When Will The Borders Re-Open For Immigrants?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Sep 14,2020

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When will the borders reopen for immigrants?

Yesterday I spoke to a local job seeker client who had applied for 292 jobs.

She had 6 replies…

All were automated replies from ATSs – no real person even took a look at her, professional, great-looking CV and considered her for any of those jobs – even though she was perfectly suited for most of those roles.

The new world of work has already caught up with her, regardless of the competition in her niche in this tough economic times brought on by closed borders.

She used an old, outdated way of trying to find a job – an analogue, historical CV.

And she failed.

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Locals have just as hard a time finding work, as immigrants have.

Borders are closed. It has repercussions for both local and immigrant job seekers, we all know that.

Economies are staggering under the pressure of reduced GDP and businesses are closing left, right and centre.

People are laid off by the thousands, across the world.

That is the job search nightmare for locals.

For immigrants, they are facing the same and in addition, they cannot enter a country either.

All created by the economic turmoil because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why am I telling you something you already know?

Because we all want to know when the borders reopen for immigrants and things will become much better for all of use – locals and immigrants.

I have bad news…

The best case scenarios from many countries’ Treasuries in the world is that a vaccine will be available b early to mid-2021, it might be rolled out to populations by end 2021 and then borders will reopen around the beginning 2022 for overseas students and other high value visitors, such as high paying tourists, to get money into economies again.

Maybe after that we will see borders reopen for immigrants.

For both local and immigrant job seekers, this is bad news. This is at least 2 years of low or no economic growth and more jobs lost.

For most people, they are just going to give up now…

However, here is the good news – and this is what most people do not see, refuse to see and refuse to act on, because it does not seem like they can get their immediate issues sorted and what for borders to reopen for immigrants.

The Good News About When The Borders Reopen For Immigrants

The good news is, when these borders reopen for immigrants apprximately24+ months from now, GDP growth will go through the roof.

It is forecast to be as much as 8+% in New Zealand.

That is massive, and it is a result of the combined massive economic spend by the government to support the economy, and the borders reopen for immigrants and other visitors like tourists.

Here is a forecast by a top economic analyst, showing the economic forecast when the borders reopen for immigrants and others.

Source – LinkedIn

That presents an incredible opportunity – economic growth and jobs booms like we have not seen since after the last world war. Maybe even bigger when the borders reopen for immigrants.

For both local and immigrant job seekers, and especially for professionals, this is the time when their careers will bloom.

However, here is a warning…

It will take enormous preparation and getting ready to adapt to the new world of work.

Like my friend, who used an old, outdated way of trying to find work, the majority of people will do the same when the boom time comes and the borders reopen for immigrants.

And they will fail.

To succeed, they need to start now.

They need to find out what the new world of work requires and stat building that portfolio and profile.

It takes at least 6-12 months of hard work, before it pays off.

Just like my friend, I also spoke to 2 other people, in the same boat. One local and one immigrant, who found their dream jobs last week, after not even sending one single CV.

They applied the principles which the new world of work requires, of which one is targeted, structured visibility and targeting their dream employers, after a process of research and getting a profile and portfolio in front of them.

It took them 3 months, but they succeeded when others failed, even in these tough job markets brought on by coronavirus.

What You Can Control

You cannot control when the borders reopen for immigrants.

You cannot control exactly when the boom jobs time will arrive, although we know it will.

All you can control, right now – is your work to find out what is required and start preparing for what the new world of work requires and get ready for it.

Start today, and be ready when it happens.

If you want to know what it takes to succeed in the new world of work as an immigrant, and be ready for the upcoming jobs boom, watch a replay of our recent webinar at the link below this video.

In this video, I go through the exact steps and processes which you must take over the next 18-24 months, to be the most prepared, and ready immigrant job seeker, for when the borders open.


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