How To Find A Job As An Immigrant – The Dart Strategy

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Aug 25,2017

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I love using analogies and stories to help explain how to find a job as an immigrant.

Therefore, today I thought that explaining how a simple game of darts is very like finding a job as an immigrant.

How To Find a Job As An Immigrant – The Dartboard Game

When playing a game of darts, we basically need 3 things:

1. Dart board
2. Darts
3. A strategy

A dart board provides a target which to aim for.

Darts are the tools of the trade. Some professionals have special darts custom made for them, like custom made tools.

The way in which the darts are thrown at the dart board, to maximize the chances of hitting the target, is a strategy.

It is mostly how we stand, how the body position is held and how to aim.

With those three ingredients, and a little practice, anyone can become really good at playing darts.

How Is This Similar To Finding a Job As An Immigrant?

Finding a job as an immigrant also requires three crucial components:

1. A target (like a dart board). The target in immigrant job finding represents the industry (in the destination country), the job market, the jobs in a specific niche, the specific skills in demand in those jobs and the specific employers who employ people for those jobs. This requires proper and in-depth research and a well-executed plan.

No matter which market – there is always a demand for specific skills or sets of skills presents – even if is not advertised. Being able to identify and target these employers and the specific skills, is very important to be successful to find a job as an immigrant.

2. The tools (similar to the darts). The tools which are crucial to find a job as an immigrant, is a strategic immigrant’s CV and unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile.

Without those very specific tools, finding a job as an immigrant is similar to throwing blunt pieces of paper at an invisible dart board. The CV and LinkedIn needs to be custom made for the target and the person holding it.

3. A strategy – to approach employers correctly and get around the common obstacles and mistakes which people make in their quest to find a job as an immigrant. The strategies are usually based on either finding visa sponsored jobs (for recognized skills shortages areas), a relationship building strategy (for other jobs), or a direct approach strategy for a look, see and decide job finding mission to find a job as an immigrant.

A Different Game…

The game to find a job as an immigrant, is very different to finding a job as a local – because of the hidden obstacles facing immigrants and the mistakes they make due to ignorance and a lack of knowledge.

Therefore, having the three crucial ingredients for playing the right game, is so very important.

You will need a specific set of targets:

1. The industry, job market, specific employers, specific jobs and specific skills as a target
2. Specific tools – a strategic immigrant’s CV and unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile
3. Specific strategy – for how to approach those employers correctly to find a job as an immigrant

If you have any questions about any of these components, please send me an email, or check out our Facebook page or LinkedIn articles for more information.


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