Eligibility For Immigration: Do You Qualify?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Jun 16,2023

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Determining your eligibility for immigration is a critical initial step in pursuing opportunities in a foreign country. In this video, we will delve into the concept of eligibility, its significance, and provide insights on how to navigate this step successfully within your immigration process. Whether you’re exploring visa options or residence programs, understanding your eligibility is key. Don’t miss out on crucial information that can influence your entire immigration journey.

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Section 1: The Importance of Checking Eligibility

Checking your eligibility for immigration is the cornerstone of your entire immigration process. It involves:

1.1. Meeting Immigration Requirements

To enter your destination country, it is vital to determine if you fulfill the immigration requirements set by the authorities. This includes factors such as education, work experience, and other qualifications.

1.2. Identifying Suitable Visas and Programs

Understanding which visa(s) or residence/permanency programs you qualify for is crucial. Each program has specific criteria and benefits. Identifying the appropriate options enhances your chances of a successful immigration application and will also make the job search phase so much easier.

Section 2: The Role of a Licensed Immigration Adviser

2.1. The Pitfalls of Self-Assessment

While you can navigate official immigration pages to assess your eligibility independently, the process can be overwhelming and prone to errors or incorrect assumptions. Relying on a licensed immigration adviser ensures accuracy and minimizes risks.

2.2. Obtaining a Written Eligibility Assessment

To determine your eligibility accurately, it is recommended to obtain a comprehensive, written eligibility assessment from a licensed immigration adviser. This assessment provides a clear evaluation of your qualifications and identifies the best immigration pathway for you.

Section 3: Steps to Obtain a Written Eligibility Assessment

Follow these steps to acquire a thorough, written eligibility assessment:

3.1. Gather Required Information

Collect all necessary information for yourself and your family members, including birth and marriage certificates, CVs, and education or experience-related documents. These details will aid the immigration adviser in making an accurate assessment.

3.2. Find a Licensed Immigration Adviser

Search for a licensed immigration adviser for your destination country. Utilize online resources, such as public registers or seek referrals from trusted sources, such as social media groups or acquaintances already residing in the country.

3.3. Discuss Fees and Services

Confirm the fees charged by the immigration adviser, typically ranging from $100 to $500 for a complete family eligibility assessment. Ensure the fee includes a written eligibility assessment report and a consultation to address any queries or concerns you may have.

3.4. Complete the Adviser’s Forms

Contact the immigration adviser and fill out their online forms. Only make payments after verifying the adviser’s license and understanding the services provided. Request a sample report to ensure it covers all necessary information regarding eligible visas, residence programs, and their requirements.


Checking your eligibility for immigration is a critical step that should not be overlooked. Obtaining a written eligibility assessment from a licensed immigration adviser helps you understand your qualifications, visa options, and requirements.

This assessment streamlines your immigration process, guides your job search, and minimizes potential risks. Take the necessary steps to determine your eligibility accurately, ensuring a smooth and successful immigration journey.

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