Get An Overseas Job As An Immigrant? How Failure Can Help You….

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jan 17,2018

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How can failure help you to get an overseas job as an immigrant?

Link referred to in the video: Survey

Well, it is the start of a new year and as most of us do at the beginning of a new year – we review and set our goals.

I like to do if differently – I like to review my failures.


Well, it is failure that helps me succeed.

And for the same token, it is failure that will help someone get an overseas job as an immigrant.

Let me explain.

How I Failed To Get An Overseas Job As An Immigrant

Just the other day a friend and I were talking about failure and how tough some things in life can be and she said, “But you never fail!”

Well my dear, although my success might be visible to you, I fail most of the time…

In fact, I fail at around 80% of things that I first attempt.

I fail every day, in my online business, in trying new things, in setting and reaching for new goals – simply because there is no instruction manual, there is no guarantees and no clear path.

I must forge that path through failure. There is no other way – and I have learnt that very early in life.

Failure leads to success.

As Winston Churchill puts it, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

In the context of trying to get an overseas job as an immigrant, I failed spectacularly for more than 2 years.

I tried the usual things – searching for jobs online.

Sending my usual, generic CV to jobs overseas.


And I failed – no replies, or, “Sorry, come and see us when you are here”, replies.

You will probably know what I am talking about here…

Are you failing the same way at trying to get an overseas job as an immigrant.

I failed and failed again and again, and it took a certain path, a certain way of doing things, certain tools, certain strategies – to help me succeed and land a job, from a distance, as an immigrant, many years ago.

But – that success, and other similar successes in my life, would never, ever be possible, without failing first.

And failing spectacularly.

Now, there are two things that this failure has taught me:

– That I have to fail first, to succeed, and the more often I fail, the faster I succeed.

– That I have to analyse and learn from that failure, in order to succeed.

Again, in the context of hoping to get an overseas job as an immigrant, what does this mean?

Fail And Fail Often

Failing often means, to me, that I should not be afraid to try something, even if I expect to fail.

The quicker I can get through that process of trying it, learning from the failure or the process, the quicker I can identify what works and what does not.

Many years ago, as an immigrant, I had the same fears as you may have today.

What if I fail?

What if I don’t make it?

What if I don’t get a job?

What if I don’t adapt?

What if I don’t like my new country or they do not like me?

What if I get rejected?

Which country is right for me, where should I go?

Should I immigrate at all?

What if, what if…?

I see many people today, as a migration mentor, stuck in this rut – paralysed by fear, not taking any steps at all and failing even before they try.

They have no hope of even identifying what will work, through taking action and at least trying.

Trying and failing will expose the things that do work and those that do not, and that bring us to the 2nd point: analysing failures and learning from them.

Analysing And Learning From Failure

Learning from your failures requires close analysis.

We would be stupid if we did not sit back and analyse and measure things that we do to see which works and which do not.

That process also gives us hope and I want to tell you a big secret today: That process of reviewing your failures, is the antidote to giving up.

That’s right – people who analyse what they do wrong, and celebrate their failures in that way, as I am doing now in the beginning of this year – they are the ones who never give up, who seem to forge forward and succeed.

That analysis exposes the possibilities and opportunities which will not work so that you are closer to the ones that do work.

In other words, if you do not know the sure path yet, then by a process of failing at trying, eliminate those things that do not work.

Failing as a prospective immigrant myself, and then later, failing at helping others succeed at hoping to get an overseas job as an immigrant, has helped me eliminate the tools, processes and approaches that do not work.

For example, I know that a generic CV, no matter how great it is and how much it cost – do not work at helping someone get an overseas job as an immigrant.

A specialised, strategic immigrant’s CV is required.

In my work as a migration mentor, I analysed which of the tools and strategies I applied did work, and modify then, refine them and perfect them.

And today, I offer those tried and tested tools, strategies and approaches of immigrant job finding, to other prospective immigrants, in the hope that they do not need to go through years of failing in hoping to get an overseas job as an immigrant by applying the wrong tools and strategies.

How Is This Relevant to You Who Are Hoping To Get An Overseas Job As An Immigrant?

The same two things that I learned from failing at my attempts to get an overseas job as an immigrant – is applicable to you here:

– Try, and fail, and keep trying. The worst failure is when you give up. And I know how tough it can be to keep going through persistence, patience and perseverance. But you have no choice if you want to succeed. And it is ok to fail.

– Analyse what you are doing wrong. Now, if you don’t know, then ask for help or do some deeper research and analysis.

You must analyse your tools, your processes and your strategies.

Which of those work, which do not, what do you need to adjust, modify, stop doing, start doing?

And here is where I come in.

Because I have myself, failed at this, and succeeded.

And because I have helped hundreds of others succeed, where they have failed before, I think I can offer some help, guidance and support if you are hoping to get an overseas job as an immigrant.

This Is How I Can Help You Today

Would you like me to help you get an overseas job as an immigrant?

Go to this link, there is a little survey to complete so that I can determine where you are in this journey of trying to get an overseas job as an immigrant.

And so that I can analyse what you may be doing that will work and what you need to change, modify and adjust to succeed.

And then, if I think that we can work together and that I can offer you my knowledge, experience, tools, strategies and approaches, – which has been tried and tested through many years – I will let you know and invite you to a one on one call with me to determine the path forward for us to work together.

And together, we will succeed.

And don’t forget: Don’t let fear paralyse you and keep you from failing.

Failing just means that you are trying your best at succeeded, and that is the first step towards success.


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