6 Easy Steps To Immigrate To New Zealand – [Step 2] – Do You Qualify To Immigrate To New Zealand?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Dec 15,2020

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In this 6-part video series about how to successfully immigrate to New Zealand, I will take you through the 6 crucial steps to get you there and this is the 2nd part – determining whether you qualify to immigrate to New Zealand

Before I begin: Here are some important links, mentioned in the video:

New Zealand Immigration Website – https://www.immigration.govt.nz/

Find licensed New Zealand immigration advisers here – https://www.iaa.govt.nz/

For many years I have helped hundreds of people successfully immigrate to New Zealand, by taking their hand wherever they are in the processes and helping them to become successful citizens.

You can see some of their stories here.

If you would like such a hand holding program, look for the link to my free quick online questionnaire here. Here I will ask for some basic details of you to determine where you are in the process and which of my services will suit to help succeed with your immigration dream.

This second step in the process to immigrate to New Zealand is the most important step – to check if you qualify to immigrate to New Zealand.

This is where I tell our VIP clients to not spend any money, any time, any effort on anything else, unless this question is answered clear and precise.

This is the step about your eligibility to enter, work and potentially live in New Zealand in the long term.

This step answers these questions – with CLARITY –

“Do I qualify to immigrate to New Zealand?”

“What do I qualify for?”

“If I don’t know, how do I find out?”

“Who can I trust?”

“What is a comprehensive eligibility assessment, and where can I get one?”

We call this your eligibility assessment.

What Is An Eligibility Assessment?

An eligibility assessment is either done by a licensed immigration adviser, or yourself, to check whether you fulfil all the requirements to qualify to immigrate to New Zealand.

Those requirements can be considerable, and vary from anything like age, character, medical conditions, skills, qualifications, experience, to name a few.

It certainly does not only have to do with skills shortage lists and not only with your skills, qualifications and experience.

All of the required factors according to immigration requirements must be taken into account to determine your eligibility to check of you qualify to immigrate to New Zealand.

And it varies between individuals – so yours if vastly different to the next person’s.

Do I Qualify To Immigrate To New Zealand – Why Are Eligibility Assessments So Important?

I have dealt with so many people who have made such big mistakes with their eligibility assessments and to just regret it later.

They did not understand their eligibility, although they had an assessment, they did not understand how it will affect their job search or their ability to stay in New Zealand.

I do not want you to make the same mistake.

The best advice I can give anyone, is to start with a proper, written eligibility assessment, from a reputable, trustworthy, licensed immigration adviser – to see if you qualify to immigrate to New Zealand.

This eligibility assessment must give you the following information

– Which visas you qualify for, including work and other visa options

– Do you qualify for residency, and how will you get to residency or permanency, in other words, what is your pathway to residence of permanency, if you want to stay in New Zealand.

– How will your eligibility affect your job search, if you need to find a job to qualify. Which specific jobs can you pursue, which specific employers can and should you work with, which locations are included and excluded from your eligibility, and other conditions which may impact your job search strategies, such as pay, contracts and other work conditions and benefits.

Remember – if you need to find a job to help you gain a specific work visa, with specific requirements, you will need to determine the exact jobs, and then target it, and not just apply for anything.

If you then apply or pursue those jobs, you can legally say that you are eligible – because you checked your eligibility through a proper process.

You should also understand how it affects your family and their ability to come with you and also their rights to work or find work.

How To Get An Eligibility Assessment

As I said, you can get a full, comprehensive, written eligibility assessment from a licensed immigration adviser in New Zealand.

That is the best way.

Otherwise, you can check your own eligibility on the New Zealand Immigration Website.

However – you must be absolutely clear about all the requirements. There must be no doubt.

Doubt is dangerous.

Instead, reduce the risk for free or a few hundred dollars and get a full eligibility assessment.

So, your work this week is to get in touch with a licensed immigration adviser, complete their processes and get a full, comprehensive eligibility assessment done.

Then, if you qualify, but you need a job to immigrate to New Zealand, and you are unsure how that eligibility should be interpreted in terms of finding your dream job – schedule a Strategy Session with me.

Otherwise, if you are just overwhelmed, confused or fearful, and not sure how to tackle this whole process and determine how to qualify to immigrate to New Zealand –send us some of your details, so we can check how we can help.


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