How To Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views By 500% (+EXAMPLES)

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Feb 24,2021

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In this video I will reveal how to increase your LinkedIn profile views by as much as 500%+ by just implementing 2 simple strategies.

I am Zarélsie – The Migration Mentor.

I guide and support highly skilled migrant job seekers around the world to land their dream jobs and become successful citizens.

Through the years I have worked with hundreds of clients.

One of the more successful strategies which they followed, was to increase the views to their LinkedIn Profile.

That leads to more eyeballs on your profile and your availability to employers who are screaming out for these skilled people.

Here is an example of what happens if you implement these two steps well…

And here is how to do that:

You basically need only 2 things to increase your LinkedIn Profile views by hundreds, if not thousands, and if you implement these 2 things well, there should be no reason why you would not have hundreds of eyeballs on your profile, viewing your skills in action and potentially shoulder taps coming your way.

Warning – these 2 aspects work hand in hand, if one is missing, the other cannot work on its own.

Before I discuss the 2 steps, let me give you some perspective.

Say you want to be a rock star. You can perform exceptionally well, have the skills and talent, but you perform all your hits in your own home, away from anybody seeing it.

Will you be famous?

I don’t think so!

No – you need an audience!

Let’s flip the situation:

Let’s say you are a poor singer and don’t know anything about music.

You are on a stage of 1,000 people and have to perform a song.

You sing terribly and are out of tune.

Will you become a famous rock star?

Probably not!

You need a skill, talent and a show, or winning hits.

So, knowing that, here is the first step to increase your LinkedIn Profile views.

1. Create a Magic 100 Audience Of Connections To Quickly Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Identify your potential employers in your destination country according to your industry, sector, niche, occupation and your eligibility from your eligibility assessment.

Then, target the right people, that is, individuals inside those organisations.

They must have something in common with you. Like a rock star, they must be interested in rock music. That is, they must have a common interest in your niche.

Also, they must be in decision making positions – do not try to connect to the HR people – they are the executors of the decision of those team leaders who manage a team where you will work.

Then, they must be active on LinkedIn, otherwise, they will never see your connection request.

Here’s another tip – only about 2 out of 10 people who you try to connect to, will ever accept your request, it is life, deal with it.

Increase the number of requests, or improve your message when sending requests, by researching their background and giving them a little attention in your request message.

Just ask for a connection, not a job.

Once you have 100+ connections of this kind, you have a Magic 100 audience.

Create a Show For Your Magic 100 Audience With an Active Profile

Most people have a beautiful LinkedIn Profile, which is just an online version of their beautiful CV, and it is worthless.

They fail to realise that it is inactive and invisible. It is a beautiful red Ferrari, hidden in a dark corner of the internet, with no admirers.

Like a rock star playing his hit songs in a closet.

To become visible, you must give value.

Visibility will immediately help you increase your LinkedIn Profile views.

That is, you must give something away, like information, stories, or other forms of value.

Publish posts, articles, videos, photos, information from the web, how’to’s, polls, etc – that is giving away something.

Use your knowledge to display your skills in action.

If you are as good at your occupation and niche as you claim to be on your glowing CV – show me.

Post about achievements, about completed projects or profiles.

It increases visibility to your new Magic 100 Network because every time you post something, it gets published on their newsfeed, where they see it.

If the content is really valuable, they will look at your profile.

And right there – will come your profile views.

This is not just theory: Here is some proof:

And there are many more.

What is more, some clients who have implemented this, have received shoulder taps.

That is, employers and recruiters have approached them for jobs – they attracted job offers, instead of chasing them.

They have achieved this by taking these two steps to increase your LinkedIn profile views.

You are now a rock star with a captive audience for which you are playing a hit show every day.

If you do this consistently and keep your profile active, the views will even increase from here.

Would you like to be one of these success stories?

And learn how to implement this strategy properly?

Hit the link below this video to fill out our quick questionnaire. There, we will gather some of your key information, review it and get back to you to see how we can assist with a hand-holding program to help you succeed to reach your dream destination country.

Take care!


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