How To Stay Positive As An Immigrant In The Worst Of Times

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Mar 24,2020


How do YOU stay positive as an immigrant during hard times?

There is no doubt that immigration is a difficult process.

But coupled with difficult economic and social upheaval, it becomes so much more challenging.

Temporary migrant workers and new immigrants are usually the ones who suffer most when business go bust and jobs are lost and how to stay positive very hard.

Not solely because they are immigrants, but there is usually not a great support system for them in their new country already.

What hard times like these has taught me, is that there is nobody coming down the road to save me, or you, as an immigrant.

You are solely relying on your own power and motivation to see you through.

Regardless of what is going to happen, here are 3 ways to help you stay positive, focused on a brighter future and acting – yourself – instead of waiting for help which might never arrive.

1. How you can stay positive by what you focus on

Yes, that’s right.

Your mindset determines your success and how to stay positive.


Manipulating your mindset is the most important part of how to stay positive.

And the state of your mindset is determined by what you focus on.

And – you can choose what you focus on.

You can choose to focus on the negative and dreary aspects of your situation.

Low and behold – it will get drearier and more negative.

If you can find the positives around you, even in the future, to focus on, hope returns. This is a fantastic way to pick up your spirits and how to stay positive right through hard times.

It is strange when we consciously focus on the positive, how everything else turns out more positive as well.

Let me explain how you get what you focus on:

If you have recently bought a new car or got a new haircut, you will start noticing that very same car or people with that same haircut all around you.

There is a part of your brain that tells you that that aspect -the car or the new haircut – is suddenly very important to you.

It will now subtly let you notice those things all around you.

In other words, you get what you focus on.

If you can consciously go and find the positives in your dreadful situation, and focus on it – instead of getting bombarded with negative things – guess what you will get. More of the positives will show up.

This is one of the great ways of how to stay positive – just focusing on positives and cutting yourself off from negatives.

This leads us to the next point.

2. You achieve what you believe

As I said, what you focus on, is determined by your mindset, which, in turn, is determined by what you believe.

That comes from what you absorb from your environment and manipulating your environment is a great way on how to stay positive.

Positivity does not happen by osmosis either. You must look after it.

It is like this: Your mind is like a fertile field. If you plant roses in it, roses will grow as long as you pull the weeds out that threaten the roses. It takes work.

If you leave it alone and do not plant anything – weeds will grow by itself.

Our belief system is like a blueprint that comes from that field, set by the environment we live in, fed by the things we consciously feed it – or not.

So, the things you read, watch, listen to, people you talk and hang out with, the things you digest in your mind – will inform and set your belief system.

Here is the crazy thing though.

Do you believe that you have the potential to get through this tough time?

Yes – then you believe it.

That belief will trigger you to take some actions.

Those actions will result in outcomes or a positive result – which is very likely.

That result will make you believe that you are made of steel and you can get through anything!

And that belief will then enforce more actions, which will lead to more results…

And so the spiral continues – upwards towards continuous improvement of your life – no matter how hard times are.

Just because you believed in your potential, you achieved your outcome of overcoming a hard time.

If have done this in my life – several times.

This is not my idea or teaching – watch this video in the link-up here from one of the greatest mindset teachers in the world – Tony Robbins – on teaching this phenomenon.

Once I discovered and believed that I had this potential, the world was my oyster.

Now – if you surround yourself with people and news who tell you that you DO NOT have this potential – what do you think will happen?

Always surround yourself with positives, create an environment of news, information, people which are better than you, who can invoke that potential and belief in you and you will find it easier to find ways on how to stay positive.

Zarelsie The Migration Mentor - How To Stay Positive As An Immigrant During Hard Times

3. You receive what you deserve (preparation + opportunity = luck)

When people see someone that is happy, rich, successful or positive, they say “you are so lucky”.

I can tell you that luck has nothing to do with it.

These people know a secret, and that secret is to become rich, successful and happy, they needed to DO something

They know how to stay positive to achieve their dream – the dream which they deserve.

It is as if they had planted seeds in the spring and prepared, to harvest the rewards in the fall.

They needed some form of preparation, and when the time was right – when opportunity knocked, they jumped on that opportunity and became successful.

Most people – during hard times – will do nothing but moan and complain.

That is not preparation.

The ones who go into their study, take some time to prepare for what they see on the OTHER side of this hard time, they are the ones who will be “lucky” when the jobs and business and opportunities come again.

They would have prepared well and are ready for those changes.

The nice thing is, while in the hard times, their preparation provided them with positivity, to stay motivated and working for a cause, because they could see a bigger picture.

They receive what they deserve because of their work in getting prepared.

How to stay positive during hard times as an immigrant?

You need 3 things:

1. You need to focus on positives.

2. You need to feed positive things to your mind, which will penetrate your blueprint, your belief in your potential, your actions and show up in your results.

3. You need to work for what you want to achieve, and you will reap the rewards later when things return to normal.

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