Visa Sponsored Job Offers – The Ultimate A-Z Blueprint

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Feb 13,2018

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Struggling to find and land visa sponsored job offers offshore?

I have something special for you today.

A few weeks ago, I started work on a training video that is the blueprint of finding and landing visa sponsored job offers – especially from a distance.

This is hands-down the easiest way for any new immigrant to find and get visa sponsored job offers – especially from a distance!

This week – I released this training video.

Visa Sponsored Job Offers – Exclusive FREE Training

So, what does this training video offer?

#1 – The Most Comprehensive, Proven “A-Z” Blueprint Ever Developed That Will Give Any Immigrant Job Seeker A “Near Full Proof” System To Easily (And Quickly) Secure A Visa Sponsored Job Offers – Especially From A Distance!

#2 – A Drop-Dead Simple Strategy That Will Have Employers & Recruiters Drooling Over Your CV & Fighting Each Other To Offer You That Visa Sponsored Job Offer You Desperately Need – Within The Next 60-90 Days!

#3 – Why 93% Of Immigrant Job Seekers Are Guaranteed To Fail Before Even Starting The Immigration Process – Will You Be One Of The Lucky 7%? (The Solution Is Shockingly Simple!)

#4 – The Truth (And Lies) Behind Visa Sponsored Jobs & How To Quickly & Easily Find Them – Anywhere In The World

#5 – A Scary, Big & Incredibly Crucial “THING” Immigrant Job Seekers MUST Do (Sadly They Don’t!) – We Will Show How To Do It Like A Pro….

#6 – What The Perfect Immigrant Job Seekers “Tool Box” Really Look Likes (And Must Include) – It’s Definitely Not What You Think!

#7 – Why These “Invisible Killers” Will Destroy Your Immigration Dreams – (Before It’s Even Started!) – Plus How To Easily Identify & Overcome Them….

#8 – The Exact Steps & Strategies We Teach Our High-End Clients That Make Getting A Visa Sponsored Job Offer Child’s Play – We Leave Nothing Out!

#9 – And So Much More….

Why Am I Doing This?

I have been guiding, teaching and assisting immigrants worldwide to find visa sponsored job offers in their new country.

I have experienced first-hand the pain and disillusionment of trying your utmost best to try and land a job from afar when you need it to qualify for a visa, because I did that myself.

It took two years of desperate, frantic struggle to just get a job offer and I was about to give up on so many occasions.

It was more out of good fortune, than good management that I finally got a job offer two years later.

Since then, I have been helping many thousands of other immigrants also land their jobs – many of them also from a distance.

Through many years of analysing and testing, I have refined the processes, tools, strategies and approaches of what it takes to be successful at this very scary, big and complex struggle.

And now, I bring you this exclusive, never seen before training with all my secret tools and strategies of how to be successful at this.

Please note: this training is not just a few tips and tricks, it is a complete process, plus tools and strategies.

I leave nothing out!

I will show you what visa sponsored jobs are and how to find them through proper research.

And, I will also show you the real deal tools and strategies which you need to have and implement to find and land one.

This video above is the full length video training on how to find visa sponsored job offers – and land them.

This exclusive, free, in-depth information is not going to be available for long.

I have had many hundreds of people say, “If only I knew this before I started!”.

Why don’t you equip yourself with this knowledge before you start your job search for a job overseas?

Get the right tools, get the right strategies, follow the right approach – and avoid those mistakes and obstacles.

Save yourself some time, money and effort – and a lot of tears!

You can watch the video above now, to learn how to find visa sponsored jobs offers, around the world, and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

How You Can Skip The Queue – And Get My Personal Attention NOW

I would love to help you out – right now.

Therefore, I am extending a personal invitation for you to work with me in a one on one relationship, where I will give my personal attention to your situation.

I have created an application form (no obligation) – which you can access with the button below – to gather some information about you, your personal situation, and to see how I can assist personally, or make recommendations on how you should proceed.

If you are tired of struggling on your own to find visa sponsored jobs, or to land a visa sponsored job offer – this is immediate assistance for you now.

Complete the application form now by click the big button below.

I will review your details and get back to you within 24-48 hours.


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