International Job Search – 3 Ways To Find Agencies For Overseas Jobs

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Nov 17,2020

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If you are an immigrant job seeker, you are probably scouring Google in an attempt to find agencies for overseas jobs.

Have you been successful in your quest?

In this video I will reveal 3 ways to find agencies for overseas jobs, and also give you a bit of a warning about overseas recruitment agencies.
So, stay tuned.

Remember – if you want are confused, overwhelmed and fearful as an immigrant job seeker and have no idea where to start and what to do and how to find agencies for overseas job, fill out our quick questionnaire. There, we will gather some of your key information, review it and get back to you to see how we can assist with a hand-holding program to help you succeed to reach your dream destination country.

Right – let’s talk about overseas job agencies and how you can find the recruitment agencies who will help you find an overseas job.

These agencies are also called recruiters, recruitment consultants, recruitment advisers, employment agencies, labour brokers, etc – in different countries.

I also must give you some particularly important information and a warning:

First – less than 15% of employers will work with recruiters or job agencies.

So, if you are only going to focus on these agencies for overseas jobs, you are missing a HUGE part of the actual job market. This is part of the “hidden job market

In some industries there are no recruitment agencies at all!

There are many reasons why these agencies are absent from certain industries and sectors, but this video is too short to explain it all.

Just know that you MUST expand your strategy to find an overseas job outside the realm of only agencies for overseas jobs.

Second – in some countries job agencies or recruiters are regulated. You must do this research and if you are dealing with them, make sure that they are licensed in terms of the laws of your destination country.

So, here are 3 ways to agencies for overseas jobs.

1. Find Agencies For Overseas Jobs – What Are They Called In Your Destination Country?

Here is the thing – unless you search for the right terms to find agencies for overseas jobs in your destination country, you are likely not going to find what you are looking for – just because it might be called something completely different there, to where you are or what you are used to.

That means you must do the research first.

Here is an example:

Say you want to search for agencies for overseas jobs or recruitment agencies in New Zealand for engineering.

Let’s do a search for –

“Recruitment agents” and “New Zealand” and “engineering” in Google.

We get about 75,000 results.

Let us change the search slightly and search for “Recruitment consultants” instead of Recruitment agents”

Now, we get about 182,000 results.

However, if we change the search to “recruitment agency” we get over 200,000 results

That means, it is more likely that recruiters in New Zealand are called recruitment consultants, and that their web pages are listed as recruitment agencies than recruitment agents.

So, be a little bit careful when you do your search, differ your terms and look for common terminology in your destination country, to make sure you get the right and most accurate search.

– Know The Differences Between Bigger and Niche Recruitment Agencies

Not all recruiters are created equal.

Some are bigger agencies, who will recruit for a multitude of industries, sectors and niches.

They are usually multi-nationals, like Robert Walters, Drake International, Adecco, etc.

They are present in many countries.

Their recruiters likely work on a desk, that is, they are given a portfolio of either a specific set of clients or a specific sector, niche or industry.

That person is then specialised in recruiting people in that niche, for example civil engineers or hospitality staff – because of their previous experience in that niche or their interest in it.

However, the bigger company does not specialise.

Now – if you are going to send your CV to the company, it will likely go to their ATS – Applicant Tracing System, and not to a specific person. This is their “pool” where they pick people from when they have a vacancy to fill.

And potentially get eliminated or lost in the system.

So – the best way is to look around in your destination country, find the person who recruits people like you in the specific recruitment agency and make sure you contact them directly.

Look Who Is Advertising To Find Agencies For Overseas Jobs

Even though a small part of the job market is covered by recruiters, there are thousands of jobs and thousands of agencies for overseas jobs.

How can you make a targeted list of the ones you should target – quickly and easily?

Here is how we do it for our VIP Program Clients.

We do some targeted research in the industry, sector and niche and in the specific jobs which they qualify for, in terms of their eligibility.

Then, we look at who is advertising, including recruiters, and try to get it down to the individuals.

That is the closest you can get to the real deal – the person who needs a person like you, to sell to his client – an employer.

Also, that person is more likely to know about how to deal with immigrants and the immigration requirements for candidates.

This way, you are making his/her job so much easier!

Now, you must find out what they want, and then just give it to them.

Also – here is a pro LinkedIn tip for immigrant job seekers – once you find these individuals, connect with them in LinkedIn. 

Just connect – do NOT PESTER them with job requests!

And then …

They are much more likely to put a post in LinkedIn with a job ad, instead of advertising the role officially in LinkedIn>Jobs or on the online job boards, if they do not have a client in their pool, to place quickly.

Here is why:

It saves time, money and effort. It costs thousands of dollars to advertise a job online, including on LinkedIn. They rather put a post in LinkedIn with the job, and if you are connected to them, you will see these posts in your news feed.

Here is an example of such a job post from a recruiter –

If you follow the best strategies to overseas jobs – and that is NOT sending your CV to online job ads – but by creating an active profile where you put content and your skills in action in front of a curated audience, including agencies for overseas jobs, again and again, you are likely to receive a shoulder tap from one of these recruiters.

In the past 6 weeks, 4 of our VIP clients have received such shoulder taps – without having to apply for jobs.

Here is an example:

This way, you get TARGETED job, in your niche, your sector, your industry, from TARGETED people who want people like you.

Closer and better work with recruitment agencies you cannot get than this!

There – 3 ways to find agencies for overseas jobs.

A Google search is valuable to find agencies for overseas jobs, but it leaves you with a lot of work and it fairly ineffective.

Targeting the right recruiter with the right research, is much better.

If you want to find agencies for overseas jobs, be sure to implement these 3 tips, and your search will be much easier.

Remember – if you want are confused, overwhelmed and fearful as an immigrant job seeker and have no idea where to start and what to do, fill out our quick questionnaire. There, we will gather some of your key information, review it and get back to you to see how we can assist with a hand-holding program to help you succeed to reach your dream destination country.

Take care!


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