Do Employer Visa Sponsored Jobs Still Exist?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Aug 30,2020

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The borders of most countries are closed to prospective new immigrants. In most countries even work visa holders are barred from entering if they have been caught outside the country and so, this begs the question – do employer visa sponsored jobs still exist?

Are there still employers who will employ immigrants, whether they are inside or outside their destination country?

If so, who are these employers and where and how can you find them?

And how can you find these employer visa sponsored jobs?

In this video I will reveal the answers to all these questions. 

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So, are the employer visa sponsored jobs which were so plentiful before the coronavirus crisis hit the world’s economy, and closed borders, still valid?

Where can you find these jobs and the employers who offer them?

Before I reveal all, let me say this, if you are an immigrant job seeker, outside your destination country right now, and you want a job offer from an employer in that country, DO NOT APPLY FOR JOBS WHILE THE BORDERS ARE CLOSED. They will simply ignore your applications, because you cannot enter the country and there is not much that any employer can do about this.

However, if you are a critical worker, and has the potential to fall within one of those critical categories, where some countries will make exceptions, then this do not apply.

Also – you MUST stay up to date with the how the border situation will affect your immigration status. For example, some of our clients have gained residence while still outside their destination country and some of them can then travel there.

Your situation is unique, and you must consult the official immigration pages or your immigration consultant on your rights to travel to your destination country.

Most people will need a job offer, to apply for a work visa and then enter the country, and they cannot enter though.

Back to employer visa sponsored jobs:

What Are Employer Visa Sponsored Jobs?

In our definition, these are jobs where employers will assist with the visa processes and/or will be open to extending a job offer to an immigrant. In some instances, these employers may also assist with moving and relocation costs and arrangements.

Do these jobs still exist?

Yes, very much!

And here is the proof:

Every month, we publish a list of employer visa sponsored jobs from around the world, from employers who are willing to employ immigrants, etc.

Although there are fewer of these jobs now, there are still thousands.

Why do these jobs still exist?

Well, just because the coronavirus crisis affected economies and many people lost their jobs, does not automatically mean that most skills shortages, for which immigrants were needed, suddenly went away.

In fact, we have seen in some industries, that those skills shortages are now bigger and worse than ever.

Take ICT for example.

With coronavirus, suddenly tens of millions of workers who before worked in offices, now suddenly works from home.

This requires specialised ICT setup and configuration of many businesses ICT environments. These jobs for ICT Helpdesk analysts, etc, were already in skills shortage in most countries. Now, that these people are needed en masse, the skills shortage is even bigger.

People who lost their jobs in other industries are not suddenly going to become ICT Helpdesk analysist and related professionals overnight.

Therefore, these employers are experiencing a skills shortage.

As a business, they will employ an immigrant, if necessary.

Take construction, especially civil engineering and major construction project managers.

During the coronavirus crisis, most countries governments have announced multi-billion dollar construction and infrastructure projects in their countries, funded by government, to kickstart the economy again.

Before coronavirus hit, the jobs for project managers and related professionals in these massive specialised projects were already scarce. Many companies who received the government tenders for these projects had to import highly skilled professionals from abroad because they could simply not find these people locally.

Now, with even more construction projects announced, the skills shortage for these people are even bigger.

Problem is, many of these specialists had returned to their own countries during Covid, and are now trapped there, unable to get back to do their jobs, or in some cases unwilling to leave their families.

In some of these cases, we have seen the governments announce that some of these roles are treated as critical roles and immigrants who are employed for these roles from abroad, might be able to get border exemptions. 

Practical Examples of Jobs and Opportunities

Here is an example from New Zealand border exceptions.

Critical Workers New Zealand

And here is an example of such an advertised, critical worker job:

Here is an article of a person who has landed and travelled to New Zealand in such a role. She is a forensic pathologist and was head-hunted for a role in New Zealand.

Most of the companies involved in roles like these, has offered these roles as employer visa sponsored jobs – assisting the immigrants with the process somehow, and in some cases contributing to costs of relocation, move, quarantine, etc.

What about immigrants who are inside the borders already?

Do employer visa sponsored jobs for them still exist?

Yes, very much so.

One of our clients landed their visa sponsored job last week.

An employer, who is an accredited employer in New Zealand, offered them a job, and followed the processes of employing an immigrant according to their employer status.

And therein lies the catch.

Although this is an example for New Zealand, the same goes for any country.

It is going to be more difficult for employers who are not official sponsors or accredited so that they can employ immigrants, according to their countries’ requirements, to employ any immigrant over a local during this coronavirus time.

The reason is clear when you look at all the immigration pages and news media – employers must always make sure that there are not any locals overlooked for those jobs, especially now with coronavirus job losses. The immigration authorities has strengthened these requirements.

So seek out employers who are willing, who know the processes and who are allowed to employ immigrants.

Remember, just a few employer visa sponsored jobs will ever be advertised, that is what we publish ever month.

You can find the link to that service below this video. It is called Q Jumper Factor Monthly and you get a list of employer visa sponsored jobs, free CV training and a free training program with over 50 video trainings on how to successfully land a visa sponsored job.

Here is a snapshot of what that employer visa sponsored jobs list looks like.

Again, you can find the link to this employer visa sponsored jobs list service. There is a small cost each month to receive this list, and a new training video.

Already included is the training video program to create your own Strategic Immigrant’s CV and about 50 training videos about LinkedIn and various other strategies to find employer visa sponsored jobs around the world.

So, the answer to “do employer visa sponsored jobs still exist”, even during and after this coronavirus crisis, is YES.

This is a small snapshot into the world of employer visa sponsored jobs, how to find them and which employer to target, who offer them.

That is the key – targeting the right employer and following the proper processes.

Remember, if you are an immigrant job seeker, you have no idea of where to start, what to do and are overcome by overwhelm, confusion and fear, then I can help. Click here to complete our quick questionnaire with your details. We will receive it, review your details and then get back to you on how we can potentially assist you with the whole process.


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