35 Vital Steps To Find a Job In The New World of Work

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Sep 7,2020

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To start this video, let me give you a very frightening statistic on how to find a job in the new world of work:

In this video, every sentence contains a tip or step on how to be successful to find a job the new world of work – especially in this new, challenging world of work after the coronavirus economic crisis.

However, less than 3% of people will watch this video right through and then go to implement these tips and steps.

If you want our personalized help with all of this – here below this video to fill this quick questionnaire, where we will gather some of your information, and get back to you, to recommend the best way to help you.

35 Vital Steps To Take, To Find A Job In The New World Of Work.

Determine the industry which you are targeting. This is a crucial part to find a job in the new world of work. Most people miss this targeting completely!

Determine the sector inside that industry. For example, in New Zealand, we have the Primary Industry, and sectors within are agriculture, fisheries, conservation, etc.

Then, determine your niche or occupation within that sector. What job do you do? If you are an immigrant, these jobs must be in terms of your eligibility requirements for immigration.

Why this is necessary? Well, you are setting real, clear job targets here and you will see in a minute, why you need this. Setting clear targets is important to find a job in the new world of work.

Make a list of employers in that industry/sector will employ people in your specific occupation.

If you are an immigrant, it needs to be employers in terms of eligibility.

Come up with a list of 30-50 potential employers. You need to do in-depth research for this. This will be your second set of targets, namely employer targets. Finding a list of targeted employers is also crucial to find a job in the new world of work.

Research 30-50 relevant jobs ads in your specific niche, inside these specific employers. Go look on their websites or in job ads where they advertise for people like you. Here’s a tip, look at the LinkedIn profiles of people like this who work for these employers – what skills do they have, etc.

Find recruiters in your niche.

Remember, there won’t be many. To find a job in the new world of work, you will need to get in front of the few recruiters and employers to gain maximum visibility.

Less than 15% of employers use recruiters because of cost, but find the ones active in your niche.

Make a list of the skills required for jobs like these. Analyse the 30-50 job ads from these employers and come up with that required skills list. Categorise those individual skills into 3-5 skill sets, e.g. Relationship building skills, or a set of technical skills, etc. To find a job in the new world of work requires that you match the employers’ requirements, and research about the skills is the place to start.

1. Look at where/how these employers recruit their talent from. Do they only advertise on their website?

2. Do they advertise in job listing websites like Seek, Indeed, etc. Do they use recruiters? Do they have a policy of utilising only referrals? 

3. Remember, less than 20% of jobs are ever advertised in job ads online. To find a job in the new world of work, you cannot rely on advertised jobs alone, anymore.

4. Performing this research will reveal how your potential target employers get their people.

5. Create a strategic CV where you match your skills to what these employers require from your skills analysis. Their skills requirements is like a Questionnaire and your CV should be like an answer sheet. To find a job in the new world of work, your CV should exactly match these requirements. Include your eligibility if you are an immigrant.

6. Create an example of how you applied your skills at each skill set. We call this a STAR example for each skill set. Utilising STAR examples – examples of excellence – is crucial to find a job in the new world of work.

7. Create your LinkedIn profile, make sure you complete all the sections, especially your “About” section. If you are an immigrant upload your eligibility and skills assessment details and documents.

8. Make sure it is Search Engine optimised with your key skills keywords. If you don’t know how to do SEO on LinkedIn, ask Google.

9. Show your availability, your eligibility if you are an immigrant. If you want to find a job in the new world of work, checking eligibility and communicating it to potential employers is important.

10. Set up your back-end settings to bring you jobs from your destination country, in terms of your eligibility, if you are an immigrant.

11. Create a resume video.

12. Create a STAR profile. That is examples of excellent work. Google STAR examples. You are going to use it for interviews too.

13. Upload your CV, resume video to Featured Section in LinkedIn and your STAR profile examples to the sections “Projects”, “Honors and Awards”, etc. You must learn how to utilise all the functions and sections of an online profile, such as LinkedIn, to be successful at finding a job in the new world of work.

14. Go to your lists of employers and recruiter’s websites.

15. Follow them on LinkedIn.

16. For employers, research key people inside them on LinkedIn. Decision-makers, influencers, have something in common with you.

17. Connect with them. Just ask for a connection. Nothing more. Always include a message.

18. It requires research. Remember that 2/10 people will accept your connection requests. Get 100 to accept your requests. 

19. That means you need to attempt about 500 connections requests. If 100 accept, we call this your Magic 100 audience or network.

20. Follow recruiters from your recruiters’ list, on LinkedIn.

21. You will now see employers and recruiters’ posts and unofficial job posts come through your newsfeed. Cull your obsolete connections in LinkedIn so that it does not dilute your news feed and you do not miss the posts, news, and updates from your target list of recruiters and employers. It is important to cut out the overwhelm of confusing and diluting information form your job search to find a job in the new world of work.

22. Create 3 cover letters. A general cover letter, a letter of interest, and a recruiters’ cover letter.

23. Send a letter of interest to each employer on your employer’s list with your CV. Or upload on their website.

24. You are now in their pool.

25. Send recruiters cover letter to recruiters or upload to the website. You are in their pool also. They will also look for available candidates in their pool before they advertise. To find a job in the new world of work, your visibility and exposure are important.

26. If there are relevant jobs on the targeted employer website, apply for 1 a week. No more. Tailor your CV to match the job requirements exactly. Use a general cover letter to show the value you bring with the application. It requires research of them on their LinkedIn page and website.

27. Start building relationships with your Magic 100 connections.

28. Remember relationship building online is a process, not an event. 

29. First, you must have identified the people, connected with them, then start to engage and interact through asking questions, showing attention, then referrals and recommendations will come when you have created enough trust with them, or transferred some value to them. 

30. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

31. Create content for LinkedIn to show interest, enthusiasm, create visibility, credibility. 

32. It can be through posts, sharing relevant information with your Magic 100 audience, making your own videos or how-to posts, etc.

33. Upload resume video when you have 100+ connections and an audience in your target area/country. To find a job in the new world of work, you MUST have a resume video.

34. If you are an immigrant, don’t apply for jobs while borders are closed. Keep building relationships, learn about the industry, create trust, familiarity to find a job in the new world of work.

35. Rinse and Repeat these steps until you grow a very large audience, build relationships, and gain trust of many people and find a job in the new world of work.

Yes, there is no magic bullet or secret number of CVs to send to find a job in new world of work, but there is a process which will lead to success, if you keep at it.

– whether you are an immigrant or not.

This is a short version of the process we work through with our VIP customers to help them find a job in the new world of work, and we do the steps up Step 27 FOR THEM.

Check out their stories here!

Then we hold their hand until they have a job offer, supporting and guiding them through various, suitable strategies, which I have not all mentioned here because this video is too short.

If you are interested in assistance like this, fill in this questionnaire let’s see how we can help you.

The question now is – will you be one of 3% of people who will implement these steps and keep going until you are successful?

I hope so…

Take care.


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