Immigration To New Zealand – [ Step 4 ] Which Documents Do I Need?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Dec 31,2020

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Welcome back to our 6-aprt mini-series about immigration to New Zealand.

This is Step 4 – Which documents you will need.

Just a word of caution here – I will talk about the generic paperwork which you will need to start gathering for your immigration to New Zealand.

I am doing this from the experience, working with many clients and their immigration to New Zealand.

However, this list is not exhaustive, it is not specifically for you, and you may need other paperwork as well for immigration purposes.

You will know which paperwork exactly, when you have done your eligibility assessment.

If you have not completed your eligibility assessment for immigration to New Zealand, as per

Step 2 of this mini-series, then watch that video first.

Also, you can check the New Zealand Immigration website for a list of documents which are required in terms of the visas which you will qualify for, for your eligibility and immigration to New Zealand.

Immigration To New Zealand –Which Documents Do I Need?

The documents which I list here are the documents which you will likely need for immigration to New Zealand.

I am mentioning the documents here, because depending on where you are in the world, gathering these documents will take time and you will need to get this ready, before you start with the next step.

Some of these documents will need to be ready before you start your job search because your potential employers will want to see some of these documents, irrespective of the fact that you will need it for your immigration to New Zealand official visa processes also.

You don’t want to be in an awkward position, where they are ready to interview you, ask for some documents and you don’t have it, and then lose your chance of a job offer just because of the absence of a piece of paper.

So be ready – that is the reason for this list of documents.

Here we go –

Most Common Documents Needed

Passports for yourself and your family – get your passports ready and make sure they do not expire soon. I am aware that in some countries it takes a long time to apply and get a passport, so if this is your situation start now.

Long form birth and marriage certificates – also, I know in some countries it takes time to get these documents. It took me almost 2 years, and it was not really ready when I needed it most. So, start that process now.

Police and criminal record checks. Now, some immigration advisers will tell you that you don’t need to get the criminal background check done, until you have a job offer and apply for a visa.

Here is why that does not always work:

In many cases, when you start the job search process, some employers and recruiters will want to verify your criminal background check, before they interview you.

If you do not have the criminal record check documents ready, you are going to miss out on these interviews.

I have seen so many people being caught out in this way. Don’t be one of them and jeopardize your chances of immigration to New Zealand, by neglecting to have this done early and keeping it up to date. Most police background checks have expiry dates, so make sure you keep it up to date.

Also, when you have a job offer in hand, sometimes getting a criminal background check done can take a long time, depending on where you are, and you cannot afford to have lose a job offer just because you are waiting for another piece of paper.

Transcripts of degrees, diplomas, and official qualifications: I most cases, if you have a qualification, it will need to be assessed in New Zealand for comparability to New Zealand qualifications. I detailed this process in the previous video in this mini-series

Make sure you get these transcripts when you start your process of immigration to New Zealand. To obtain these transcripts usually takes a while and it is a process that costs money and requires you communicating with educational institutions, etc. Start early, and don’t let this delay your processes of immigration to New Zealand.

Remember -you need to use the skills and qualifications assessments outcomes from the New Zealand Qualifications authority about your qualifications on your CV, LinkedIn, cover letters and all communications with your potential employers.

Those assessments processes will need these transcripts.

Reference letters from previous employers and proof of experience. Here you need a reference of service letter for all your previous employers, or as far back as possible. These letters should be written on the employers letterhead, signed by a representative of that company or business, and detail how long you worked there, what occupation you were employed in, and what tasked you performed.

This information on these letters will provide proof of your employment and for your immigration to New Zealand your licensed immigration adviser and Immigration New Zealand will likely use this to determine how long your experience is and what types of jobs you qualify for.

If you have worked for yourself or as a freelancer, consultant, etc, and do not have reference letters, consult the immigration website or your immigration adviser about what other forms of proof of employment you can provide.

Again, start early with this process and make sure you get the documents in the right format and right certification as required by the official immigration processes for New Zealand.

Other Documents 

Depending on your own, individual situation, there might be other documents needed, but you will know this from your eligibility assessment.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you start with a proper, written eligibility assessment from a licenced immigration adviser or do your own proper, clear assessment on the immigration website, to know which other documents are required for your immigration to New Zealand.

If you end up on a Strategy Consultation with me, and you want to immigrate to New Zealand, I will not be able to help you any further, unless you can show an eligibility assessment either done by a licensed immigration adviser, of yourself.

If you need to, I can refer you to a reputable, licensed immigration adviser to help you get eligibility checked.

Then, knowing which documents for your individual situation and immigration to New Zealand, becomes so much easier and clearer.

For many years I have helped hundreds of people successfully immigrate to New Zealand, by taking their hand wherever they are in the processes and helping them to become successful citizens.

You can see some of their stories and see how they did it. Look for a link below this video with their stories.

If you would like such a hand holding program, look for the link to my free quick online questionnaire below. Here I will ask for some basic details of you to determine where you are in the process and which of my services will suit to help succeed with your immigration dream.

Stay tuned for the 5th part of a 6-part series of videos of how to immigrate to New Zealand in 6 steps.


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