Best Opportunities To Work Abroad – 2 Ways To Get Discovered Online

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 3,2020

Job Hunting, LinkedIn Strategies

In this video, I will show you 2 ways to get discovered online to find the best opportunities to work abroad – without sending your CV to the online black hole.

I’m Zarelsie – The Migration Mentor, and I help skilled migrants find their dream jobs and become successful citizens of their new countries, worldwide.

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In this video, I will show you how you can be discovered online to find the best opportunities to work abroad – without the need to send your CV to the online black hole.

Before we get into the 2 ways to find the best opportunities to work abroad through being found online, let me give you some statistics which provides a glimpse of the struggle of employers around the world, especially in New Zealand and Australia.

Talent shortages in New Zealand (source: Manpowergroup)
Talent shortages in Australia (source: Manpowergroup)

In New Zealand, in medium and large businesses up to 80% of employers are experiencing a talent shortage – higher than the global number.

In Australia, it is up to 57% of employers who are experiencing this shortage.

Skills shortages are real.

So real that some employers must abandon projects, just because they cannot find the talented people to complete it.

Therefore, more than two-thirds of employers will look for talent abroad, that is, they will try and find workers from abroad.

To find those workers, they utilise talent acquisition methods to reach the best talent in the world and recruit them. This is your chance to now cash in on this opportunity and find the best opportunities to work abroad.

Most of these talent acquisition methods are online strategies which employers and recruiters use to find people.

In this video, I will show you 2 ways how to benefit from social media and online strategies and get in front of these people looking for people like you – all over the world:

1. VISIBILITY – LinkedIn – Your Exposure To The Best Opportunities To Work Abroad

A Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn profile for any overseas job these days is a must.

Here’s why:

Remember those days when we had the yellow and white pages.

Private phone numbers were published in the white pages.

The phone numbers of businesses were published in the yellow pages.

Well, the yellow and white pages do not exist anymore.

Instead, individuals and businesses are found online.

And that place is LinkedIn.

You are both an individual, and a business – a business of one – selling your expertise and skills to the job market.

As an individual, you likely have a private Facebook, page to keep in contact with friends and family.

As a business of one, you MUST have a LinkedIn profile – which showcases your skills and suitability for jobs in the job market, to potential employers.

Now – 96% of employers and head-hunters – the people who look for talent on behalf of employers, find their candidates online, on platforms like LinkedIn.

Social Media in job finding : Source: Jobvite

Long story short – if you are not on LinkedIn, you are completely invisible to these employers, looking for people like you.

And completely isolated from being able to get the best exposure to the best opportunities to work abroad.

To turn your general LinkedIn Profile into a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile, make sure you

– communicate your eligibility to overseas employers in your destination country

– showcase your value, not just your skills

– show your interest, enthusiasm and communication skills by asking questions, being engaged and interact with them on a consistent basis.

2. AUDIENCE- Your Network

Are you a Rockstar in a closet?

Most jobs are never advertised.

Rather, they are filled by direct approaches, referrals and recommendations.

That requires that you build a network of people who can refer or recommend you.

If you cannot be physically present in another country, social media is the only way in which you can build a relationship with your overseas connections, to get a referral or recommendation and exposure to the best opportunities to work abroad.

That network crafted carefully of influencers, decision-makers and people inside companies who want talent like yours – also become your audience.

If you are clever enough, you will realise that rock stars have a worldwide following – because they have a worldwide audience.

And what is more – they provide a showcase for their audience of valuable content.

They don’t play their hit songs in the closet.

In your case, you cannot just have a LinkedIn Profile which says, “I can do this and that and the other thing” (skills).

You must show your skills in action, through showcasing your achievements, projects, accolades and awards, interest and enthusiasm to your audience.

Then, showcasing how you deliver value – which overseas employers are looking for.

Showcasing your value, rather than a list of skills, to a carefully selected overseas audience is likely to make you stand out in your niche, get notices and shoulder taps will be forthcoming from those looking for you.

By becoming that Rockstar, you quickly stand out in your niche, becoming the big fish in a small pond which gets noticed for the best opportunities to work abroad.

Some of our clients have used this strategy, simply posting a resume video to a carefully selected audience and received multiple shoulder taps – without having to apply for jobs.

All from a distance.

You can too.

There – 2 ways to get noticed online and uncover the best opportunities to work abroad – without sending your cold, generic CV into the online black hole forever.

If you need hand-holding assistance through this whole immigration process, and also with finding a job, no matter how long it takes, apply here where you can complete our application process and we will see how we can assist you personally.


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