How To Create an Effective Strategic Immigrant’s CV As An Immigrant Job Seeker

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jun 7,2021

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How To Create an Effective Strategic Immigrant’s CV

This is a 5-minute video on how to create a very effective CV as an immigrant, called a Strategic Immigrant’s CV.

During the video I will give you 5 different takeaways.

Make sure you write them down.

I will also give away something free, at the end of this video, which will help you with this task.

A Strategic Immigrant’s CV is different to a usual, generic CV and this is how they differ:

A generic CV is just a summary of your stuff.

It is your work history, your qualifications experience, and skills.

A Strategic Immigrant’s CV on the other hand, first looks at what potential employers want in your destination country, what the job requirements are and then the CV is created to give them exactly what they want.

Here is how to create an effective Strategic Immigrant’s CV:

1. Find your exact job targets from your eligibility.

You need to know exactly which jobs you can pursue in terms of eligibility, by having a proper eligibility assessment done. You cannot just do any job in your destination country as an immigrant.

Research the requirements of these jobs

Now, look at 100-200 job descriptions of these jobs and list exactly what the requirements are.

Also, do wider research in terms of any hidden requirements, such as affiliations, certifications and registrations, which are common sense for locals, not listed in job ads, but necessary to perform such a job.

– Find the employers in your destination country who employ people like you and are willing to work with, or allowed to work with immigrants

Research to find the potential employers for you, who are willing to work with immigrants, is the biggest job, but will give you a target list of employers to work with, and target with highly effective job search strategies.

Find out what they want, where and how they hire, etc.

– Now, with this information create your Strategic Immigrant’s CV.

List your eligibility at the top of your Strategic Immigrant’s CV, per your eligibility assessment.

List your career history.

Then, list the top 5-7 skills which you found in your research of target jobs.
Here is where it differs from a generic CV and become much more effective.

Next to them, describe how you fulfil these skills, and give a brief example next to each one. This is what we call quantifiable information – proof of your ability to apply this skill.

Then, just list your qualifications, how they compare to your destination country’s qualifications, in terms of your skills assessment.

Follow this up by an expanded work history, with bullet points at each job.

And, you have a Strategic Immigrant’s CV.

It gives employers your eligibility, gives them the skills they need, how you fulfil them and some proof of your ability.

And of course, it is much more effective than just a generic CV, which is your history.

Now, you are giving your potential overseas employers exactly what they want.

Here is your free tool –the free Strategic Immigrant’s CV Course.

Register inside, then go to Programs>CV Secrets For Immigrants.

The template to the Strategic Immigrant’s CV, workbook, cover letters and 6 instructional videos are all there.

If you become a member of our VIP Program, we do this work for you. We find your job targets and find your employer targets. We create the strategic immigrant’s CV and Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile for you, together with a swathe of other effective, international job search tools, then teach you these effective strategies, and hold your hand until you find your job offer.
If you are interested in this helping hand, fill out our quick questionnaire, so we can check where you are in the process and how we can help.

Take care.


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