3 Ways To Find An Overseas Job By Raising Your Standards

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 18,2020

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In this video, I will reveal how you can find an overseas job by just raising your standards.

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I am Zarélsie – The Migration Mentor.

I help highly skilled migrants worldwide land their dream jobs and become successful citizens of their new countries.

Today, I am going to reveal to you how to find an overseas job by simply raising your standards.

When you are embarking on immigrating or searching for that international, high-level job as a highly-skilled professional, you are playing at the highest level of international job finding.

There is huge competition here, from locals and also from people around the globe.

How can you ensure that you get ahead in that queue to find an overseas job?

How can you make sure that you can become the preferred candidates, even from offshore?

Well – most people will go to their default position when trying to find an overseas job.

They will, what we call start majoring in minor things and think that those things involve raising your standards to compete at a higher level to find an overseas job:

They will start fiddling with their CV.

They will complete non-essential short courses and training.

They will start looking for that dream job, advertised online and they may well see it there.

And then, they will start sending their generic, expensive CV to those jobs online.

The thing is, this is sure to end up in failure, because your chances of getting through to an international job at this level are slim, due to some unique immigrants job finding obstacles which prevent you, as an immigrant, from easily landing a job from offshore.

A much better and more effective strategy is to attract opportunities, instead of chasing them, by being discovered online, and raising your standards to become the preferred candidate.

Here are 3 ways to raise your standards at an international level, to become more attractive for offshore employers:

1. Cultivate a Better Audience To Help You Find An Overseas Job

I have spoken about the importance of cultivating a network and audience in your destination country, of carefully selected individuals, present in a niche or market who could benefit from skills like yours.

(You can watch that video about this Magic 100 Audience here)

Usually, the audience which people have in their LinkedIn profile is of people who are in their old country. Or some ad-hoc, random connections in their new country.

It is of absolutely no value to you if 90% of your audience in LinkedIn is in your old country.

You will not see the content of your new audience, you will not be exposed to their opportunities, news and content. So cull them.

Then, raise your standard by cultivating a high-value, targeted audience in your new country of people inside your targeted employers, who you can contribute value to and might be links and resources to opportunities there.

Yes, YOU are going to contribute value to this audience, to become visible, attract opportunities and find an overseas job.

You are NOT going to ask for a job from them…

This audience should consist of potential employers, recruiters and anyone else inside niches in your targeted niche there.

The standard of this audience is absolutely crucial to you becoming exposed to the hidden job market and news, opportunities and other important information about the industry, sector, your occupation, potential opportunities and general information which will help you find an overseas job.

2. Raise The Standard Of Your Environment

Your immediate environment – the things you listen to, watch, read, people you talk to, who you interact with, hang out with, etc – has a massive effect on your success or failure.

If you want to make an immediate impact on your success to find an overseas job – raise the standard of that environment.

You are not competing against others, you are competing against the person you were yesterday. And to get better, you need to surround you with things, information and people who are BETTER ATHAN YOU.

You cannot listen to naysayers, doubters and dabblers.

You cannot give in and absorb information from vague opinions and ifs and maybes.

Immigrating and finding a job as an immigrant requires incredible focus, attention to detail and a mindset of a winning Olympic Athlete to find an overseas job.

The only way to cultivate that mindset is to completely immerse yourself in a world where you can learn, grow, adapt and find the truth from people who have been there, who are experts and who can be trusted with giving you the right information, quickly.

3. Raise Your Value Standards

Most people expect something for nothing. They expect someone to give them a job on grounds of a generic, possibly false CV and then they wonder why they fail to find an overseas job.

Employers nowadays want to see value. What value can you bring to them?

Instead of waiting for opportunities to be advertised, then trying to prove your value, why don’t you raise your standards beforehand and give value.

What will happen is that instead of chasing opportunities, you will now attract them.

People will ask you to work for them.

How do you give value as a worker or candidate?

Well, if you are so good at your job as you make out to be in your CV, why don’t you prove it?

Why do you not make some videos about your incredible Excel skills, if you are prepared to brag about it on your CV?

Or write some cracker articles about tax accounting or auditing, which can provide value to customers of an accountancy firm, if you see yourself as the best tax accountant on the planet?

Giving value is not hard, it is just following the universal principle of giving before receiving.

I had to do that. I had to create hundreds of articles and videos, giving value to my cultivated audience, before anyone would buy any of my expert services. I could not just send a CV and say “now pay me to help you”.

Raise your value standards and rewards, and opportunities will come to you – it is one of the easiest, most fun and most rewarding ways to find an overseas job.

There – raising your standards will not only make you better, but it will create an environment where you consistently strive for continuous improvement, standing head and shoulders above the rest of your competitors, whether they are local or global candidates.

Striving to find an overseas job by raising your standards is one sure way to land that crucial overseas job offer. Just think for yourself – how many other competitors in your niche are doing this?

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