Which Is The Best Country To Move To As An Immigrant?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Feb 19,2020

Immigration Issues & Challenges

In this video, I am going to help you decide which country is the best to move to for you and your family.

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I’m Zarelsie – The Migration Mentor, and I help skilled migrants find their dream jobs and become successful citizens of their new countries, worldwide.

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Let me ask you a question:

If you walk up to an airline counter in any airport, and ask, “please give me a ticket.”

What do you think would happen?

They will definitely ask, “…where to sir/madam?”

Unless you know where you are going to, you cannot get there!

Even the first step is then hard!

It is the same with immigrants. Most people have no idea of which country is best to move to with their family.

You know, I speak to many prospective immigrants daily.

For most of them, they are not on a holiday – they need somewhere safer to move to and somewhere which will offer a better life than where they are.

But they get stuck at this point, asking “which country is the best to move to?”

Some are stuck here for months, slowing down their immigration process unnecessarily and also diminishing their chances of successful immigration.

That is because, while they are chasing their tails trying to find the best country to move to, rules change, their personal circumstances change and they lose out.

What these people don’t realise, is that there are many countries that will do just fine and fit their needs, but their own indecision is killing their dream of a safer place for them and their family.

So, here are 4 tips to help you make this decision faster and also determine which country is best to move to, so you can move on with this huge process of immigration:

Tip #1 – Make a list of your needs to compare against

Yes – your needs.

Forget for a moment the search for the best country to move to and focus on you.

What is important to you?

What lifestyle, work situation, living situation, what education requirements, what kinds of weather, activities and other factors that influence lifestyle is important to you?

What culture, language and everyday activities are important to you and your family?

For example, if you Google the question of which is the best country to move to, you will likely get a list with Switzerland at the top.

But, what if you love surfing?

Switzerland is landlocked, with no access to the sea.

And cold for most of the year.

What then?

Can you see that your lifestyle choice is very important here?

Tip #2 – Make a list of the top 3 countries which you can think of might fit your needs

Yes, just 3 at the most

There are probably around 200 countries to decide on among the country best to, and better than where you are now, BUT you must make a shortlist.

Tip #3 – Compare the list with your needs

Now, through a process of weighted decision making on which of the 5 is best.

This is an objective way to determine which country is best to move to.

A weighted decision matrix is a tool used to compare alternatives with respect to multiple criteria of different levels of importance. It can be used to rank all the alternatives relative to a “fixed” reference and thus create a partial order for the alternatives.

Just Google this – Weighted Decision Matrix

Tip #4 – Make a decision and stick to it!

No decision is every completely right but please make a decision.

Most people are so paralysed and they cannot make a decision about the best country to move to, that it kills their immigration dreams completely in the end.

And because they have not made this decision with commitment, they fall around and fail.

It is like purchasing that airline ticket to one place and then trying to change it mid-air and guess what – they must start all over again trying to find the best country to move to.

There is no perfectly best country to move to, but there is one that will fit your needs to most so this will be the one for you, and the quicker you get to this decision, the sooner you can get out of the hellhole which you are in.

This best country to move to in terms of your needs is then the one where you will go through the next steps of the immigration process, namely eligibility checking, skills assessments, documents readiness and job finding.

I hope that these 4 tips in helping you to decide on the best country to move to were valuable for you today.

Just decide as quickly as possible and stop sabotaging your own future by indecision and waiting for the perfect place and time.

It does not exist.

If you need hand-holding assistance through this whole immigration process, and also with finding a job, no matter how long it takes, click here where you can complete our application process and we will see how we can assist you personally.


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