Immigrate To New Zealand in 6 Easy Steps – [ STEP 6 ] Job Offer Received, What Now?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 24,2021

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Welcome back to this 6 part miniseries – this is sTEP 6 where we look what happens after you received your job offer – if this is your pathway, and you are ready to immigrate to New Zealand.

We will look at the main aspects which you should be looking for in a job offer, if you need one.

And also, at the next steps in your journey to immigrate to New Zealand.

Just a word of caution.

Nobody’s journey to immigrate to New Zealand is the same. They all differ.

This is a generic list of steps you need to take, things to look out for etc.

You may need to consider other things, but you will know these, once you reach this stage.

Before You Are Ready To Immigrate To New Zealand, Check The Legality Of Your Received Job Offer.

Once you receive a job offer from an employer in New Zealand, if you needed one to immigrate to New Zealand, it is like the key that unlocks your future. 

It is an amazing feeling.

Cherish it – you have reached the gold medal and nailed the hardest part of the whole process to immigrate to New Zealand.

You are now supposed to read your offer properly and check that it is legal in terms of New Zealand employment laws.

Check for a link below this video where you can read about what a job offer from an employer in New Zealand should look like.

If needed, you can get independent, free advice about your job offer – there is also a link below this video for you about this.

Then, you can sign your agreement and accept the offer.

Next, Check That The Agreement Meet The Requirements Of Your Visa Eligibility.

You will need to check this with your immigration adviser, or on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Your eligibility would require that your job offer meet certain requirements as an immigrant. Check that your job offer meet these requirements. Without it, it is likely that your visa may be declined, so you need to be absolutely clear about this before you start applying for your relevant visa and before you immigrate to New Zealand.

Lodge Your Visa Applications With Immigration New Zealand.

You can then lodge your visa applications with Immigration New Zealand, either through your immigration adviser or by yourself.

This is where you are supposed to have all those documents together which we talked about in an earlier video in this series.

Keep Your Employer Updated With Progress

Most people miss this important step. They go about applying for visas, which can take a while and do not communicate of keep their employer updated with the progress. 

At least every week.

This builds the relationship, equips you with more information and readies you for starting work.

Your Physical Move To Immigrate To New Zealand

There are a thousand moving pieces to the puzzle of the physical move, once your visa is approved.

The time between visa approval and your physical move to New Zealand is usually the most anxious time.

Use this time to learn as much as possible about your new location.

Learn about the geography, weather, accommodation and housing, transport, education for your children, etc. You can only apply to schools once your visa is approved.

You should join Facebook groups in that town or city or location and ask information about accommodation, learn about living costs etc.

 Here Is The Most Important Step – Aim For Residence Of Permanency

Remember, if you receive a temporary work visa to immigrate to New Zealand, this is temporary.

Your safe place is residence or some form of permanency.

Based on your eligibility, you should have checked your pathway to Residence or Permanency of some sort in Step 2 – Eligibility, and how to get there with your job and job offer.

The moment you get your work visa and start work, you need to start working on gaining residence, so your stay can become permanent, should you want to permanently immigrate to New Zealand.

I have seen so many people neglect this part, just to not qualify a few years later and had to return to their old country.

Don’t let that happen!

There – those are the most important parts of the piece right after you received your job offer.

From here, you are on track to become a successful citizen of New Zealand.

You have now obtained the chance to fulfil your dream of a better life for yourself and your family.

For many years I have helped hundreds of people successfully immigrate to New Zealand, by taking their hand wherever they are in the processes and helping them to become successful citizens.

You can see some of their stories and see how they did it. Look for a link below this video with their stories.

If you would like such a hand holding program, look for the link to my free quick online questionnaire here. Here I will ask for some basic details of you to determine where you are in the process and which of my services will suit to help succeed with your immigration dream.

I hope that this mini-series was helpful for you and will help you fulfil your dream too.

Take care.


2 thoughts on “Immigrate To New Zealand in 6 Easy Steps – [ STEP 6 ] Job Offer Received, What Now?”

  1. Thank you for that video. I have just been offered a job as a Restaurant Manager in New Zealand. I am from the UK.
    I will be moving with my son, he is 4 and my wife.
    I am not sure what the next step would be and would welcome any help please.

    1. You Are Welcome Elliot!

      It is a pleasure to have you here….

      If you need any assistance securing a job offer in your destination country we would be happy to assist you.

      The first step is to complete this free online application to see if you qualify for our assistance.

      Go to this link to complete it >>

      I also recommend you download this free guide we created for members of this group that show you where to get started and proven tips and strategies that will help you secure that elusive job offer.

      Hope this helps….good luck!

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