Your Chances To Find Work Abroad…The Shocking Odds Revealed

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Sep 10,2020

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We all know that it is tough to find work abroad, especially during and after this Covid 19 crisis.

There are some staggering odds stacked against you.

However, do not despair! If you want to find work abroad, you can beat these odds, with the right strategies.

In this video I will reveal the staggering odds which are against you if you want to find work abroad, especially if you are using the wrong strategies. Then, I will reveal the right strategies to follow, to enhance your chances to find work abroad.

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I am Zarélsie – The Migration Mentor and in this video, I will reveal the odds which are against you, if you want to find work abroad, which you might not even be aware of.

Then, we will look at much more effective job search strategies for immigrant job seekers.

The Default Strategy To Find Work Abroad

First, let’s look at the default strategy which 95% of people follow to find work abroad:

They create a generic, analogue, historical CV and then find advertised jobs online, and then send that CV or resume to those job ads.

They try and maximise their chances to find work abroad, by sending it to as many as possible job ads online.

And … nothing happens, they get the silent treatment, they get no replies, they get rejections, they are told they must have a visa first, etc.

And, of course, most people give up at this point to find work abroad.

This is what we call the Scattergun Approach or job search strategy.

It is the least effective job search strategy for many reasons.

I won’t go into the reasons into this video, but you can find the obstacles of the scattergun approach in another video.

The Facts To Find Work Abroad

Let’s look at the facts.

What are your chances to find work abroad, using the scattergun approach to job search?

Here are the numbers:

Every advertised job attracts on average 250 applications.

ATS of Applicant Tracking Systems 5% will get through ATS. That is, only 12 applications will get through the ATS and be seen by the employer or recruiter. 

Here are some figures from Glassdoor.

Source: Glassdoor

If you are an immigrant, your odds of this is probably even less because most ATS systems block Ip addresses from abroad also and not just keywords for people trying to find work abroad.

Then, of the 12 people, only 4-6 will be interviewed. 

Let’s make it the average of 5 people. That is the short list.

So, in the end your chances of getting to an interview, where you can actually show off the real skills they want, that makes up 85% of what they really want is about 2%.

And this is what people tell me when I get on a Strategy Consultation with them.

They say, “I have such a good CV, which I paid a lot of money for to be created by a professional CV writer, I have such good experience and qualifications, but I cannot showcase my personality, character and communication skills, which is what they really want, because I cannot get to an interview.”

Let’s state it again, your chances of getting to an interview is about 2%…let alone your chances of to find work abroad with an overseas employer, where the eligibility, skills assessments, visa readiness and other factors are also against you.

All in all…your chances to find work abroad using the Scattergun approach is slim to none, as you can see in these facts.

Right here, you are probably ready to give up.

But here is some good news…

Instead of the Scattergun Approach to find work abroad, there are several other, more effective job search strategies, which works exceptionally well for immigrants.

We work closely with highly skilled immigrant job seekers around the world to find the best strategy for them, and then implement it, and then hold their hand, until they have their job offer, no matter how long it takes.

If you are interested in this service, there is a link below this video to a quick, free questionnaire, where we can gather your info and help you in the same way.

More Effective Strategies To Find Work Abroad

The top three strategies to find work abroad as an immigrant are the Direct Approach Strategy, The Relationship and Networking Strategy and the Influencer Strategy.

The Direct Approach Strategy is probably the quickest and most effective.

Relationship Building and the Influencer Strategies are more advances, but for those who are serious about their quest to find work abroad, the last two are the most effective.

Let’s discuss the Direct Approach Strategy and compare it to your chances to find work abroad, against the Scattergun Approach.

Direct Approach Strategy

Here, you identify 20-50 perfect potential employers for your eligibility, in your destination country. Then, you do in-depth research about their requirements and create specific tools that will match their requirements. Then, you will approach them the right way.

Let’s look at the facts for this strategy.

Let’s say you identify 50 potential employers for your eligibility in your destination country and created your specific tools for them and then approached them directly, the right way.

Chances are that you will get noticed by at least 80% of these employers, that is 40 employers.

If you match their requirements, and give them exactly what they want, chances are that in 10% of available vacancies you might be employed by them.

That means you have a 4 out of 40 chance of being employed by one of them, let alone getting to an interview, of which the chance is bigger.

That means, your chances of being employed, using the Direct Approach Strategy to find work abroad, is more than 10%.

That is double or 5 times the chances of 2% in the Scattergun Approach.

And, it is less work and more lasting and meaningful.

Here is the proof of that fact from a study which was conducted by The Department of Education Skills and Employment in Australia.

Source: The Department of Education Skills and Employment, Australia

The reason this is so successful, is that most vacancies are never advertised and following this approach, you will be able to be considered for these vacancies before anyone else even apply.

Now, let us briefly look at the other two strategies to find work abroad.

The Relationship Building and Network Strategy

In the relationship building strategy, you will also need to identify potential employers in terms of your eligibility.

Then, from inside these employers, you will need to build a strong network of people who are chosen for a specific reason.

We call this your Magic 100 network.

If you utilise this network properly, creating a connection, building it with engagement and interaction to a relationship of trust, you will get referrals and recommendations to find work abroad, from this network.

This means you do not need to apply for jobs.

In terms of facts, eight out of 10 jobs are filled with the direct approaches and relationship building strategy. This gives you up to 80% chance of being successful, being much more effective than the scattergun approach.

The Influencer Strategy

This strategy is on a whole other level!

It requires you to build a profile in your niche that stands out above every other competitor in your niche – globally.

It is not as hard as you think, and many of our clients have had success with this strategy.

However, it is not for the faint-hearted, and less than 1% of career influencers take on this strategy.

The outcome however is

– No competition – you completely dominate the niche

– Attracting opportunities and jobs – the jobs come to you

– Never having to apply for jobs – recruiters and employers will chase you

– This is a great platform to negotiate your terms and benefits because you have no competition.

This strategy is so effective, that you cannot calculate your chances. This is because if you apply this Influencer Strategy correctly, you will have a torrent of offers flowing in, without applying for jobs – ever.

This is how our career influencers build their long term careers in the new world of work and to find work abroad.

There – you now have the facts.

Let’s Summarise…

– With the Scattergun Approach, you have about 2-5% chance of to find work abroad.

– With the Direct Approach Strategy, your chances increase to 10%, for not much work at all. You just need to do your research well and create great tools that match what your potential employers want.

– With the Relationship Building and Influencer Strategies, your chances are 80% to infinite, because it is so advanced and so few of your competitors will use it.

I hope that his video was valuable for you, in revealing the shocking odds which are against you if you use the wrong strategy to find work abroad.

The good news is, if you use the right strategies, you can be successful.

If you are interested in applying any of these specialised strategies for immigrant job seekers to find work aboard, we work with highly skilled immigrant job seekers around the world to find the best strategy for them, and then implement it, and then hold their hand, until they have their job offer, no matter how long it takes.

Here is a quick, free questionnaire, where we can gather your info and help you in the same way.

Take care!


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