Interview Tips – Ace An Interview As An Immigrant – [ Part 4 ]

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Aug 26,2020

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In part 1 of this 4 part mini-series about interviews as an immigrant, the first of the 4 interview tips was looking at researching the company.

Then, in part 2 we looked at researching the role and requirements and preparing for those.

In part 3 we look at researching the person or people who will be interviewing you.

Now, in the final part of these interview tips, we will look at the final preparations, preparing some questions of your own, getting ready to ace left field questions and how to prepare for Skype and one-way video interviews.

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Interview Tips – Questions For the Employer

– Make these questions meaningful and showing that you are interested in how this role and you can contribute to the overall success of the team which you will be serving in and the company. Those kinds of questions are always valuable. For example, “If I was the successful candidate, after a year of working here, what will be the measurement of my success and how will that fit into the overall goal of the team?” Or similar.

Or, “What are the 2 big goals which the team which I will be part of, need to achieve in the next year?”

– You might also add a question related to the information which you found on their website during your research. For example, “I see that you are heavily involved in ABC charity, can you tell me more about which events are attended, of how you contribute to this charity, cause, etc”.

– These kinds of questions go a MILE in showing your real interest for helping the team and organisation achieve its goals.

Interview Tips: Answering “Left Field” Questions

Now, you also need to prepare for some “left field” questions. These are more questions not related to the role or work, but also to check your fit. Such as :

“How soon can you start?” The answer is always, “As soon as my visa is approved, and it takes … weeks”, or if you already have a visa.” Then give the period in which you are available.

“Do you know anything about your destination country/location/town?” (You should have done research here and be prepared to answer this comfortably. This is the hidden agenda of “you do not have any local experience”).

“Why do you want to immigrate?” Make sure you answer that you are looking for a new challenge and to give your family a chance to a great life and education in such a fantastic country. Do not break down or speak negatively of your old country.

– For more interview tips on how to answer left-field questions, look at the LinkedIn Resource here – LinkedIn>Jobs>More>Interview Prep>Common Questions.

Interview Tips – Technical Setup

You are probably going to do an interview online, so make sure you have your Skype or Zoom account set up and test your audio video settings beforehand. Note that some organisations use Skype for Business, which requires a different account and configuration than a personal Skype account. Here are a few interview tips for your technical setup:

Make sure you have enough data or bandwidth and do it in a quiet place without interruptions. 

Make sure you have light in front of you, so your face is clearly visible.

Follow the instructions of the interviewer closely, and take note of the time differences.

Here is a pro tip: Always, always have a backup device set up. For example, a phone or a second computer or laptop. It happens regularly that your only computer breaks down or freezes and it takes ages to restart. In that case, just revert to the secondary device.

Cultural or language differences

The language and accent can be a problem for some people

I recommend you watch a few videos from your destination country on YouTube, so you can get used to the accent.

Tell the person if you do not understand a question and ask for it to be rephrased, or repeated. It is ok.

You might also be asked to prepare for a one-way video interview. This video is too short to give you full training and interview tips for it, but there is plenty of information on the internet about the different types of one-way video interviews.

Interview Tips for One Way Videos: Some can take on the form of pre-recording a video about yourself. In this case, use the introduction and summary information which should be your LinkedIn Summary.

Another form is where they will give you questions, which you need to answer to a computer screen and record it. Just do some Google searches to prepare for those. And make sure you do it NOW because if it happens that you are asked to do it, there is usually not enough time to prepare and practice properly. So practice now!

There – 4 interview tips to ace an interview as an immigrant.

Nowadays there are many forms of interviews that immigrants face. The best way to ace any of these interviews is by preparing with the interview tips which I just gave you over the last 4 videos. Make sure you do it properly and your interviews will be much easier.

Remember – if you want are confused, overwhelmed, and fearful as an immigrant job seeker and have no idea where to start and what to do, fill out our quick application for help.

There, we will gather some of your key information, review it, and get back to you to see how we can assist with a hand-holding program to help you succeed to reach your dream destination country.


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