Immigration To New Zealand In 6 Easy Steps – [ STEP 5 ] How To Find Jobs In New Zealand

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 24,2021

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Finding jobs in New Zealand is the hardest part of immigrating to New Zealand.

Most people still follow the old, outdated way of creating or paying for a great CV and then sending it on to numerous online job ads.

This strategy is known as the Scattergun Approach and it is very ineffective for immigrant job seekers who want to find jobs in New Zealand.

I have talked about the reasons why that is the worst way of finding jobs in New Zealand before.

There are many obstacles which will trip you over as an immigrant job seeker, and which are not present for locals.

Such as ATSs or applicant tracking systems blocking your application from abroad, no matter how great your CV is, the Catch-22 situation, where the job ads says you must have a Visa first, the trust issues with potential employers and many more.

Also, for the new world of work, and to find jobs in New Zealand, or any other country as an immigrant, you will need a much wider, targeted, structured approach.

That is what we specialise in. We do not just write better CVs, because we know it does not work.

Here is the wider, targeted, structured approach which you will need for finding jobs in New Zealand.

This is the whole job search process or strategy which we follow with our Quick Start and VIP Clients.

The wider, targeted, structured job search strategy

And we hold their hand all the way through, until they have a job offer, and thereafter.

Just through the Covid pandemic, 4 of our clients have found their jobs in New Zealand this way, utilising this system.

That is a proper targeted, structured approach to finding jobs in New Zealand and anywhere else.

This system is proven to work, and it has been proven by the 105 of 148 immigrant job seekers in our VIP and other programs who found their jobs in New Zealand and elsewhere during the last 2 years.

For many years I have helped hundreds of people successfully immigrate to New Zealand, by taking their hand wherever they are in the processes and helping them to become successful citizens.

You can see some of their stories and see how they did it. Look for a link below this video with their stories.

If you would like such a hand holding program, fill out the free quick online questionnaire here. Here I will ask for some basic details of you to determine where you are in the process and which of my services will suit to help succeed with your immigration dream.

Stay tuned for the final part of a 6-part series of videos of how to immigrate to New Zealand in 6 steps.


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