What I Regret About Moving To New Zealand

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 10,2020

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I am Zarélsie – The Migration Mentor and I am going to reveal to you my regrets about moving to New Zealand so that you can make your immigration decision an informed decision and not make the mistakes which I did.

I have lived in New Zealand for nearly 20 years no.

I never thought I would admit this, but in this video, I will reveal what I regret about moving to New Zealand.

Before I reveal those regrets, just a quick note:

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Back to my 20 years in New Zealand…

A little background about my immigration journey and moving to New Zealand.

I have lived in New Zealand since 2002. Before moving here, I also looked at Canada and Australia, but the immigration processes to get in there was just too hard.

It took me more than 2 years to complete the immigration journey to New Zealand and I faced exactly the same obstacles, overwhelm, confusion and fear that you are going through right now.

Since then, I have worked with many others, globally, going through the same thing.

So, I think I understand quite a bit about an immigration process, of which the job finding part is usually the hardest.

I speak to other prospective immigrants daily and one of the most common questions is whether I regret my move and what I regret about my immigration journey and in particular – moving to New Zealand as my chosen destination country.

So, here are the 3 big regrets which I have about moving to New Zealand:

Regret #1 – Not Moving To New Zealand Earlier

Now, in retrospect of 20 years, I really wish that I had come earlier.

I was in my mid 30’s when we considering immigrating and moving to New Zealand and had I known then when I know now, I would have done it much earlier.

It was for many years before our move that we realised that things in our old country were not going well and we tried to ignore it and hoped that it would change for the better.

However, it did not happen and for around 4-6 years, we contemplated a move, before we actually executed it.

It takes around 2-4 years to get through an immigration process and back on your feet again after a move and the younger you are, the easier it is.

Also – the younger your children, the easier the adaptation and integration process is for them into a new society, and the easier they adapt, the less stressful it is for you as a parent.

Remember -you will likely start from scratch, build a career, saving for retirement, etc – and the sooner you can do it, the better.

So, I regret that I had not made the decision quicker and with more urgency.

Regret #2 – Listening To The Wrong People About Moving To New Zealand

You know, when we made our decision that we were considering moving to New Zealand public – all hell broke loose between family, friends and work colleagues.

Now – don’t get me wrong – most people who loved and cared for us were supportive, but those who were not – they made it very clear and in a very loud and unpleasant way.

They criticised not only our plan but criticised they New Zealand – somewhere they had never been and knew nothing about.

We were the ones who had done tons of research and due diligence.

They had not.

Yet – they pulled us into the mud of negativity, fear, and doubt until I could take it no more.

I sort of cut myself off from certain people because of this that was heart-breaking.

I found myself doubting my conviction and decision about moving to New Zealand because I respected these people.

Doubt and fear took its ugly toll in stress and anxiety.

So – the regret I have here is that the whole process could have been so much more exciting and pleasant if I was better at not giving any time and thought to their negative comments, opinions and agendas.

Regret #3 – Believing That My Prosperity Was Anchored in Something Other Than Myself

When you embark on a big thing such as an immigration process, then there are so many factors which could influence your success or failure.

I believed that things like the economy, the job market, the employers, other people, the immigration department, etc – were the determining factors in succeeding in moving to New Zealand.

They are not!

You hold the power!

You, the immigrant can upskill, repurpose your skills, adapt, change, learn, grow, move and do anything it takes to become better – whatever obstacles are thrown in your way.

Yes, immigrating is hard, but there should not be anything or anyone else which takes your personal power to prosper away from you.

And – it is also your responsibility to prosper and flourish in your new country.

Not the governments, not other people or the job market, not anything outside of you.

As I work with hundreds of people a year, I see this.

The ones who realise this personal power – they flourish.

No obstacle is too big to overcome.

They don’t blame someone else. They take responsibility for their future, and therefore they flourish.

I regret that I believed and waited for the perfect time, the perfect circumstances, the perfect government decisions, etc to make a move to create a better life when that power rests with me.

I should have done something with that power earlier.

There- 3 regrets about moving to New Zealand.

I love New Zealand, I do not regret living here and never will, but if I could do it again, those 3 things are the things which I would do better.

I hope this was valuable to you.

– Make decisions fast.

– Don’t listen to the wrong people who have less information than you do.

– Realise that the power to prosper is in your hands.

Remember – if you want a complete, hand-holding program and personal assistance to get a job as an immigrant – no matter how long it takes, apply at the link to see how we can assist you with your immigration and job finding process.


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  1. I am more convinced to decide to come to newzealand after listening to your message yet i am a decade later than your first decision; but i hope YOU will find me a way to find an open opportunity for me to move and I guarantee you will be happier in assisting me

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