take it any further.

These people are like ghosts for their connections which they have created inside their targeted employers, inside LinkedIn.

You sort of know that they are there in the shadows, lingering and watching, but they never make any attempt to create real, meaningful relationships by never engaging or interacting.

Now, this is like getting someone’s business card who can possibly offer you business but then shoving it into the bottom drawer. No business or opportunity will come simply by osmosis and from this approach. It takes proactive engagement and interaction.

3. The “Pesky Fly” – will never work for one of the best employers in the world

A pesky fly will start asking you questions after your initial connection, but those questions are all about them, not you.

What benefits do people get at your company.”

“Do you get paid well.”

“Do you have any jobs I can apply for.”

“Do you know anyone who could give me a job.”

“Can you review my profile and Cv to see if it would be something your company would be interested in?”

No, no and no.

Without giving any thought about you, they will ask questions that have everything for them but shows no real interest in you.

I get these pesky flies every day. They keep asking questions of reviewing their profiles and CVs, asking for free advice, etc – too lazy to check my tons of free videos, too stingy to sign up for paid services and too egocentric to care about my precious time and that of my paying clients.

Which one of these LinkedIn job seekers profiles are you?

I hope you are not either of them!

4. The Tactician – following the right approach to build connections and relationships with the best employers in the world.

Then, there is a type of LinkedIn job seeker who is something quite different.

They are less than maybe a half percent of successful LinkedIn Job seekers out there.

They are the tacticians.

They put some thought, research and strategy into their whole approach, and low and behold, – they get it right and can actually build relationships with targeted people inside the best employers in the world.

They identify the right targeted people inside the right companies, they connect successfully, they build successful and meaningful relationships and take conversations offline where they attract offers and get exposed to opportunities and even get referrals which these other 3 types of LinkedIn job seekers would never, ever be exposed to.

So, how do they do it?

Well – this is the process of connection and relationship building which we teach in our Q Jumper Factor Programs.

We also teach how to identify and find those best employers in the world, according to your eligibility, before your job search begins.

– It starts with identifying the right prospects – the right people inside the right potential employers in the world, in your destination country.

This can only be done through a process of targeted, structured research inside your industry, sector and niche, and also with employers who are willing to work with immigrants.

– Then, the connection. Sending a meaningful connection request with a personalised message which focuses on the person, not you.

This requires you to do some research about the person, their work, their business and the industry as a whole.

Engagement and Interaction. Consistent communication with that person should be key. No relationship develops without communication. This communication is again centered around that person, not you.

Adding value to them, sending and sharing information that is helpful to them and their business. That breaks down barriers, helps people relax and become familiar with you and start to trust you.

We all know that it is the people who are referred and recommended who would land jobs far easier than someone with a cold CV approach. If a job offer is not forthcoming from such a relationship, then a recommendation or referral can be. And that is highly valuable when you are referred from someone inside one of the best employers in the world.

– Once trust is established, then you can go to the point where you enquire about opportunities or other people to connect with, recommended by that person. You can also request an offline conversation, such as Skype or the phone to establish even more trust or learn more about their organisation or business. If you are visiting, it is at this point where you ask for an in-person meeting, even if informal. Even here, the conversations is around learning about their business, processes and their industry.

This is like dating – if you are going to talk just about yourself on a first date – you will never get the next one.

This is the process of identifying, connecting and building relationships that will lead to opportunities, offers and jobs from the best employers in the world.

Do you need a hand to help you through all of this?

This is the in-depth training and coaching, and one of the unique immigrant’s job finding strategies which we teach our clients in our VIP Program.

If you want to apply to become part of our ground-breaking VIP Program for immigrant job seekers, worldwide, fill in the application form below here, and we will review your details, and get back to you by email.

Go ahead now and implement these steps of connecting and building relationships with your potential overseas employers.


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